Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential ...
Veg. De.lite® - Soya based frozen products.     Vegetarian Chicken            Vegetarian Seafood              Vegetarian P...
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SustainabilityIs Your Business Environmentally Aware?Kim Latham talks to Mohammed Angawi, Environment Manager of Tetra Pak...
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
Sial Middle East Preview
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Sial Middle East Preview


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In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Government, SIAL Middle East gathered F&B buyers, suppliers, investors, ministers, and industry experts for four main reasons:
•to develop export potential across the region for food and beverage products
•to initiate an integrated food policy for GCC countries
•to familiarise home-grown companies with global experiences and practices
•to introduce international food companies to a region hosting over 2 billion consumers
The result: the largest and best attended business event launched in Abu Dhabi last year.

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Sial Middle East Preview

  1. 1. Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs andChairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority 21-23 November 2011 www.sialme.com The World’s Largest Network of Professional Food Events Returns to Abu Dhabi Turkey The Nation’s Vital Contribution Nutrition Milk Products Gain Popularity Olive Oil Demand for Olive Oil Increases Strategic Partner Country of honour Platinum sponsor Diamond sponsor Gold sponsor
  2. 2. Veg. De.lite® - Soya based frozen products. Vegetarian Chicken Vegetarian Seafood Vegetarian Prawn Finger Sandwich Vegetarian Meat Vegetarian Squid Nuggets Salad Tempura Vegetarian Tuna Hamburger Ring No meat, fish, poultry or meat by products. � 100% vegetarian � 100% all natural � GMO Free � Low saturated fat � No preservatives � Low cholesterol � No added MSG HACCP, ISO 9001 - ISO 22000TouchEarth® Tea Seed Washing Liquid Tea The Seed Nature Fruit Tea Tea Seed Seed Saponin OilNatural Tea Seed Natural Tea Seed Detergent Natural Tea Seed Antibacterial Natural Tea Seed Essence coldDetergent for Dishes for Fruits & Vegetables Detergent for Clothes Wash for Personal Clothing Tea Seed Tea Enzyme Seed DregsMeet us at: Signature Marketing & General Trading LLCBooth C120, SIAL The Middle Eastern Food Exhibition, 21-23 November 2011 Tel: +971-4-3455884, Fax: +971-4-3455244, Email: smgc@eim.ae
  3. 3. Contents 28 14 30 26 Olive Oil with UAE Sales of olive oil continue to rise, says Anastasia Alleva 16 Talk 16 Xavier Terlet, CEO, XTC World Innovation, talks about the shift in Middle East consumer 28 Hot Topics9 Welcome Note preferences and what this means Abu Dhabi is to host Grocery @Fadi Saad, Group Exhibition for food producers SIAL Middle EastDirector of SIAL Middle East onwhat to expect at this year’s Abu 20 Exhibitor List 30 Photo GalleryDhabi show This year’s list of local and A look back at last year’s SIAL international exhibitors show10 Conference Programme 22 ConfectioneryYour ultimate guide to SIALMiddle East events and seminars Sweet Incentives - What’s next for 34 the UAE’s Confectionery Market?12 NewsThe latest news and industry 24 Sustainabilityupdates from around the globe Mohammed Angawi, Environment Manager of Tetra Pak, spells out14 Country Report the importance of sustainabilityTurkey targets 20 per cent annual in the Middle Eastincrease in bilateral food tradeSIAL is printed and produced by Al Nisr Publishing LLC: PO Box6519, Dubai, UAE. Tel +971 4 344 7100, Fax +971 4 344 9139/ 344 6515 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I
  4. 4. Welcome Note Fadi Saad,The Largest Network of Professional Group Exhibition Director, SIAL Middle EastFood Events Returns to Abu DhabiAfter being highly commended in the new food and beverage products and Not only that, the Africa and Middle‘Best Trade Exhibition’ category at the latest kitchen equipment from East semi-finals of the Global Chefsthe 2011 Middle East Event Awards over 40 countries. View the full Challenge and Hans Bueschkensand named as the largest and best exhibitor list in this publication. Young Chef Challenge will be takingattended business event launched in Don’t miss the Turkish Pavilion! place live at the show!Abu Dhabi last year, SIAL Middle East Determined in its efforts to increasehas fast become the region’s bilateral food trade with the UAE to Trends Innovationsdynamic event for the professional US$250 million by 2015, the Istanbul Observatoryfood industry. Chamber of Commerce has Whether for foodservice, retail, or the SIAL Middle East offers you a announced that 40 Turkish companies food industry, SIAL Middle East will bestrictly professional platform to will exhibit at SIAL Middle East. showcasing a selection of awardsource new food and drink products winning products from around thefrom across the globe, understand Industry seminars world including items never seenfood policy in the region, discover the Understand food policy in the region, before in the Middle East.latest consumer trends, and learn how discover the latest consumer trends,to grow your business. and learn how to grow your business