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Entrepreneurship vs intrapreneurship


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Entrepreneurship vs intrapreneurship

  1. 1. ENTREPRENEUR VS MANAGER,INTRAPRENEUR, ENTREPRENEURSHIP Presented By: • Siba sankar Dash • Dimple Dulhani • Himanshu Tiwari • Madhubala • Parag Sinha
  2. 2.  Entrepreneur: A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Ex?  Manager: A person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it. Ex?  Intrapreneur: These are internal employees who use entrepreneurial skills and thinking to seek out initiatives that could benefit the organization financially. Ex?
  3. 3. ENTREPRENEUR v/s MANAGER ENTREPRENEUR  Entrepreneur refers to a person who creates an enterprise, by taking financial risk in order to get profit.  Focus on business startup.  Primary motivation is achievement. MANAGER  Manager is an individual who takes the responsibility of controlling and administering the organization.  Focus on ongoing operations.  Primary motivation is power.
  4. 4. ENTREPRENEUR v/s MANAGER ENTREPRENEUR  Intuitive decision making.  Status is owner.  Driving force is creative and innovation.  Approach to task is informal. MANAGER  Calculative decision making.  Status is employee.  Driving force is preserving status quo.  Approach to task is formal.
  5. 5. ENTREPRENEUR v/s INTRAPRENEUR ENTREPRENEUR  Entrepreneur refers to a person who set up his own business with a new concept.  Intuitive in nature.  Capital is raised by him. INTRAPRENEUR  Intrapreneur refers to an employee of the organization who is in charge of undertaking innovations in product,service,process, etc.  Restorative in nature.  Capital is financed by the company.
  6. 6. ENTREPRENEUR v/s INTRAPRENEUR ENTREPRENEUR  Use own resources.  Independent  Works in a newly established company.  Bear risks and uncertainties. INTRAPRENEUR  Use resources provided by the company.  Not Independent  It is a part of an existing organization.  Company bears all the risks.
  7. 7. ENTREPRENEUR v/s ENTRAPRENEURSHIP ENTREPRENEUR  An entrepreneur one who undertakes and operates a new enterprise and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. ENTRAPRENEURSHIP  Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses generally in responses to identified opportunities.
  8. 8. ENTREPRENEUR v/s ENTRAPRENEURSHIP ENTREPRENEUR  Innovates new idea.  It is often synonymous with founder.  Coordinator. ENTRAPRENEURSHIP  Innovates process of innovation.  It ranges in scale from solo projects to major undertakings creating many job opportunities.  Coordination maintained by an entrepreneur.
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