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Section A; The 5 Key Areas


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Section A; The 5 Key Areas

  1. 1. Music Magazine (Main task & preliminary task of college magazine) Music Video and Ancillary TasksDigital • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Youtube, Glogster, Prezi, Scribd, Animoto, TwitterTechnology • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 • Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 • Youtube, Animoto • iMovie, Windows Movie Maker • DVD-ROM Disk • Portable Hard drive, Lexmark Scanner • SD 16GB Memory Card , Panasonic HD Camera • Microsoft Word 2007, Paint • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8Creativity • Magazine title ‘Pop Heart’ • Drew the illustrations for my Digipak and Album Advert by myself • Took inspiration for pose of artist on front cover from Marilyn Monroe’s calendar • Digipak photo styles and inspiration • Used an art deco font to reinforce retro theme • Music video, I used lighting in a creative way to give a halo effect in some shots • Created a niche magazine genre – past artists combined with present artists • Took inspiration for the style of my artist from Marina and the Diamonds but added my own theme of 1950s style combined with modern day popResearch • Animoto to pitch the theme of magazine and understand my target audience • Animoto used to pitch my artist and the theme/inspiration for the music videoand • Researched three album covers from different genres: RollingStone, Billboard and NME • Created a preliminary text of the music video for The Kills ‘No Wow’Planning • Researched two contents pages from different genres: Billboard and NME • Created a preliminary text of lip syncing with Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ • Researched three double page spreads from different genres: Q, VIBE, and Billboard • Planning: created an artist profile • Researched the current market and publishers, for example IPC Media • Planning: created an audience profile • Researched target market with an Audience Profile • Planning: Prop list, risk assessment, locations • Researched lighting effects within photography • Planning: iMovie of storyboard of the music video • Researched how to cut out professionally using photography • Research: of other music videos and their conventions • Created a preliminary magazine for a college magazine: cover page, contents and double page • Researched the representation of my artist and the location spread • Researched conventions of Digipaks & their panels • Planning: Drew a mock-up version of cover page, contents page and double page spread and • Researched different typography for both Digipak and Album Advert scanned into the computer • Researched compilation of Album Covers and album spines • Planning: Made a draft of the text that will feature on the cover, contents and DPS • Researched a range of colour palettes • Researched three A4 Album Adverts • Researched conventions of A4 Album Adverts • Researched record producer small print & planned the content of text for my Digipak • Planning: Photoshoot and Concepts • Planning: Artist Logo and Colour Ideas • Planning: the illustration process • Planning: draft version of Digipak and Album Advert • Planning: of my intended CD Case Design • Planning: Music Video DraftPost- • Adobe Photoshop CS5 – created my preliminary and final magazine with this • Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6 – created my Digipak and Album Advert using thisProduction • Windows Movie Maker to present an evaluation task – inputted audio and images • iMovie – created a quick mock up of the music video storyboard • Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 – for the final production of my music videoUsing • Magazine: • Application of Narrative Theories and Conventions for the Music Videoconventions • Used a masthead spaced across the entire A4 page, go against conventions by using different font • Music Video: used a variety of conventional mid-shots and long-shots, short and quick shots tofrom real typefaces match the beat and create action, artist was lip-syncing, used variety of props to add interest, had • Used serif font for the coverlines, but changed size and colour to differentiate different topic costume changes in different scenesmedia texts • Used photography and image of artist the rule of thirds, artist was also subject to the Male Gaze, • Used the red colour palette to tie in both my music video and ancillary tasks and create a harmonious artist’s head covered part of the past head star image for my artist • Three key colours for colour palette, red blue and white • Digipak & Album Advert: went against convention for pop genre by using a niche illustration to • Double page spread, used numerous columns for article and more images of artist within, represent my artist, used track listing centre of back panel, used artist logo, had consistent house different costume from front cover to add variety style, used record label logos Atlantic and 679, used consistent type face, • Used the conventional ‘Z’ model for my cover page