"Media texts rely on audience knowledge of generic codes and conventions in order for them tocreate meaning." Analyse one ...
of a fade out to signify it has finished. This post-editing of a fade out is one my audience wouldrecognise from other tex...
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Analyse genre


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Analyse genre

  1. 1. "Media texts rely on audience knowledge of generic codes and conventions in order for them tocreate meaning." Analyse one of your coursework productions in relation to genre.I agree with the above statements that generic codes and conventions rely on audiences previousknowledge in order for texts to be fundamentally decoded. In relation to genre, my A2 pop musicvideo conformed to many conventions in order to draw in my young target audience of females aged16-24 and for its purpose to entertain to be instantly recognised.Theorist Steve Neal (1980) said that genre are instances of repetition and difference which meantsome conventions had to be adhered to whilst still using unique features in order to deviate andengage the audience. Firstly, the pop genre was exercised through the use of an aesthetical pleasingfemale artist, which the audience can recognise as it is a music genre dominated by and read bywomen. However, I deviated from the norm of mise-en-scene in order to create a unique andinteresting music video that my audience will want to continue to watch. For example,intertextuality references to the 1950s was seen in the costume of the A-line red polka dot dress andprops such as the classic rotary telephone. Although this subverted the modern visuals expected tobe seen in pop music videos the familiar use of iconography of the 1950s enhanced the femininity ofthe artist whilst offering the audience interesting mise-en-scene. The artists costume also changedaccording to location, a convention popular amongst female pop artist in order to make her moredesirable and perceived as fashionable. The adoption of props such as the artist smoking a cigaretteprovided connotations of carelessness and rebellion of my artist, a common convention oftenrepeated in other texts which the audience can automatically decode.In regards to shot types I decided to adhere to popular generic codes seen in music videos in orderfor my audience to recognise the structure and enhance the repeatability. For example, a prolificamount of extreme close-ups of the artists lips so the lip syncing was visible to the audience todecode and enhance the sexuality of the artist. This convention I had seen in other pop music video,such as Marina and the Diamonds Hollywood video. This is particularly important as it also adheredto Laura Mulveys Male Gaze theory as lips are symbolic to sexualised the artist and also for thefemale audience to desire to be admired the same way as the artist, by males. This was enhanced bya mid-shot in the style of an over-the-shoulder shot whilst the artist was seen putting on lipstick inthe mirror. This also conformed to the convention of first person mode of address as the artistlooked directly towards to camera. Furthermore, allowing the audience to build a rapport with theartist, a typical feature of pop videos in order to keep them engaged.Features such as lighting is often manipulated in pop music videos in order to create symbolicmeanings for the audience to decode. For example, location of the light source was used as backlighting behind the artist in order to create a halo effect. This convention was adopted by Lana DelRey in her pop music video "Summertime Sadness" which I decided to incorporate in order toconform to the genre. This symbolised the angelic and pure persona of the artist, which evidentlyrelied on the audiences knowledge of other texts to apply this meaning.I followed Andrew Goodwin genre category of amplification in order to retain a link to the lyrics ofLiving Dead whilst still being subjective. This is seen in the equilibrium of the indoors in contrastwith the dark and vacant night time setting which connotes the disequilibrium, adhering theTodorovs construction of narrative. The narrative is closed as the ending is created through the use
  2. 2. of a fade out to signify it has finished. This post-editing of a fade out is one my audience wouldrecognise from other texts, especially in music videos.In terms of post-editing several techniques were adopted in order to create meaning, using ADobePremiere Elements 8.0. This can be seen with the dominant use of straight cuts in order to quicklychange from one shot to the next. It was also cut in time with the beat, enhancing the entertainmentvalue of the music video and the up-beat, fun pop connotations of the video. This was also usedwith repeated shots of my artist, especially with her singing against a blank wall, enhancing itsrepeatability. This was also contrasted with less frequent straight cuts in the bridge of the song,which was slow in order to connote the reflexive mood of the shot. A black and white overlay effectwas also used here to add variation to the text, adhering the Neals theory of genre. Increasedbrightness and saturation was used on the choruses to make the artist more aesthetically appealing,a convention often seen in music videos in order to appeal to the mass audience. Using thesetechniques, especially in creased saturation provided a hyper reality around my artist, a conventionwhich audiences like to see in order to provide them with means of escapism.The music video was distributed via the web 2.0 platform of Youtube. This is a common platformused by real artists in order to appeal to their target market and allowing the audience to share itvirally. Overall I believe that the pop genre as these conventions contributed to the overall identityof the product and can be easily recognised by mainstream society as a music video. Therepresentation of my artist as "cool" through fashionable outfits and repeating shot types allowedmy audience to decode her as desirable whilst still being entertaining in order to market the song.MISE EN SCENE, COSTUME PROPS AND LIGHTINGCAMERA ANGLES AND SHOT TYPESPOST EDITING TECHNIQUES