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Sicas Euroclean Industrial presentation


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Industrial road sweepers
Spazzatrici stradali industriali

Published in: Engineering
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Sicas Euroclean Industrial presentation

  1. 1. Sicas Euroclean Sicas Euroclean Technology and customer care
  2. 2. Building future in sweeping technology
  3. 3. Building future in sweeping technology SICAS Euroclean: Italian Manufacturer of Street Sweeping Machines SICAS EUROCLEAN is one of the main European manufacturers of street sweeping machines and industrial vehicles intended for municipal enterprises and the private sector since almost 40 years. Established as a mechanical enterprise in Milan, the company has become over the years - following internal investments and acquisitions - a leading presence in the equipment for municipal enterprises on European and World scales. Such an acknowledgement is the result of constant attention to the technological aspects, matched to undoubted sturdiness and reliability qualities of our vehicles, as well to low running costs.
  4. 4. Euroclean around the world
  5. 5. Sicas Euroclean equipments for street cleaning The Sicas Euroclean is proud to present, unique in Europe, a complete range of street cleaning compact equipments and facilities for after sale needs. Our models: • 2 cu. m vacuum street sweeper (SA2.2 and Eco models) • 4 cu. m. vacuum street sweeper (Millennium model) • 6 cu. m. chassis-mounted, 2-engines vacuum street sweeper • 2 and 4 cu. m. street washing machines (SL2 and SL4 - Millennium models) • Hybrid street sweeping and washing machine: - Millennium Plus model
  6. 6. High technology
  7. 7. Suction Street Sweeping Machines, Euroclean Suction Street Sweeping Machines: Sicas Euroclean is nowadays one of the few European manufacturers able to offer the whole range of vacuum sweepers to match any work (town centres, industrial areas, urban areas of different surfaces, motor-ways, road yards, etc.). Thanks to a careful technological research, Sicas Euroclean vacuum street sweeping machines, now available in various models, both on factory-made chassis and on truck chassis (IVECO, Mercedes, MAN, etc.) comply with the most severe exhaust emission standards in force in Europe and World-wide.
  8. 8. SA2.2 Vacuum Sweeper - 2 Cu m
  9. 9. Millennium Vacuum Sweeper - 4 Cu m
  10. 10. The new Models
  11. 11. SL2V Euro Street Washer (2000 l) Euroclean
  12. 12. Millennium Street Washing Machine (5500 l)
  13. 13. Sicas Euroclean in the World Support and after sales for customer care
  14. 14. Sicas Euroclean in Italy
  15. 15. Sicas Euroclean Main Dealer Network in Italy: Municipal Markets 1 –Production Facility 18 – Dealers 60 – Authorised Workshops
  16. 16. Sicas Euroclean and CGT Caterpillar in Italy: Paving and Construction Industry • Northern Italy Dealers • The map represents the 26 Caterpillar regional offiices and technical centres • Southern Italian Caterpillar dealers “Maia” to follow shortly
  17. 17. Sicas Euroclean as a Global Partner
  18. 18. Sicas Euroclean as a Global Partner
  19. 19. Sicas Euroclean in France
  20. 20. Distribution around the world
  21. 21. Sicas Euroclean in Italy, in Europe and in the World: an undeniably growing market
  22. 22. Sicas Euroclean: Your Future Partner Sicas Euroclean Phone +39 02 5751 4340 Fax +39 02 5751 3878