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Evaluation Question 3


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?I think that the most appropriate distributor for my magazine would be IPC Media. This is because they alreadyhave a vast portfolio of magazines that range from different genres. This means that they have good profitablerevenue so could invest in a magazine like PopHeart because it appeals to a more niche market yet still has aprofitable wide target audience of young female adults aged 16-25. It also means that it will not be a financialrisk to the magazine company. This is because their wide range of magazines such as NME and Womansuggests that IPC is a profitable company and can invest in new niche magazines. IPC Media is alsoa subsidiary company of Time Inc. (Time Warner) which has a large net income and so can invest in new ideasin order to expand their brand even more. Similar to my magazine, IPC Media publishes NME which also hastheir own individual niche market of a young audience 16-24 and has a specific genre they focus their musicmagazine on which is Indie/Pop. My magazine would have similar components but be aimed at the majority offemale ratio, young adults between 16-24 with a lesser male majority and focuses on Pop music as well as pastmusic and its impact on modern day music. This focus on both present day and past would be its unique sellingpoint and would captivate their target audience and will retain a regular readership this way. When observingmagazines that IPC Media distribute such as ‘NME’ and gossip magazine ‘Pick Me Up’ I noticed that eachmagazine has either male or female majority appeal. This was clear when I looked at ‘Q’ magazine wheremales bought the magazine at a greater 70% majority. Therefore I decided that it would be more marketable ifmy magazine to a specific gender and chose that females were most appropriate for the genre of pop musicthat my magazine would be based on. The current music magazine industry is now moving changes to usingtechnology to distribute their magazines. This is evident not only with the musical genre but the overallmagazine industry too as readers look for quick and fast ways to source their information. IPC Media is movingat a moderate pace with these changes by incorporating apps relating their magazine or brands, for examplethe NME App for all Apple products. This will enable their audience to not only share an interest in their webbased information, which targets the younger population of 16-40, but to then hopefully entice them intobuying the magazines too or vice versa.