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Task 4. research representation of disability in film


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Deconstruction of three film posters

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Task 4. research representation of disability in film

  1. 1. Red, blue and white represent that Forrest is a true American. White represents purity and innocence. Forrest is sitting by himself which shows he’s in his ‘own little world’ also this could represent that he’s looking for guidance maybe from Jenny or his ‘mumma’ The business case represents a sense of maturity and adult like behaviour. The bench that Forrest is sitting on represents that he is very lonely and has to fend for himself.
  2. 2. The colour orange suggests warmth yet danger. This represents the film because there is a lot of events where they are in danger due to disabled characters. The title is very sharp and looks like fire this could also represent danger and evilness. This film poster shows an view of “the village” this could be representing how the disabled character may look at the view. Including colours such as orange which represents danger. The hood of the character is red, red is associated with blood and danger. This also represents an anonymous character that may not be valued as they’re incapable of doing something. A disability that may be interpreted from the poster is a visual impairment as the view is orange and fuzzy allowing you to see this overview in the eyes of a visually impaired person. The film poster represents the inner darkness and evilness of predatory human existence.
  3. 3. The film poster has the colour blue and gold. Blue is associated with illness yet gold represents achievement and good things. The title of the film ‘HAWKING’ is coloured in Gold and is in capital letters with represents that the title is important and its an achievement that this film has been published. The pictures of Stephen represent disability such as him wearing glasses which is a visual impairment. The wheelchair also represents a form of disability. The light represents a sign of relief or happiness. The pictures of Stephen Hawking indicate the change in him from when he was a little boy to growing into a adult. The way that the wheelchair is sitting on top of a globe presents that he’s travelled somewhere for this relief and happiness such as Switzerland for Euthanasia/ assisted suicide.