Grocery @ SIAL Middle East There will be 12,000 other people through a series of free seminars. Do you own a grocery in Abu Dhabi?there. Don’t miss this important View the full programme in this Come and see a replica of a modernopportunity to make those vital publication. Baqala store and attend a series ofcontacts to keep your business ahead. free workshops to understand how to La Cuisine by SIAL grow your business, attract loyalWhat Can You Do at SIAL Middle See the world’s best chef’s in action! customers and finance anyEast? Organised by the Emirates Culinary modernisation you may need.International exhibitionSee thousands of brands fromhundreds of companies. The Guild of Abu Dhabi, La Cuisine by SIAL will showcase the talent of over 200 professional chefs as they compete One product from the Observatory will be named as overall winner during a dedicated awards ceremony Welcome...exhibition is your platform to source across a variety of disciplines. on November 21. Foreword by Fadi Saad, Group Exhibition Director, SIAL Middle East Join the Hosted Buyers The SIAL Group operate the largest can help expand or set up operations As you will see from the many other Programme network of professional food events in the Gulf region; the World features detailed on the following Are you food and beverage buyer for a in the world and I am personally Association of Chefs Societies has pages, there is a lot to see, and plenty foodservice or retail outlet? You could delighted to have worked alongside chosen SIAL Middle East as the of opportunities to do business and now get a chance to join our exciting the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority location of the Africa and Middle East build partnerships in the region. Hosted Buyers programme. Over 500 to bring this network to Abu Dhabi for semi-finals of the Global Chefs Whether you need to source food and pre-qualified buyers from all over the the second year in a row, and I must Challenge and Hans Bueschkens drink products for your business, try Middle East, Africa and Asia are being thank all of our partners for their Young Chef Challenge; innovative out the latest equipment, learn about brought to SIAL Middle East 2011 motivation in making SIAL Middle products will be recognised with the the latest retailing trends or specifically to find new food, beverage East the must-attend event for the arrival of the prestigious SIAL understand how to expand your and equipment products from all over region’s food industry. Innovation Award in the region for the business, there is something for the world. You can find out more at Named as the largest and best first time; and there will be the first everyone involved in the food, drink www.sialme.com attended B2B event launched in Abu dedicated trading platform for grocery and hospitality industries. And Dhabi in 2010, SIAL Middle East 2011 owners in the UAE. Store owners will remember that 70 per cent of our is set to break further records with a be able to see a replica of a modern exhibitors are coming to the region for Registration is free for number of new initiatives: The United Baqala store and attend a series of the first time. Nations Industrial Development free workshops to understand how to We sincerely hope that you enjoy pre-registered attendees. Organisation will be hosting a series of grow their business, attract loyal your time at SIAL Middle East and we Register for free today at business meetings to introduce food customers and meet suppliers who look forward to meeting you in Abu www.sialme.com businesses to potential investors who can support modernisations. Dhabi this November. I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I
  5. 5. Conference ProgrammeProgramme of Events 13:00 – 13:50 Opportunities for Middle Eastern companies and 11:45 – 12:05 Traceability and responsible sourcing to enhance food manufacturers on the international market security and sustainabilityYour Guide to SIAL Middle East Seminars Bjoern Kempe, Exhibition Director, SIAL China Beat Stettler, Head of Quality Management, Nestle Middle East Canada Agri office, DubaiMonday, November 21 14;25 – 14:40 12:10 – 12:3010:00 Potential of Vietnam seafood pangasius industry 13:55 – 14:15 Sustainable fishing – Import controls, traceability,Opening Ceremony of SIAL Middle East 2011 Dr. Nguyen Huu Dung, Vice Chairman, Vietnam Association of Exporter preparedness for FB companies. What do FB eco-labellingpresided over by Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) companies have to consider before exporting? Darren Hiltz, Project leader -sustainable fisheries, EWS-WWFPrime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and the Dr. Adeeb Al Afifi, Department of Economic Development, AbuChairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority 14:40 – 14:55 Regulations for seafood importing in UAE Dhabi 12:35 – 12:55 Examples of sustainable approaches in food business – RetailFood Retail Forum 14:55 – 15:15 Break Trends and Innovations and productionin association with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Industry 14:30 – 15:25 Brian Barriskill, CEO, Al Dahra Agricultural Company(ADCCI) 15:15 – 16:00 Questions and answers Worldwide perspective For SIAL Middle East 2011, XTC World Innovation will present the 12:55 – 13:1510:30 – 11:45 Grocery @ SIAL Middle East seminars major trends in matter of food innovation of the world: Food security and sustainability in the UAECurrent situation and prospects for food retail 16:00 – 16:30 • Facts and figures of food innovation in the world and in major Shashi Kumar Menon, COO, Al Ain Dairy• Current food retail environment in the region Successfully building and developing your small retail business continents Gain insight into the region’s main trends and forecasts • New insights, new trends, new flavours… 13:20 – 13:40 Speaker: Sana Toukan, Research Manager, Euromonitor 16:30 – 17:00 • Selection of drivers of innovation, illustrated by outstanding Green packaging International Financing and funding to grow your grocery store business examples Mohammed Angawi, Environment Manager, Tetra Pak Arabia• What are the main challenges in food retail in the year ahead? Speakers: Xavier Terlet, XTC World Innovation Speaker invited Nutrition and healthy food Tuesday, November 22 15:30 – 15:55 13:45 – 14:0512:00 – 12:45 Business and marketing Global private brand trends 2011 and beyond Challenge to eat healthy food in Arab Gulf CountriesFood prices – challenges and solutions 10:30 – 10:50 Steven DelGiorno, Vice President of Asia Operations, Daymon Dr Abdulrahman Musaiger, Chairman, Arab Centre for Nutrition,• Overview of global commodity prices, how they are impacting Setting up and growing a FMCG business in the UAE Worldwide Bahrain the region. Understanding the outlook and forecasts in the Yaseen Hasan, CEO Director, Sky Tower General Trading region to plan and safeguard your business Grocery @ SIAL Middle East seminars 14:10 – 14:30 Speaker: Abah Ofon, Soft Analyst, Standard Chartered Bank 10:55 – 11:15 17:00 – 17:30 Government’s role in promoting healthy eating Kitchen incubation Successfully building and developing your small Dr. Omniyat Al Hajeri, Department Manager of Non Communicable• Government agencies’ role and support Qussay Abdul Wahab, Business Counselor, Khalifa Fund retail business Disease, HAAD Speaker: Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection, Ministry of Economy 11:20 – 11:40 17:30 – 18:00 14:35 – 14:55 Private equity as a funding option for Middle East Financing and funding to grow your grocery store business Applying international nutrition recommendations to the local13:00 – 13:30 food companies market and requirementsFood import and export in the region Jonathan Hall, Managing Director, Mulverhill Associates Mohamed Mansour, MENA Regional Manager, GAIN – Global• Increase your knowledge of customs procedures and Wednesday, November 23 Alliance for Improved Nutrition challenges to ensure smooth distribution 11:45 – 12:05 Food security and sustainability• Briefing of the latest rules and regulations for food stuff Mega Food Parks in India 10:30 – 10:50 15:00 – 15:20• How to stay up to date on changing processes and regulations Siddharth Jain, Director, LMJ International Limited Global Food Crisis: Making sense of it’s past, present and Labelling and health claims – Rules and regulations in order to minimise the impact on your business future. How to feed 9 billion people? Mustafa Salama Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) 12:10 – 12:30 Sudhakar Tomar, Managing Director Hakan Agro DMCC andSeafood from Vietnam Fast growing organic food: How to meet consumers’ Honorary Chair (Communications), CICILS-IPTIC 15:25 – 15:4514:00 – 14:10 expectations and build a sustainable business The magic of healthy livingOpening Speech Simon Ferniot, Chairman, Biogroupe – Boco 10:55 – 11:40 Art De Maesschalck, Director Consumer Products – FHB, TheH.E. Tran Ngoc Thach, Ambassador of Vietnam in UAE Local and sustainable production to strengthen food Walt Disney Company – Emerging Markets 12:35 – 12:55 value chain14:10 – 14:25 From farm to fork – Assuring the quality and safety of food Peter Ensor, Planning Studies Section Manager, Farmers’ 15:45 – 16:00Introduction about the potential of UAE market Dr. Werner Nader, Managing Director, Eurofins Global Control Services Centre Abu Dhabi Yummy for my tummy – Making a difference, togetherMr. Ngo Khai Hoan, Consular GmbH Yael Mejia, founder, Baker Spice Seema Shetty, Founder and Managing Director, BiteRite10 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I 11
  6. 6. News Global Chefs GoAbu Dhabi Welcomes Consumer Products – What Head-to-Head inInternational Visitors Will be on Our Shelves in Middle East Challengeand Exhibitors to the Five Years Time? The Africa and Middle East semi- finals of The World Association ofCapital Around 50 per cent of food products Chefs Societies (WACS) Global Chefs Challenge and Hans manufactured in five years time must be Bueschkens Young ChefsUnder the patronage of Sheikh ‘created’, says food industry expert as Abu Mohammed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Challenge will he held in Abu DhabiMansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Dhabi hosts industry’s prestigious SIAL Director of Communications on the sidelines of this year’s SIAL and Community Services, AbuDeputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Middle East.Minister of Presidential Affairs and the Innovation Award. Dhabi Food Control Authority WACS, the Emirates CulinaryChairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Guild (ECG) and Turret MediaAuthority, SIAL Middle East is set to Shifting consumer preferences in the place in the Middle East for the first (organiser of SIAL Middle East)welcome thousands of international “The increasing demand for food processing companies, government Middle East calls for radical change in time, in Abu Dhabi, at SIAL Middle made the announcement in avisitors to the capital including 500 presents opportunity for bodies, importers, restaurant chains, the way regional food makers develop East. statement. Organised by ECG, thehand-picked FB buyers from the manufacturers to reach out to newer airlines, retailers and caterers. and market their products, said Xavier SIAL Group, the world’s largest competitions will be held at LaMENA region. markets,” Al Reyaysa said, highlighting Hussain Kenaan, General Manager Terlet, CEO of the global food industry network of professional food events, Cuisine by SIAL, the dedicated “The region is highly receptive to the emergence of numerous food of Tresor Trading and Contracting Co, consultants, XTC World Innovation. unveils consumer innovations and chefs` area at SIAL Middle East.global food industry trends, given its distribution channels, franchises, Kuwait – who attended SIAL Middle “Today’s consumers are looking at trends in the global food industry “SIAL Middle East and La Cuisineexpanding demographic profile and hypermarkets and restaurants East 2010 as a hosted buyer, said: “It the food products they buy from a through its Observatory. One top by SIAL provide an idealdiverse preferences,” said Mohammed which rely heavily on bulk imports is a great opportunity to network with whole new angle, Analyses of product from a range chosen by a jury environment for professional chefsJalal Al Reyaysa, Director of and branding. like-minded people in a more focused consumer food quality perception of independent professionals will be to network, interact, and exchangeCommunity Services and More than 12,000 trade visitors atmosphere. Personal contacts are many times indicate that health and finally selected for the prestigious information with their peers,” saidCommunications, Abu Dhabi Food from 80 countries are expected to very important to me. The food sensory considerations have equal SIAL Innovation Award. Alen Thong, Coordinator of theControl Authority. “The Hosted Buyers attend this year as the trade show will suppliers actually have the time to sit, weight. Moreover, convenience is a This year, SIAL Middle East`s Trends Emirates Culinary Guild.Programme will enable food host over 500 exhibitors and 16 talk, discuss, negotiate and finalise growing trend following the evolution of and Innovations Observatory will Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa,manufacturing companies to develop national pavilions from Turkey, Tunisia, deals with the buyers.” the way of life,” Terlet said. display 50 products chosen by the Director of Communication export potential and reach Argentina, Korea, China, Taiwan, Iran, He added, “The challenge for respective juries of SIAL Paris, SIAL Community Service, Abu Dhabiout to the vibrant Middle East and France, Italy, Poland, Vietnam, Identifying key trends manufacturers is to stay ahead of the China and SIAL Canada – including 10 Food Control Authority and theAfrican market.” Thailand, United Kingdom, United “SIAL Middle East identifies key curve. Technological innovation is innovative food products from the Chairman of the Higher Organising States, Egypt and the UAE will show strengths that can be enhanced and important for the region’s food sector Middle East for the first time. These Committee for SIAL Middle East,Reaching out to newer markets off their products.“At SIAL Middle areas that might be improved to to face the challenge and exploit the products will compete for the award. said: “As a regulatory bodyThe population in the Middle East is East, trade professionals and buyers further the economic and competitive opportunities it offers by adding value overseeing the food industry in theexpected to reach 437 million by will be able to source an array of food potential of the regional food industry and differentiating products.” Creating an important showcase emirate, we believe that events2050, a 54 per cent increase from 284 products and services, some of them against the international benchmarks,” Terlet has been named as President Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of such as these play a vital role inmillion in 2010. According to Alpen never seen before in the region,” Al Al Reyaysa further said. of the judging panel for the SIAL Communications and Community raising the standards of culinaryCapital’s recent report on GCC food Reyaysa added. The programme will also introduce Innovation Award, which will take Services, Abu Dhabi Food Control excellence.”industry, the total population of the In cooperation with Abu Dhabi Food the food buyers to 50 most innovative Authority believes the award creates an Chefs from the Africa and theGCC region increased at an annual Control Authority, last year SIAL winning products from around the important showcase for trends and Middle East will contest in Abuaverage rate of 3.3 per cent compared Middle East hosted 329 key buyers world that will be displayed at the innovations shaping the future of food Dhabi to prepare a three-courseto the global average of 1.1 per cent from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Trends and Innovations Observatory production and consumption, meal for eight people. Each courseover 2000–10. By 2020, the Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and during the show. These products are especially in the Middle East where must contain a key ingredient that Xavier Terlet,population in the GCC region is likely Jordan. Business deals worth US $ selected by innovation and food CEO, XTC obesity rates and diabetes is a major will be made known to contestantsto grow by 10 million. 