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Minions Case Study - UK


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Minions Case Study - UK

  1. 1. Case Study Minionistas
  2. 2. The Brief Create a viral fashion content marketing campaign with global newsworthiness Drive traffic to Stylight’s global domains Generate links in top publications around the world both online and offline Create social media buzz Build long lasting relationships with influencers 1. 2. 3. 4. – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  3. 3. Concept & Strategy With so much buzz about the Minions© across all types of media sites including fashion, film, tech and lifestyle we knew this topic would be popular but as a fashion platform we also knew that we had to give it a stylish twist. We wanted to create something fun and irresistibly shareable, so decided to give the fashion elite a yellow makeover to see what they’d look like as Minions! When it came to choosing a name for the piece we wanted something short and instantly memorable so went with ‘Minionistas’ – a tongue in cheek combination of ‘fashionistas’ and ‘Minions’. – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  4. 4. Visual Evolution We kept the drawings bold and eye catching and created an initial campaign featuring 9 of the most iconic fashion influencers around. We aimed to choose fashion icons who had an instantly recognisable style and really sought to emphasize their distinguishable features within their Minion characters. Initial Minionista drawings 3
  5. 5. Visual Evolution It was released in two formats: one table style for press and then a separated style with each Minionista in a square for social media users allowing them to pick and choose their favourite character. – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  6. 6. Campaign Execution The social ripple Wed 15th Fri 17th Mon 20th Fri 24th Sun 26th Tue 28th Tue 11th Thu 23rd Sat 25th Mon 27th Fri 30th July 2015 Campaign idea is born Second round of design mock ups sent – graphics style decided on and first Karl Lager-minion born. Dedicated PR managers for UK & FR outreach to journalists in prospective regions. This worked particularly well in the UK where we promoted it as some ‘Friday fun’ on a very grey, rainy day. Significant global coverage building up thanks to German news site Bild and Russian fashion site Buro247 which catapulted the campaign across Eastern Europe. Shortly after, every # feed of an icon featured in the campaign was taken over by The Minionistas. It soon became clear that both social users and journalists wanted more Minionistas. With requests coming in thick and fast we created our follow up campaign ‘Minionistas #2’ featuring the likes of Iris Apfel and Victoria Beckham. These requests allowed us to spark conversation with some top online influencers from Nina Garcia, Creative Di- rector of Marie Claire to Karl Largerfeld’s cat, Choupette. In addition to the ‘Minionistas #2’ we also created ‘Minionistas: Blogger Edition’ featuring top blogger talent such as Garance Dore and Chiara Ferragni. Our inclusion of iconic menswear blogger Bryan Boy lead to even further influential social coverage from his personal account. Over the weekend the campaign got picked by leading online menswear and editorial site Hypebeast - their Instagram post quickly generated 33k likes and instantly sparked the use of the ‘#minionistas’ across both Instagram and Twitter. Reached out in 11 countries that Stylight is present in. In the UK, continued to reach out to our core media segment and fashion titles aimed at ‘Millennial women’ e.g. Cosmo- politan, Grazia and Look. Marc Jacobs tweeted his personal Minionista tagging Stylight to his 3.5 million followers. Creating a snowball effect across social media as 182 people retweeted it. A second wave of important coverage then came a few days after the release of our ‘Minionistas #2’ thanks to Victoria Beckham who both Tweeted and Instagrammed a picture of her Minionista which led to magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Paper Magazine picking up the campaign and organically linking to Stylight. Campaign featured on German television news show Sat 1. Offline coverage then began to go in the likes of UK’s Look Magazine, German InStyle and French- speaking Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes. However, there was notably less offline coverage as many of the print publications couldn’t keep up with the ever growing social buzz! First mock ups are sent by designers Final artwork designed Final artwork designed #minionistas MARC oui VICTORIA August 2015 KARL – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  7. 7. Results so far The Minionistas was Stylight’s most successful content marketing campaign to date with a reach of 80 million. It was featured on 700+ websites with over 60% of these linking back to a Stylight domain. They were featured in a huge range of influential publications including 11 Elle regions and 5 Cosmopolitan regions. Featured on: Shared by: Choupette Marc JacobsVictoria BeckhamNina Garcia Karl Lagerfeld 48.5k followers 3.06M followers 8.89M followers 923K followers 3.81M followers 71.3k followers 274k followers 7.1M followers – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  8. 8. TheMinionistasmadeitallovertheworld and were featured in 54 countries worldwide – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  9. 9. Summary The Minionistas demonstrated the power of a culturally relevant, easily accessible idea as well as simple storytelling. The audience of the the campaign was interestingly almost an even split between males and females Total reach by the start of October was +80 million with 47+ million social media impressions. On Instagram the hashtag ‘minionistas’ was used 400+ times and ‘fashion minions’ 760+ times. Traffic to the landing page was +400% more than average Money spent: €150 on thank you doughnuts and cinema tickets to see the Minions film for the team! 41% 59%♂ ♀: – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  10. 10. “Every time there’s a new minion I have a new favourite. Tanned Valentino is so good!” Charlotte Stringer (Head of social media) “Elle Spain is really picking up on social - already 30 me gustas!” Martijn Burgman (Head of content & PR) “ I think I need to go to Minion rehab” Sian O’Flaherty (UK content manager) “Jean Paul Gaultier with one minion eye - Genius!” Sian O’Flaherty (UK content manager) “This is better than Christmas.” Charlotte Stringer (Head of social media) – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  11. 11. One month later The Minionistas’ populairty is still growing with both our fan base and the media. In fact, our audience is also continuing to develop the campaign themselves, taking it to another level by creating quizzes, purses and even notebooks emblazoned with our designs. And the reach continues to grow! – Case Study: Minions – October 2015
  12. 12. Go to the campaign (thank you in minion language) Tank Yu!