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Lady gaga rollingstone analysis


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Lady gaga rollingstone analysis

  1. 1. COLOUR COVERLINESThe Rolling Stone logo has been adapted into a hot pink colour which The primary cover line is ‘Lady Gaga Tells All’ which attractsadds to the femininity of the artist on the cover and reinforcing the the audience because they are interested in celebrityappeal to their female audience. This cover defies the conventions of perspective; this lures the audience in as they would want tousing the colour of the masthead onto the cover lines as well. By only know secrets about her life which suggests are only available inusing black and grey on the cover lines this draws attention to the this magazine. The smaller cover line ‘Obama’s General | Whycolourful centre image and the magazine logo. Black is used on the more he’s losing the war’ lures the audience as it suggests that thecentral selling points of the magazine as it stands out and draws magazine know reasons other people don’t. ’Summer Doubleattention to them first, with the grey giving an insight into the context. Issue’ is a cover line above the masthead and indicates theThe white background gives it a sophisticated and modern look to the magazine has more to offer than usual which is a selling point.magazine. It also enhances the main image and the cover lines. The three Another cover line ‘Wet, hot loud | 4 days at Bonnaroo’ relatescolour palette of this magazine is hot pink, black and grey. to the music news which the magazine is famous for as Bonaroo is a U.S. music festival. This also leaves an enigmatic sense because listing the names of artists who were present will attract fans of their music: ‘Elton John | Eminem’.AUDIENCE FONTSFrom this issue we can tellthat the audience for the The font used on this cover goesmagazine would be adult against the conventions of amen as they would be magazine which corresponds toattracted by the nude woman the typical rules of having aon the cover. However, since mixture of fonts and sizes. TheLady Gaga is an icon it would font is nor male or femalealso draw in her female orientated and is all in upperadmirers since she is case – despite the height of therecognised for her font – so pragmatics wise isflamboyant artistry. Rolling shouts on the page and grabsStone’s target audience age is the attention of a glancingfrom 20+ since it often customer. The smaller coverfeatures controversial artists lines use the same font whichand news coverage as well as has been expanded in width andbeing politically informed reduced in height to create a(see ‘Obama’s General’). bulkier font to address the moreRollingstone focuses on pop persuading lines. Although thisculture and liberal politics is not noticeable and may bewhich is published every 2 mistaken for a different font itweeks. The magazine has allows the same style on the tipsbuilt up a reputable of the font. This style conformsmagazine brand since the to the original 60’s style of1960’s which draws in a Rolling Stone, which theregular readership. masthead font is in since its founding in the 60’s..MAIN IMAGEThe main image here is a SPACING & OTHERrecognisable music artist COMMENT‘Lady Gaga’ which correlates On this music magazine,with the music side of Rolling negative space is used such asStone which it is renowned near the main image’s knee andfor. This image is BY SIAN LYNES shoulder and legs. This allowscontroversial as the artist is the text not to look so intrusivenude and only wearing a bra THE MASTHEAD to the image. It also addsin the form of a gun for exclusivity or rarity to the iconwhich she is holding. The central image of ‘Lady Gaga’ is covering the masthead of on the cover who remains theHowever this controversial ‘Rollingstone’ which suggests that there is a certified readership main focus point whilstand innovative image relates and that it is still recognisable even if it is obscured. By having a conforming to the rule of thirds.well to Rolling Stone who bold and spaced out tag line of ‘Summer double issue’ above the Leaders are also used in thehave always featured magazine masthead it draws immediate attention since the logo form of dashes between eachcontroversial images on their has been moved as it looks out of place. This is also a unique cover line to move thecover, the most famous for selling point as the audience feel they get more for their money audience’s eye onto the nextinstant being John Lennon and should be drawn to buy it as it is a special issue in feature swiftly. The balancedand Yoko Ono. This striking comparison to other ‘ordinary’ issues. The masthead logo creates look of the text and coloursimage aims at both a male the letter ‘R’ as an ascender to give it a striking look. The close overall makes the magazineand female audience who kerning of the masthead letters give it a theatrical look. The appeal more to a customer as itwould be interested in the banner is placed directly right underneath the masthead so the is not too ‘busy’ and would notmeaning why the artist chose audience can draw quick information about the specific put them off buying it since it issuch a niche pose and who publication of this issue such as price, website, and date and issue not cluttered. I should use aare fans of her previous number. similar approach when creatingwork. my magazine.