BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT                                                              JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSThis double pag...
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Q magazine double page spread


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Q magazine double page spread

  1. 1. BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSThis double page spread was taken from ‘Q’ magazine’s April The layout of the article is formulated using the typical2012 issue (monthly) The main image here is the same size genre conventions by using columns to subconsciouslyalongside page full of the article which suggests importance and make the audience feel as though they have read more inalso a authority throughout the article. The large ‘L’ which is a quicker time span. Columns also make the article moreoverlayed on top of the article stands for the beginning of the enticing as it appears shorter and more achievable tosubject’s name ‘Lady Gaga’ so the audience can immediately read. A large width is given between the columns toacknowledge her presence within the format. The large image make it appear less intimidating on the reader’s eyes ifshow the artist covering her breasts is a very sexual image which they were flicking through as they might be put off by therelates with the red colour choice; commonly connotating sex or vast amount of information displayed if it were However it is also important to note that red is the house By having all of the relevant text on one page it appealsstyle and primary colour scheme on every page to relate back to more to a mature audience who will still be enticed bythe magazine’s brand. A simple serif font is used throughout the the article without other side pictures or pull-quotes toarticle (with the drop capitals) which suggests that a more make them read. The kerning of the subject’s name (l a dknowledgeable audience would read it as they would not be y G a g a) on the top right corner also connotatesdistracted by more than one image but the entire article itself. simplicity but also gives it a more fashionable andThe article is clearly paragraphed and constructed preferred look to the font. By separating the main imagechronologically featuring quotes from the subject, Lady Gaga, to with the article it makes the double page spread appearshow authenticity and exclusivity of the article. A sub-heading is more simply; this gives an aesthetic look to the page as itused at the top right hand corner to use as a chapter indicator so is neat and clean. (Rather than the article perhaps beingthat the audience can turn the page/or flick through the formed around her image, therefore this example clearlymagazine and know immediately this page features the subject can distinguish between the vital information needed byarticle of their interest. the reader and the complimentary images.)