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Google Apps

  1. Google Apps is a service from Google providing independentlycustomizable versions of several Google products under a customdomain name.It features several Web applications with similar functionality totraditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Groups,GoogleCalendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. It was the vision of Rajen Sheth, a Googleemployee who later developed Chromebooks
  2. Google Apps
  3. 1) Gmail: Email from A Google approach to email. Gmail is built on the idea that email can be ...2) Google Calendar Googles free online calendar, its easy to keep track of lifes important events allin one place. Calendar Icon. Share your schedule. Let your family and ...3) Google Drive Welcome to Google Drive, the new home for Google Docs. Access everywhere;Store files safely; Collaborate with Google Docs. Learn more ...4) Google Sites - Free websites and of creating a website? Google Sites is a free and easy way to create andshare web pages. Learn more. Create rich web pages easily; Collect all your ... 2
  4. 5) Chrome Browser - Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticatedtechnology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.6) Welcome to Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information,and communicate effectively over email and on the web. Now theres a new ...7) Google Goggles in action. Click the icons below to see the different kinds of objectsand places you can search for using Google Goggles. New! Text; Landmarks ...8) Google program where webmasters can create their own ads and choose keywords. 1 2 End
  5. Gmail is a free, search-based e-mail (Web mail) service, whichis accessible from a Webbrowser anywhere in theworld. The backbone of Gmailis a powerful Google searchengine that quickly finds anymessage an account owner hasever sent or received. When Gmail displays an e-mail, it automatically shows all the replies to that e-mail as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation. There are no pop-ups or untargeted banner ads in Gmail, which places relevant text ads and links to related Web pages adjacent to e-mail messages.
  6. Email wherever you work Work GmailFast, Save Labs Time Gmail Connect Gmail With Label People
  7. Email wherever you workGmail works on any computer or mobile devicewith a data connection and offline support letsyou keep working even when you’redisconnected. Whether youre at your desk, ina meeting, or on a plane, your email is there. Work fast, save time Gmail is designed to make you more productive. 25GB of storage means you never have to delete anything, powerful search lets you find everything, and labels and filters help you stay organized.Connect with peopleYour inbox isnt just about messages, its aboutpeople too. Text, voice, and video chat lets yousee who’s online and connect instantly. Seeyour contacts’ profile photos, recent updatesand shared docs next to each email.
  8. Using labelsLabels help you organize your messages into categories -- work,family, to do, read later, jokes, recipes, any category you want.Labels do all the work that folders do, but with an added bonus:you can add more than one to a message. Only you can see yourlabels, so whether you mark a message with "Best friend" or "Readlater," the sender will never know. What makes Gmails labels better than folders is that you can "put" any message in any number of folders. An email can belong to the "most urgent" messages as well as to a particular project at work, for example.
  9. Gmail Labs are experimental, pre-release features that users can enable to add keybusiness functionality to their Inboxes. When Gmail Labs are enabled, users can go toa Labs tab in their Gmail Settings to turn on the Labs they want to use—Labs that letthem recall a message they just sent, enter a pre-composed response, and more.Enable Gmail Labs for your usersSign in to the Google administrator control panel.1)Click the Settings tab and then select Email in the left column.2)Select Labs from the list of links below the page title.3)To enable users to use any of the available labs, select the radio button Enable GmailLabs for my users.Click Save changes.
  10. Google Calendar is a free time-management web application offeredby Google. It became available on April 13, 2006. Users are required tohave a Google Account in order to use the software.
  11. Stay organized and on schedule Never Publish forget an calendar to event the web Google Calendar SendWork invitationsOffline and track RSVPs Designed Find time for security with you and team reliability
  12. Stay organized and on scheduleOrganize your day with Calendar and get eventreminders on your phone or in your inbox.Attach files or docs to your event so you havethe right materials when your meeting starts. Find time with your team Calendar sharing makes it easy to find time with the people you work with and the smart scheduling feature suggests meeting times that work for everyone.Publish calendars to the webCreate an event calendar andembed it on your website or setup appointment slots socustomers can choose the besttime for them. Designed for security and reliability Google Calendar is designed for security and reliability with features like encrypted connections to Google’s servers, simultaneous replicated storage for your calendar appointments, built-in disaster recovery and fine-grained sharing, which lets you share your calendar with people in and out of your organization.
