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Media audience essay

  1. 1. “Media texts will never be successful unless they are carefully constructed to target pre-establishedaudience needs or desires” Evaluate the ways that you constructed a media text to target a specificaudience.Through the construction of my media text, in this case my music video, was deliberately createdwith the specific target market of young female adults age 16-24 in mind. This is primarily evidentthrough the use of a female artist which allowed a manipulated star image to be created which thetarget audience would be comfortable in receiving. In addition, the artist fell within the targetaudience age category, aged 23, which the audience can identify with in social terms; thus building arapport more easily with them and more likely to continue reading the text. Hartleys (1987)suggestion that institutions... must also enter relations with the audience is applicable in this caseas with the artist fitting in with the same target market requirements it is easier for the audience tosee them as a real person and continue to interact with them.The production of the media text was established to appeal further to the target audience. Forexample, the misé-en-scene reflects the 1950s era which incorporated a 50s A-line polka dot dresswith heavy make-up and rollers in her hair. This unique styling, challenging modernist looks, may beseen as more desirable and exclusive by the audience which they may want to replicate in order tofit in with popular culture. This is compliant with the Passive Audience Theory, as through themedia the artist has an arguable powerful effect on the audience as they may be influenced to dressin a similar way but passively. Therefore this agrees with the statement that media texts, in order tobe successful, must be carefully constructed to target pre-established needs or desires, as thefemale audience may desire the same aesthetic as the artists star image to feel accepted in society.However, this may promote the sexualisation of women to become the object of desire to thesecondary male audience, also complying with Lauras Mulveys Male Gaze theory.On the other hand, the Active Audience Theory, the idea that the audience have an active role toplay in the understand of, and creation, of meaning within a media text can be applied. For example,continuous mid-shots of the artist lip-syncing whilst on the telephone may be interpreted that she isgoing through a break up and other person on the line is her ex-boyfriend. Although because of thediversity within the target audience, such as the varying age ranges, it may also be interpreted thatshe doesnt care, such as high angled shots of her throwing roses at the camera which connotes herdisregard for the need for love (of which the roses symbolise). The audience therefore can applywhichever belief is most applicable to them and the music video is providing them with what theywant to believe rather than a direct command on the correct interpretation of events. Again, mymedia text adheres to the above statement as the media need to please the audience and reflectvalues, such as social values of relationships in this case, that are predominant in society.Parkins and Halls Audience Readings Theory of Negotiated Reading, in addition, can be applied tomy music video. This is evident as the audience will be able to decode the distress in the artistsbehaviour, such as throwing the roses and looking away unhappily from the camera, and then thehappiness in some shots. However, this change in disequilibrium to equilibrium does not directlyimply as to why this is. As previously mentioned, the audience may assume she is going through abreak-up and singing to the person on the other end of the telephone, but this can be debated.
  2. 2. My music video was also constructed to target a specific audience through the means of escapism.This was most evident in the use of a black and white effect during a certain verse of the songs,establishing mid-shots and close-ups of my artist as in a state of equilibrium (by laughing and smilingetc.). This combination of post-editing connoted a safe and serene environment that my artist wasin. Therefore McQuails Uses and Gratification Theory (1972) can be applied to my music video as itallows the audience to escape the real world and enter an entirely hyper real world that they desire.In order to appeal to my target audience feedback was gained from individuals that fitted into thesocial demographic in order to receive and build upon their opinions. For example, an audienceprofile was carried out where one individual was chosen, analysing her age, occupation backgroundand ambitions in order to know what would best appeal to them. I also created a pitch before theinitial construction of the music video to my audience to ensure that the idea would appealeffectively by suggesting a song and theme. In this sense I complied with Hartleys (1987) Theorythat institutions must produced invisible fictions of the audience which allow them to get a sense ofwho they must enter into relations with". Therefore, without carrying out systematic feedback orplanning to target my audience my media text may not have been as successful without it.