Sophia Fox: Double Page Spread Article


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Sophia Fox: Double Page Spread Article

  1. 1. Who could forget that performance? A 20-foot-high gumball machine landed on the centrestage at MTV Music Awards last year and out popped Sophia Fox on a slide to perform herinternational hit Sweet like Me. It was the performance of the night and not one to beforgotten. Perhaps even more unforgettable was her sexy outfit latex bra and tutu-esqueskirt that made her looked like a candy wrapper. Her perfect power-puff girl combination ofsugar, spice and everything nice once again captured a historic moment in pop culture.But today though, she swaps her tasty treat of an outfit to adorn a retro look for her PopHeartcover shoot. “I really want to convey the characterisation of Marilyn Monroe, I don‟t just want tobe her, I need to feel it,” she explains gleefully, adjusting her hair in the light bulb lit mirrorof the studio‟s make-up room where she prepares alongside her team. “It is important I feelthat I should be involved in the whole process of make-up to shoot to printing. OtherwiseI‟m just a puppet on a string. To convey my emotion through artistic and beautiful meanssuch as today gives the shoot a whole new significance.”It has only been 18 months since Sophia Fox released her debut album, The Impressionist, fullof synth pop intertwined with a melodious piano which has dominated the album chart eversince. Embracing the perks of contemporary pop she has adapted fashion to her own taste,such as her recognisable lipstick hat with matching hot pants and bra to the multicolouredpaint splatted white skirt. “I chose those particularly to express my views on feminism, that as women wedon‟t have to wear make-up to conform to the man,” she says twiddling a lipstick in herfingers. “Who says that we have to? Of course, like I admittedly do myself, use thesematerialistic things to sexualise your own image but that‟s to grab your attention and thenI‟ll bore you after,” she laughs but adds seriously “It is self acceptance what we search forwhether we know it or not.”Impressive for a woman of just 23 whom only a couple of years ago played as a pianist inrestaurants as the appeased ate their dinner at the Mayfair Hotel. Ever since her epic debutsingle Ricochet, Sophia Fox landed in the music industry with a colossal bang and becameone of the biggest stars on the planet instantaneously. Being described as a breath of fresh airin a stuffy chart she insists that she is just doing what she loves. With 4 global Number 1salready in her lace-trimmed pocket it is undeniable that Sophia is going where no woman(or man) has gone before – world domination. “None of this could have been possible if it weren‟t for great icons and singers suchas Judy Garland or Elvis Presley. People who broke the conventions over 50 years ago willforever be the most iconic,” she tells me as we go through the photos after shoot “My maininspiration had to be Marilyn, that‟s why I‟m conveying her today. As a child I would go tothe library and look over books and books of her life,” she notes “She was everything that Iwanted to be – and look what happened to me!”But it hasn‟t always been this simple. Born to a middle-class family in the Lake District shemoved to London as a child due to her father‟s job, immediately finding difficulty fitting inwith other kids her age. In compensation her mother bought her a piano which she learnt toplay by ear. By 15 she was already writing and performing her own songs at her dad‟sfriend‟s pub. She continued to worship iconic artists of the past, with uncovered Youtubevideos of her singing „At Last‟ by Etta James and „I Wanna Be Loved By You‟ by Marilyn
  2. 2. Monroe at just age 17. Not surprisingly, this caught the eye of music giant and founder ofInterscope, Jimmy Iovine who was searching for new talent. And the rest is history, somemay say.Unlike other stars I have met before, she disregards no one and throughout the shoot has achance to speak to everyone that is apart of her creation. As I admire Sophia‟s aura and howeveryone in the make-up room has become intoxicated by her presence everyone contributesto our conversation about Marilyn Monroe and the impact she has had on today‟s culture. “She‟s a deity,” Sophia explains “She carried herself with an elegance that no onehad seen before and lived through her creative vision. She bleached her hair blonde againstthe bulk of brunettes and every acting part she played she wanted it to be varied.” It is clearthat Sophia idolises Marilyn “Her sweet naivety combined with her overtly sexual approachto her image made society more permissive of sex, you could say. She gave women sexualfreedom and broke the barrier of what women were expected to be. Fabulous - she was justfabulous!”This interview soon turns into a heated debate and it is not long before I raise the issue ofher unfortunate death in 1962. “She was a victim of her own fame. Alcohol, drugs – theywere escapism from her melodramatic reality in a way. It‟s just a shame it ended so terribly.But her image will live on – and we must all strive to keep it that way!”During the shoot, it is a just mesmerising as watching her perform. Sophia poses with anAmerican flag in her mouth over her body reminiscent of one of Marilyn‟s mostcontroversial photos with just a semi-opaque sheet across her chest. Sophia reiterates to meduring the lunch the personal meaning behind the shoot. “It is my personal homage to Marilyn. I‟m just saying thank you, really. You don‟thave to be yourself all the time. I want my fans to choose or be whatever they want to be.Whether it means dressing up as Marilyn or not - we choose our own destiny but shouldtake pride in what we want to be!”It is hard to imagine that this woman was virtually unknown 2 years ago. Yet, she hasachieved a sold-out European arena tour and has grabbed 2 Brit Awards for Best BritishSingle and Best Newcomer. This year she plans a duet with hot boy band The Wanted whichshe summarises as “A pop cocktail” and will be released „soon‟ she admits excitedly.But currently she is working hard for the release of her next single Daddy Said. The video forwhich will be released in several weeks time, and you‟ll probably be watching it after youread this. “I wrote it last year about my Father, how he told me not to fall for a guy I liked,and clearly he is right like he always is. Listening to your parents is the best thing you coulddo. I produced the song alongside RedOne, I showed him the song and then we busked andadding different beats and it really came alive.”Sitting down munching on a cheese sandwich I ask whether this is the type of catering aglobal superstar should be eating “I love food! Dieting? Oh god – no! It‟s about eating abalanced range of foods and exercise; I couldn‟t ever give up sweets! This sandwich isdelish!”After we finish talking, Sophia resumes her shoot with grand confidence. Underneath herchic exterior Sophia is a playful girl who just wants to write music for the rest of her life. Afew final words before the Pop Heart team left the set and asked if there was anything she‟d
  3. 3. like to add, replying enthusiastically “If the sun can‟t shine all the time on both sides of theworld, who will?!”