NME: Magazine Cover Analysis


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NME: Magazine Cover Analysis

  1. 1. COLOUR COVERLINESThis cover conforms to the three colour palette rule, featuring a The main cover line is of the name of the featured bandmatte yellow, black and white. These colours vary on all text which „ARTIC MONKEYS‟ which is reinforced by the over linesgive a sudden contrast to each other so that each cover line can be which delve further into the topic of their interview suchclearly distinguished between one another. This is also strategically as: „INCREDIBLE NEW ALBUM!‟ These exclamatoryimportant because of their clashing tones it will be able to stand out sentences portray that there is something to „shout‟against other neutral or complimentary palette magazines on about and emphasise the appeal to their target audienceshelves. Interestingly these colours are not gender stereotyped as they make it appear exclusive. The magazine also usewhich contrasts with the male dominance in the context of the cover the personal pronoun „we‟ and colloquialism „oh my god‟lines etc. The blue sky background enables the chosen palette to to make the reader feel involved and it is also languagestand out against it as well as give a positive, bright feel to the cover. that they can relate to from their own person idiolect. The cover lines at the bottom rule of thirds are all juxtaposition. Therefore the reader can be lured by the cover lines as they all have a similar relation being musical reviews.AUDIENCE FONTS The main font „ARTICSpecifically in the case of MONKEYS‟ is a tall font whichthis cover, this would covers the majority of theappeal primarily to a male central third of the cover.audience. This is firstly due Capitals are functioned with allto several males appearing fonts on the cover to conveyon the central image on the that it is „loud‟ and that all of itcover which they will be is of significant importance. Inable to relate to. The cover contrast the onlylines also feature all male unemboldened fontorientated bands/topics „revolutionise the musictherefore appealing to industry‟ stands out in contrastthem. The dramatic to the other fonts which arecontrast between the bright strong and emboldened. Theblue and yellow imitates a bold, thick and wide font usedstrong theme which would at the top and bottom thirds ofappeal to a strong and bold the cover suggest amale. The secondary female commanding and vigorousaudience would be enticed voice speaking to the reader.by the opposite sex orsubject topics, mainly beingof regular readership SPACING & OTHERinterested in the magazine‟s COMMENT NME is published by Time Inc., agenre which is indie. subsidiary of Time Warner, it is distributed as a weekly magazine. ItMAIN IMAGE is critically known for showing “indie” music and does not focus onThe main image composes any other music genre. It circulatesof 4 males who feature in a around 33,000 a week but has been BY SIAN LYNESpopular indie band which in decline. It did once focus on a wide variety of music genres butcorrelates with the THE MASTHEAD has since constructed a preferencemagazine‟s genre. The low to “indie” music. On this cover, likeangle of the camera many others, not a lot of spacing is The logo of the magazine does not cover the entiresuggests dominance and left which allows more informationcould also connotates their masthead which in this case plays on the spiral to feature on the cover lines. Thisstrong popularly. From the magazine model. This therefore attracts the reader‟s eye also suggests an authoritative and afirst forward male with his across the entire page and will entice them if attracted more powerful cover which willarms folded we can already by the cover lines. This short logo also allows cover lines make a bigger impact upon the reader‟s eye. However this may putassume that he is the lead to feature above and at the side if space is available like off some readers as it shows asinger and of main interest in this image. The banner information such as price and cluttering of information causingwithin the band. This man date is positioned vertically against the logo which the reader being incapable to digestalso covers the masthead it. The audience age is aimed at a allows the central image to cover the logo and take upwhich reinforces his younger audience from 16 to a more space. With the logo in capitals and abbreviatedimportance in comparison mature audience to 21, butto his peers. This close (New Musical Express) connotates that it is a trendy ultimately it depends on musicpositioning of all the magazine. A pull quote is used next to the logo enables interest which the magazine the topic of the cover line to be emphasised and will specifies. In comparison to otherpersons relates with the magazines on the market, itsclose kerning of text and draw the reader into buying it. This look would appeals specific “indie” genres is verythe close positioning of the mostly to a male audience as it is very cluttered with limiting and risky in terms ofcover lines. information which they prefer. commercial expansion.