  13. Send invitations and track RSVPsInvite other people to events on your calendar. Guestscan RSVP to your events by email or via GoogleCalendar. Work offline Know where you’re supposed to be even when you don’t have internet access. With offline access, you can view a read-only version of your calendar no matter where you are. Never forget another event again Customizable reminders help you stay on schedule. You can choose to be notified by email or get a text message sent right to your mobile phone.
  14. Work Better TogetherGoogle Drive is a file storage and synchronization service providedby Google, released on April 24, 2012, which enables user cloudstorage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Google Drive is now thehome of Google Docs, a suite of productivity applications, that offercollaborative editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, andmore.
  15. Access your files anywhereGoogle Drive on your Mac, PC or mobile device(or your browser) gives you a single place forup-to-date versions of your files fromanywhere. In addition to any file type youchoose to upload, Google Docs are also storedin Google Drive. Bring your work to life Share files or whole folders with individuals, your entire team or even customers and partners. In the Docs, Sheets and Slides editors multiple people can work on the same document at the same time. Never lose your work Whether your computer breaks down or your hard drive crashes, all your files stay absolutely safe on your google account online.
  16. DocsDrive Sheets Slides
  17. DocsCreate rich documents with images, tables,equations, drawings, links and more. Gatherinput and manage feedback with socialcommenting.
  18. Sheets Sheets Keep and share lists, track projects, analyze data and track results with our powerful spreadsheet editor. Use tools like advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters and pivot tables to get new perspectives on your data.
  19. Slides Create beautiful slides with our presentation editor, which supports things like embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. Publish your presentations on the web so anyone can view them, or share them privately.Slides is good for shiny 6-pagers or 600 pagesnoozefests. Not only does it have everythingyou need to pull together an awesomepresentation but youll never have to hit "save"again.
  20. Google Sites is the easiest way to makeinformation accessible to people who need quick,up-to-date access. People can work together on aSite to add file attachments, information fromother Google applications (like Google Docs,Google Calendar, YouTube and Picasa), and newfree-form content. Creating a site together is aseasy as editing a document, and you alwayscontrol who has access, whether its just yourself,your team, or your whole organization. You caneven publish Sites to the world. The Google Sitesweb application is accessible from any internetconnected computer.
  21. Building a project site is as easy as writing a document, nocoding skills required.
  22. Share your project sites with the right people, inside and outsideyour company.
  23. Easy to buildStudents can build project sites without writinga single line of code. Its as easy as writing adocument. And, to save even more time, youcan provide them with hundreds of pre-builttemplates. System and site-level security controls Administrators can manage site sharing permissions across the school, and authors can share and revoke file access at any time.Works across operating systemsGoogle Sites works in the browser on PC, Macand Linux computers. Teachers, students, andparents dont need buy or download software.
  24. Build custom project sites that include videos, calendars,documents and more. Great for e-portfolios!
  25. Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser, built for the modern web.Chrome is designed to be fast in every possibleway. Its quick to start up from your desktop,loads web pages in a snap, and runs complexweb applications lightning fast. Chromes browser window is streamlined, clean and simple. For example, you can search and navigate from the same box and arrange tabs however you wish -- quickly and easily.
  26. Chrome is designed to keep you safer and more secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection, auto-updates to make sure you have all the latest security fixes, and more.Chrome puts you in control of your privateinformation while helping protect the informationyou share when you’re online. There are tons of ways to customize Chrome and make it yours. Its easy to tweak your settings and add apps, extensions, and themes from the Chrome Web Store.