250 million (Dh 937 million) were experts during various global SIAL World concern. “Consequently, healthier and two months prior to the contest. A Innovation With this increase, the food inked, marking a significant leap for editions in Paris, China, Canada and distinguished products that promote jury of expert chefs will rate theconsumption will reach 51.5 million the food industry in the region. next to come Brazil. consumers’ welfare are expected to meals and award points againsttonnes by 2015, growing at a In response to the increase in The major trends and innovations gain attraction,” Al Reyaysa said. four criteria: taste, presentation,Compound Annual Growth Rate inquiries for participation and are set to include fusion, exotic Food manufacturing companies preparation and hygiene standards.(CAGR) of 4.6 per cent over the period dedicated exhibitor bookings, the ingredients, allergen-free food, can submit their entries electronically Winners will then vie for theof 2011-15, while the food consumption number of food buyers has increased real-time point-of-sale acquisition of through the webpage of the Trends prestigious gold cup at the finals inper capita will increase at a CAGR of 2.1 to 500, this year. These include food information and ‘chef-at- home` and Innovation Observatory within the South Korea in May 2012.per cent over the period of 2011-15. decision making purchasers from food cooking products. SIAL Middle East official website.12 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I 13
  7. 7. Country Report region,” says Dr.Yalçınta. “Turkey will become a safe address for foreign investors, a key ally for its Arab friends and the right choice for economic cooperation in the food sector,” he emphasised. Part of the SIAL Group of international events, SIAL Middle East is part of the world’s largest network of professional food events. Held annually, under strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, the event brings together professionals involved in buying and selling food products, services and equipment in addition to the latest innovations in the food industry. More than 12,000 trade visitors from 80 countries are expected toTurkey targets 20 per cent annual billion, representing a 50 per cent increase compared to the same exports, the ICOC has doubled the size of the Turkish national pavilion at attend this year as the trade show will host over 500 exhibitors and 15increase in bilateral food trade with UAE period in 2010, according to the latest SIAL Middle East 2011, bringing in national pavilions from Turkey, trade report released by the ICOC. more than 40 exhibitors to develop Argentina, Korea, China, Taiwan, Trade data indicated that food new ways of cooperation with the UAE France, Italy, Poland, Vietnam,The total trade volume between “The ICOC stated that they were Yalcintas, President of the Executive exports from Turkey to the UAE during and the Middle East region. Thailand, United Kingdom, UnitedTurkey and the UAE during Q1 2011 aiming for a 20 per cent increase in Board, Istanbul Chamber of this period was valued at US$32 “Our participation at SIAL Middle States, Egypt and the UAE. The(January – March) stood at over food trade between Turkey and the Commerce, says. million. The total food export in the East will open the way to more pavilions will feature internationalUS$1.3 billion, according to the latest UAE. This will bring bilateral food trade The total trade volume between year 2010 reached US$103 million. effective partnerships between companies showcasing food productstrade report released by the Istanbul between the two countries to US$250 Turkey and the UAE during Q1 2011 Determined in its efforts to broaden Turkish food companies and and services, some of them neverChamber of Commerce (ICOC). million by the year 2015”, Dr. Murat (January – March) stood over US$1.3 and expand the country’s food companies from the UAE and the seen before in the region.14 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I 15
