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Question 1

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?After looking extensively at the variation in genre conventions of mainstream pop magazines such asRollingStone, Billboard and Q Magazine I picked several elements to expand on for inspiration for the overalllook of my magazine. Firstly, I used a serif font for my coverlines to conform to the conventions of typographyduring the time period my magazine takes inspiration from which is the 1950s. However this challengesmodern mainstream pop magazines such as Billboard who typically uses serif fonts consistently to appeal totheir mass audience; but will create a unique look against the popular magazine market. The masthead on mycover also challenges typical real media conventions as I use two separate font styles to create a vivid logo aswell as using a low filled orange photo screen overlay on the text to create a soft tone to both colours and giveit a retro look. This will stand out against standard magazine logos that use only one colour for themasthead.For my contents page I tried to imitate the layout of Billboard magazine by using some negativespace between the image and text to give a clean and precise finish to the edge of the image. By also using oneimage that has been cropped using the polygon tool I challenge typical magazine conventions as the contentsis not overcrowded with framed photos and bold text; allowing the house style to be simple and stylish toappeal to my female audience. I developed my contents title further by adopting a heart shape andimplementing a light to dark gradient overlay on the hot pink colour to give a 3D effect. I decided not tovisually implement a clear divide in the double page spread, such as a photo or shape division, as I felt that thisrestricts to spacing of the article text and the amount of images allowed on a page. Therefore, I resized severalimages using the grid across the top third of the page to balance to page and allow more images to convey thecontext of my article further. Although I did use several shape divisions in the form of three lines which wouldthen tie in with my American theme of the page to give a clean cut it did not look unprofessional. It wasimportant that I investigated the conventions of other magazines types of the same genre so I could be able toimitate similar layouts but adapt it so that it had a unique selling point in comparison to other genericmagazines, such as Billboard.