Copm study of teaching strategies by pu. & uoe teachers


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Copm study of teaching strategies by pu. & uoe teachers

  1. 1. A Comparative Survey of Teaching Strategies Used By P.U & U.E English Teachers At Master’s Level
  2. 2. Significance • This study is important for training institutes where teachers of English are under training. • It focuses on strategies adapted by the English teachers of University of the Punjab & University of the Education. learn
  3. 3. Objectives: • Investigation of different methods and strategies of teaching English used by English Language & Literature teachers of P.U & U.E at Masters Level . • explores qualities and competencies of English teachers of both universities. • provides details to compare and contrast the teaching strategies. • It tells that how English teachers of P.U & U.E enable students to read, write, speak and understand English Language. spea k
  4. 4. Researched Questions: • Are P.U English teachers more qualified than U.E Eng teachers? • Are the methods & strategies employed by P.U & U.E English teachers different? listen
  5. 5. What is Teaching Strategy? • skilful planning of a working system. • Strategies are never same rather dynamic and keep on changing according to situations. • It is the determination of some policy by planning before presenting the content and with its help students force is faced and teaching objectives are achieved. (Moore Kenneth D. 1994, p.35) read
  6. 6. Teaching Method Vs. Teaching Strategy: • Teaching Method is determined according to the nature of content. Teaching Method Teaching Strategy •Only presentation of content •A teacher has large range of strategies to adopt any teaching method; direct, G.T.M, audio-Lingual, TPR etc. •includes all aspects as contents, task analysis, teaching objectives, changes in the behavior, attitude of students; their interest, capacities, abilities & needs etc.
  7. 7. SURVEY RESULTS • A survey is conducted in P.U and U.E to access teaching strategies of English teachers. The results are shown in tables: Lesson Plan Daily University Mostly Usually P.U 50% 35% U.E 65% 35%
  8. 8. Question P.U U.E Mostly Usually Mostly Usually Improve qualification 30% 96% 35% 55% Use of English 80% 20% 70% 30% Solve sts problems 70% 30% 75% 50% Discussion 65% 36% 60% 35% Use of A.V aids 70% 25% 75% 25% Multi-media, Projector 20% 60% 25% 40% Activities 55% 40% 40% 60% Heed to Slow Learners 50% 35% 65% 35%
  9. 9. Summary/Findings • English language should teach the masses as it is an international language. • It aims to provide higher learning and better career points, so it demands special attention. • There are various methodologies which are used for teaching English; like, lecture, audio- lingual, direct, demonstration, questioning and discussion methods are used commonly. • This comparative study encompasses that how and which teaching methodologies are used in P.U & U.E. shy
  10. 10. Conclusion • P.U English teachers are more qualified than U.E teachers as only 50 % U.E; English teachers are having qualification of Mphil whereas P.U ratio is 90%. • No apparent difference is observed in strategies in both universities. • The teachers of U.E use more A.V aids than P.U. They use blackboard, multimedia and projector in order to enhance learning capabilities of the students. • P.U English teachers give more activities to students to perform as compared to U.E. bold
  11. 11. Contd… • English language is used as a medium of instruction and students are involved in discussions in P.U. • The students of U.E must be encouraged by language teachers to participate in discussion activities. • The English teachers in U.E are more willing to solve the problems of the students outside the class and feel more need to give time to the slow learners as compared to P.U students. activ e
  12. 12. Recommendations For P.U English Language teachers • May also make use of A.V aids in classes for effective and valuable learning in students. • Make more efforts to solve problems outside class. A teacher should be all the time ready to guide advice and help the students. • Special attention should be paid to the slow learners. • Be encouraging in solving problems of the students. ``
  13. 13. Contd.. For U.E English Language teachers • May involve class in performing activities which are necessary for independent learning. • To hold discussions among students to improve their speaking and listening skills. • Needs to concentrate to make students confidant and active not only in L2 proficiency but also in society. confi dent
  14. 14. THANKS Thanks