  8. 8. Talk “Blessing from the heavens:Tide of ChangeKim Latham talks to Xavier Terlet, CEO, XTC World Innovation, on the shift in consumer preference Quality, good health and great taste.”Who says there is a shift in consumerpreference? Why is this and why doyou think it’s happening now?There are always shifts in consumerbehaviour. These shifts happenaccording to consumer expectationsthat change regarding a new way oflife, the producer, new foodpropositions, etc. May be actually theperiod is more favourable right nowfor food makers. Middle Eastconsumers and especially womenwant more convenience products andproducts with healthy benefits. Theconsumer wants products that areeasy to handle, easy to prepare,nomadic products, and also productswith some health guarantees. This ishappening now due to changinglifestyles, busy lifestyles – consumers promise. I think that in addition to thenow rely more on manufacturers to pleasure, health and convenience, weprovide them with healthy and can expect strong ecologicalnutritional foods that are convenient developments in the Middle East. Thesimply because they don’t have a lot pleasure of consuming depends onof time to do this themselves. the environment, so preserving and enhancing the natural environmentWhat do regional food makers say/ and bringing this out in the foods thatthink about this – do you have consumers eat is paramount.feedback?I have no real feedback, but I would What are the benefits to yoursay there is a big potential for regional company of attending SIAL?food makers to drive food innovation XTC is the Innovation consultant forand take a lead now in the SIAL events all over the world. I attendmanufacturing of convenient health to discover a lot of innovationsfoods. They have a unique opportunity adapted for the Middle Eastto wrestle away market dominance consumer! What is your message to visitors?from multinational organisations. I think the largest challenge for the Middle East food industry is leadingWhat kind of technological Innovation – to be able to respond toinnovations can we expect in the new consumer expectations andfuture? having an autonomous supply chain.Regarding food, an increase of more Today, western products haveconvenience products, Time saving seduced the market. The challenge isproducts that are more easy to therefore for local producers andmanipulate, to handle, nomadic manufacturers to be innovative in theproducts, etc. There is also a same way or even more so than theprogression of products with a health large foreign multinationals.16 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 Al Barakah Dates Factory, P.O. Box 55961 Dubai - UAE, Tel: +9714 8848293, Fax +9714 8848294, Email: info@albarakahdatesfactory.com www.albarakahdatesfactory.com
  9. 9. Exhibitor ListIntroducing the exhibitors at SIAL Middle East Helix International Kitchen Factory Hido Gida Imalat San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Horeca Trade L.L.C. Maeil Dairy Industry Co., Ltd Mahir Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S. (Koska Helvacisi) Rose poultry Royal Horizon Sadia Vitamax Food Beverages (Fujian) Vit’s West Food Group B.V.SIAL Middle East is your chance to source the new food and beverage products that your customers want Hospitality News Middle East Mamsan Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S. Sahra Ruby Co. www.hozpitality.com Hot Coffee Mani Foods Salwa Foods Inc. Xiamen Choice Harvest Imp Expin 2012, as well as the latest kitchen equipment, from a truly international line-up of major brands. Huiyuan International Commerce Mara Sara Food Group Co.,Ltd. Exhibition Co. Ltd Marine Bioprocess Co., Ltd. Saudi Pan Gulf Co. Ltd. Xiamen Good Fortune Foods Co.,The exhibition will include national pavilions from: Xiamen Pak Shing Imp Exp Hung Vuong Corp. Market Solutions Group LLC Sayin Kimya Cevre Insaat Gida San. Argentina Iran South Korea Vietnam Hunter Foods Limited FZCO Martellato S.R.L. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Co.,Ltd. China Italy Taiwan UAE Imex USA Pavilon Management Inc Mashad Int Exhibition .Co. Seyidoglu Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S. Xiangshan South Aquatic Food Egypt Pakistan Thailand UK India Gate Maskeliya Tea Gardens Shan Co.,Ltd France Poland Tunisia USA Intellectual Capital Arabia Master Oats Shandong Wonderful International Yorsan Gida Mamulleri San. Ve Tic. Intelligent Foods LLC Maysa Gida San. Tic. A.S. Trade Co. Ltd Zargarzadeh Commercial Co. Interbrown Korea Co., Ltd Melbourne Cheese Shengzhou City Dapeng Tea co.,ltd ZEONS Global Inc.Exhibitors include: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Melda SIAL Group Zheijang Green Crystal Flavor Co.,3E Endustriyel Elektrik Elektronik Badia Spices Inc. Cobanpinar Dogal Kaynak Suyu Food Manufacturing Journal Middle ITP Business Publications Midamar Corporation Signature Marketing General Zheijang Vegetables Basket FoodMakine San. Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. Baktat Gida A.S. Paz. Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. East JBS Middle East Food Trading LLC Co., LtdA. T. P. Co. Ltd Balarisi Gida San. Tic. A.S. Crescent International (PVT) Ltd Food N Hospitality Jenaan Investment Mission Foods Smart Beverage Zhejiang Chenyun Industrial Co.,LtdAbu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company Baoding Queenlike Company Ltd Daesang Corp. Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal Jilin Pinno Thin Biology MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Smart Beverage Austria Zhejiang Dashan Import and ExportAcomfish Barakat Danone Hayat Icecek ve Gida San. Food Service Europe Middle East Technology Co., Ltd. Neubauer GmbH Co Snack Crops Trade Co.,LtdAdvanta Intertrade Co., Ltd BASF Construction Chemicals Ve Tic. A.S. FOODCO Holding P.J.S.C. Jingning Changjin Fruits Co., Ltd Muratbey Gida ve Sut Ur. Paz. San. SOPEXA Zhejiang E.C.S Foods Co.,LtdAgrarian Holding Avangard Batterjee Ice Cream Juice Factory Dat Schaub Foremost Farms USA Jining De-Rain Trading Ltd ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Southern United States Trade Zhejiang Native Produce AnimalAgthia Group Beijing Kaida Hengye Agriculture Di Costa S.P.A. France Trading Int’l Cie Jiuquan West Agriculture Science Mydibel Association (SUSTA) By-Products I/E group Co.,LtdAhcof Industrial Development Co., Technology Co.,LTd Discover Puerto Rico Frangosul and Technology Co.,ltd. National Food Products Co. LLC Southvina Zhejiang Songyou Foods Co.,LtdAJC Intl Beijing Lansing Century Exhibition Dotaseafood Freddi Colciaria S.P.A. Jose Maria Lazara S.A. National Olive Oil Board of Tunisia Spomlek Zhejiang Tea Group Co.,LtdAksu Vital Dogal Urunler Gida San. Beijing YinQiCheng Interantional Double Horse Fresco Kadooglu Yag San. Ve Tic. A.S. Naturfoods SQB SDN BHD Zhejiang Time’s Int. LTDVe Tic. A.S. Exhibition Co.Ltd Doux Fujian Tongfa Foods Group Co., Ltd. Kara Co. Neshan Shargh Trading Co. Sun East Foods Co., Ltd Zhejiang Wuyi Tea Industry Co.,LtdAl Ain Dairy Besim Makina San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Dubai Cola Company Fumei Industry Kartal Gida San. ve Tic. A.S. New Concept Product Co., Ltd Sunnyland USA, Inc. Zhoushan Mountain Spring SomkeAl Ambra Best Ground International Ebia Fundacion Exportar ( Argentina KDD Ningbo Jinteng Bee Co.,Ltd SYS System Filtration GmbH Food Co.,LtdAl Ameer Olive Oil Beta AVM Ins. Gida Tur. Yat. San. Ve EGFCO (Rizhao Evergreen Pavilion ) Government Kendy Ltd NingboWuzhouxing Group Co.,Ltd Taiwan Vegetables Fruits Exporter Zhoushan Zaohai Aquatic Co.,LtdAl Barakah Dates Dis Tic. A.S. Foodstuffs Co.) Ganghwa Red Ginseng Kera Gold Ocean Fisheries Bureau of AssociationAl Dahra Agricultural Company Biendong Seafood Ektas Tarim Urunleri Endustri ve Tic. Gansu Zhongshida International Keskinoglu Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. 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Food Business Gulf Middle East Hangzhou Landbridge Trading Co., M K Overseas RexGen Biotech Co., Ltd. Vasep Company Royal CulimerBaboonuts (Thailand) Co,. Ltd CL Panga Fish Corp. Food Export - Northeast Healthy Food Products Co., Ltd M.R.S. Packaging Food Service Rizhao Hengrui Economy Trade Vital Sensus, LLC Universal Marketing20 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I 21
  10. 10. Confectionery first nine months of 2010, when they confectionery the ideal treat for lower- gum is growing rapidly thanks to rising reached Dh350.6 billion (around income consumers who can rarely awareness of its oral health properties US$97.3 billion) in September 2010. afford more expensive chocolate among middle-class consumers. Non-energy exports (excluding re- snacks. Conversely, concerns about Retail value sales of functional gum exported goods) saw a remarkable oral health among middle-class rose by 19 per cent in 2010, compared leap of 39 per cent to reach Dh61.8 consumers and a decline in the with the 20 per cent registered the billion (around US$17 billion) for the number of expatriates hampered previous year. Sugarised gum, first nine-month period of 2010. stronger growth of both value and however, continued to be the most volume sales in 2010. important category within gum, Demographic Environment Retail value sales of gum reached accounting for 65 per cent of retail One key factor behind the sustained US$9 million in the year 2010, six per value sales in 2010. Sugarised gum is expansion of confectionery sales in cent up compared to the previous particularly popular among lower- the United Arab Emirates is the year. Per capita expenditure continues income consumers. The latter are less country’s relatively high birth rate. to be relatively low at US$2 per aware of the health benefits of According to Euromonitor person, according to Euromonitor functional formats and generally opt International’s Countries International’s estimates. for the cheapest types of indulgence Consumers database, the birth rate Interestingly, demand for functional products. stood at 14.6 per 1,000 inhabitants in 2010, compared with an average of 11.5 in Western Europe and 13.3 in North America. Despite this high birth rate, current government efforts are resulting in a moderate reversal of the perception of sugar confectionery, which is increasinglySweet Incentives – What’s Next for the regarded as a factor contributing to childhood obesity.UAE’s Confectionery Market? Market Performance Chocolate confectionery sales grew by 12 per cent in current value termsFrancisco Redruello, Euromonitor International’s Senior Foods Analyst in 2010 to reach US$222 million. In volume terms, sales grew by nine per Confectionery retail value sales in the prices. In 2010, international oil prices cent, compared with the eight per United Arab Emirates rose by 11 per increased by around 20 per cent, cent increase recorded the previous cent in 2010 to total US$268 million. according to IMF statistics year. This moderate slowdown in While economic recovery, fuelled by Interestingly, oil accounted for around growth stems from increasing stronger exports, is having a positive 50 per cent of the United Arab concerns about obesity among impact on demand for these Emirates’ exports in 