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  1. 1. Learn to count your blessings
  2. 2. Your smile will return
  3. 3. Sun will shine again
  4. 4. Flower will blossom
  5. 5. And you move forward in life with Grace Strength Courage and Confidence
  6. 6. Learn to deliver more than what you are paid for
  7. 7. Use your privilege to go the extra mile
  8. 8. Enjoy all the rewards youreceive on the way
  9. 9. Make yourselfvaluable in the workplace.
  10. 10. Learn from pastDon’t Look back at it too long
  11. 11. Learn to reward yourself for long hrs of labor & Hard work
  12. 12. Always reward and toil in the very best way,surrounded by your family and loved ones.
  13. 13. Learn to have foundation of pleasant thoughts
  14. 14. Remind yourself, that you are a creature ofGod and have the power to achieve anydream by lifting up your thoughts.
  15. 15. Let the vision in your heart be inyour lifes blueprint.
  16. 16. Your actions should always speak for you
  17. 17. But be on your guard against the terribletraps of false pride and conceitthat can halt your progress.
  18. 18. Learn to treat each day as special gift from God
  19. 19. Never allow the pains and hurdles, of the moment topoison our attitude and plans for future.
  20. 20. Learn to do meaningful things and avoid many menial and unimportant things
  21. 21. Learn to live everydayas if it will be your last
  22. 22. Remember that you will only find"tomorrow" on the calendars of fools.
  23. 23. Learn to treat everyoneas if they were going to be dead at midnight.
  24. 24. Laugh at yourself and at life.
  25. 25. Never neglect the little things.
  26. 26. Learn to start your day with smile
  27. 27. Set goals for each day -- not long and difficult projects
  28. 28. Learn to search for the seed of good in every adversity
  29. 29. Learn things in adversity that you would never have discovered without trouble.There is always a seed of good. Find it and prosper.
  30. 30. Realize that true happiness lies within you.
  31. 31. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
  32. 32. Wishing you allVery Happy and Prosperous New Year.