  27. The main feature that sets apart Googlechrome from all other browsers is aninbuilt app store – The Chrome Webstore1. It helps to customize the browser to ones own liking2. It helps to discover new apps, deigns, themes, plug-ins for exiting sites.3. Also the fact that Google chrome can be customized and liked to another chrome browser on another machine helps increase its effectiveness.
  28. One of the most unique Googleapp is Google Groups.Created to enhance workexperience and Simplify the hecticplanner maintenance in largeorganizations, today it findsapplications in many more areasthan traditionally intended.With Google Groups, you can create online and email-based groups. Theres a lot you cando with Google Groups:1. Engage in discussions about a specific subject.2. Create a question and answer customer support group for a product, such as a piece of software your company has written.3. Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group.4. Find people with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds.5. Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.
  29. 1. Main discussion area • My groups button • Browse all button • New group button 2. Navigation tree 3. Show/hide navigation tree button1. Click on the My groups button (1a) to see a list of all of your group subscriptions. Click on the Browse all button (1b) to Browse all groups starting with a list of group categories. Click on the New group button (1c) to create a new group.2. The Navigation Tree is visable on the left for users who are logged-in and have visited a group (new users, or users who are not logged in will not see the navigation tree). This tree contains groupings of groups and other information.3. Click on the show/hide navigation tree button () to hide the navigation tree and expand the main discussion area. Click the show navigation tree button to show the navigation tree and collapse the main discussion area.
  30. Google glasses is a unique applicationthat is linked to several other Googleapps and helps in searching, discovering,learning, locating different objects. Ithelps create a link between the physicaland the virtual world.It is currently available only on androidand iPhone platforms, and is slowlygaining momentum as most downloadedapp due to its varied uses
  31. As of August 2012, the current version of Google Goggles is 1.9 which adds several new features and improves both quality and ease of use. Goggles is specifically developed to run on mobile devices running the Android operating system and can be installed using Google Play (formerly Android Market).Although developed for Android there is now also an iPhone version, as part of theGoogle Search app, available from the iTunes Store or App Store. Goggles requiresiPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0 or higher to run. In January 2011, version 1.3 wasreleased; it can solve Sudoku puzzles.In late August of 2012, Google launched an update to its Google Goggles app,version 1.9. This update puts an emphasis on helping users shop by includingimproved product recognition and new recommendations that help users browsesimilar products.
  32. No matter what your budget, you candisplay your ads on Google and itswidespread and highly penetratingadvertising network. Pay only if peopleclick your ads. Keywords are what people search for.
  33. Expand your reach through the Display NetworkWith hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages, and blogs thatpartner with Google to display AdWords ads, the Google Display Network can reachusers all over the web to help you drive conversions. Choose from text, image, andvideo formats to communicate your message.Target the right user in the right contextUsing your keywords, Googles contextual targeting technology can automatically matchyour ads to webpages in our Display Network that are most relevant to your business.For example, an ad for a digital camera may show up next to an article reviewing thelatest digital cameras. If you want greater control, use placement targeting to hand-pickspecific sites or sections of sites you want your ads to appear on.Measure and optimize your resultsWith the Placement Performance Report, you have visibility into where all your adsappear. Review your ads performance on a site-by-site basis to see impression, click,cost, and conversion data, and use this data to identify well-performing sites to targetmore aggressively and low-value placements that require content optimization orexclusion.
  34. The Adwords advantageAdwords provides you with a lot offreedom to target your markets verylocation, specifically.For eg- A relatively new business mayhave presence in only North India. Thuswhen a user sees that particular ad inSouth India, there is almost o use and Another really interesting feature is the levelGoogle wastes precious advertising of ad customization one can do on Hence Google to ensure You can choose to display the address in themaximum probability of clicks, it filters all search link itself and provide a Google mapresults geographically. With its reference for it as well.humungous processing power, Google Or you could go in for the Sitelink optionensures that the ads displayed are as that allows you to bookmark some of yourspecific to the street you live on. webpages from your site and provide quick links for them within the search results.