2008, when middle-class consumers in urban products, increasing health concerns global oil prices reached a peak. areas, who are turning their attention are hampering the growth of in larger numbers towards less categories targeting children, Trading Environment calorific snacks. particularly sugar confectionery. Statistical data recently released by Sugar confectionery sales grew by the United Arab Emirates Federal seven per cent in current value terms Economic Environment Customs Authority FCA confirmed in 2010 – a marginal improvement on Real GDP growth stood at 2.4 per cent that the total volume of non-oil foreign 2009’s performance – with sales in 2010, reversing the three per cent trade for the same period jumped to reaching US$36 million. Demand for decline registered the previous year, Dh540.5 billion (around US$150 sugar confectionery products according to Euromonitor billion) from Dh486.4 billion (around benefited from the fact that around 50 International’s Countries US$135 billion) the previous year. per cent of the population in the Consumers database. This growth Preliminary statistical data for United Arab Emirates is under 25 was underpinned, among other September 2010 reflected a five per years of age. Furthermore, its factors, by an increase in energy cent increase in imports during the relatively low unit price makes sugar22 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011 I 23
  11. 11. SustainabilityIs Your Business Environmentally Aware?Kim Latham talks to Mohammed Angawi, Environment Manager of Tetra Pak, to findout the importance of sustainability in the Middle East. In the greater Middle East region, ourHow important is it to consumers main objective is to reach a recyclingthat packing etc is environmentally rate of 21.9 per cent, up from 19 persound? Do you think this affects cent this year, by acting as facilitatorwhether a consumer purchases a amongst investors in recyclingproduct or not? technology, the waste managementConsumers are becoming more aware sector, and government andof the environmental profile of community bodies.products they purchase. Knowing howthe product came to be and its effects What have you achieved in 2011?on the environment are important. This We saw increased recycling of ourincludes packaging. Some parts of the beverage cartons in several countriesworld have a longer history of this type in the region, especially Saudi Arabia,of consumer awareness, and the Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. This hasMiddle East is seeing a positive trend in been achieved through a continuedthis regard. focus on the sustainability of the recycling system; bringing out theIf sustainability is such a huge “One of Tetra Pak’s goals value in used beverage cartons forconcern why aren’t other major is to develop sustainable entrepreneurs and establishedcompanies producing products. We are working recycling facilities. Our cartons areenvironmentally sound packing etc? on the development of a not recycled back into the foodIs it more expensive? industry, but used to make differentIt is in the interest of companies to look package made from 100 products for the paper and plasticsat the environmental aspects of their per cent renewable industries, along with new andoperations, not just for reasons of material. We also plan to innovative products withconservation, but for business cap our greenhouse gas technologies that use the entiresustainability, too. Good environmental emissions across the value content of the carton.performance usually means good chain at 2010 levels bybusiness. 2020.” Tell us about one of your innovative projects?Are your customers aware of the What do you hope to achieve at this One of Tetra Pak’s goals is to developimportance of sustainability when year’s SIAL Middle East and what is sustainable products. We are workingthey come to you? Or do you educate your message to visitors? on the development of a packagethem? Tetra Pak has recently launched made from 100 per cent renewableI believe it’s a reciprocal process. We ambitious plans to improve on its material. We also plan to cap ourlearn from each other and share environmental performance beyond greenhouse gas emissions across theexperiences and that’s what helps us what it has already achieved. For value chain at 2010 levels by 2020both to confidently take steps to example, our objective is to increase despite business growth.improve our environmental the recycling rate of our packagesperformance together. worldwide from about 21 per cent now Why is Social Responsibility so to 40 per cent by 2020. We hope to important to Tetra Pak?What are the benefits of an exhibition engage our audience and convey to Our motto is: Protects What’s Good.like SIAL for you as a company? them that good environmental This does not only refer to ourIt’s a great opportunity to share ideas performance means good business, for customers’ products, but also to theand create a network of like-minded us, our customer, and consumers. communities in which we work and tocompanies and individuals. Being the planet we all share. Socialsurrounded by good food is always a What are your company goals for responsibility is, therefore, an integralplus, too. 2012? part of our core values as a company.24 I SIAL Middle East: 21-23 November 2011