BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT                                                           JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSThis double page s...
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Billboard contents

  1. 1. BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSThis double page spread was taken from Billboard magazine The columns of the text have been split in 3 columnsfeaturing an interview with pop superstar Katy Perry. The and separated into paragraphs. This makes it clearermain image is placed entirely on a separate page with the text for the reader to distinguish and makes the text lookseparated into three columns beside it. The central third of less intimidating. The font kerning in the pull-quote isthe left hand page is used to take up a pull quote from within quite close but not too much that it doesn’t touch, thisthe full article. This allows the audience to be drawn into the is because then it may be difficult to work out thearticle and also provides the most important content of the separation of letters. The posing of the female in thearticle which will appeal to their audience. The image of Katy image is also provocative as she is exposing a lot ofPerry is much sexualised, as she is wearing shorts and a body with her legs apart and looking as if she iscleavage revealing bra; this is the central peak of colour cooking. This is crucial as it submits a message thatagainst the conventional black text against a white women are stereotyped into kitchen work but despitebackground. This sexual image will appeal to their target this it appeals to the reader as she looks sexy againstaudience of 16-24 year olds who are interested in pop music. the back drop. The pull quote suggests that there is aBillboard uses a serif font for their articles whereas they secret persona behind the ‘good girl Katy Perry’ whichwould use sans serif fonts mainly for cover lines. This makes will intrigue the audience to read it and gainthe article appear more intellectually appealing to the information about the star which they might notaudience. A drop cap is used at a beginning of one paragraph know. This is commonly used in many magazines asto show that the author of the article has changed topic or the the reader feels they are part of an exclusive group bysituation conventions have changed. A small sub-heading is being informed on unique information in a star. Thisused at the header of the page to indicate that the interview helps sell the magazine because other magazines willcontinues over several pages. This is also used so when the not be able to contend with this exclusivity.reader is flicking through they can quickly spot where theirarticle of interest is.