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Lighting research


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Lighting research

  1. 1. LIGHTNING: RESEARCH IN MOOD AND IMPACT 1. 2. 3. OverviewIn these 3 separate covers of i-D magazine it celebrated its 30th anniversary with iconic cover subjects, being NaomiCampbell, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga. In each the colour of the photograph has been taken using a black and whiteoverlay. This enables the photographs to make the subjects more precise against the background and allows theshadows to be accentuated against the lighting. These give the photos a certain magnitude of definition, allowing it toportray an emotional and dark feel. All these photographs have been taken by world renowned photographer NickKnight who takes the artistic meaning of each canvas into consideration and how to portray that into his audience. 1.Firstly, the shot that features Naomi Campbell shows a characteristic of vulnerability as the light only reflects on herface showing her timid expression. By also having her clothes darkened against her face this allows the focus ofattention to remain on her facial expression. The light appears to come from above her position which makes hercheeks and lower lip darker and give more definition. The sharp tone against her clothing and the background alsoadds a dimmer mood to the image. 2.Secondly, the lighting on Kate Moss focuses particularly on one side of her body so that she has a strong outline. Byhaving the lighting on one side this allows one side of her face to be within darkness and adds a serious tone to thecanvas. The positioning of her arms allows a distinct shadow beneath her arm which makes her look powerful andstrong in the image. Her clothing is also a consistent dark tone so allows focus on her facial expression. The shadowfrom underneath her raised arms casts a gradient on her skin and clothes conveying a calm and relaxed feel to thepicture in comparison to the sharp tones in the first image. 3.This image is lighter in comparison to the first two as the key light reflects her body face on so that her arms, face andneck are clearly visible. This light tone also imitates a much more positive look. The subject, Lady Gaga, is holding herhead high which allows just a timid shadow to appear underneath her chin and give a high-fashion look. Here, theshadow is deliberately formed underneath her arms and to give tone to the skin against the white background. Thelighting gives shadow to her breasts in the subject’s low cut dress therefore sexualising the image. Soft gradient Inner shadow Solid tone