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3 executive summary


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3 executive summary

  1. 1. Executive Summary Vision / Mission In 2013 , 3-D Chess Inc. was created to bring the world chess communities together in a dynamic way, in order to share some of the insights of the New Age Futuristic Chess games. The games of 3-D chess is a new phenomenon of the classical conventional chess that entails the art of intuitive deception, the prognosis of skillful tactical strategic logistics and the holistic virtues of patience and humility against insurmountable odds of an opponent's dominating prowess. The games provides better insights into human psychology , especially when under breaking psychological strains to win , human behavior and the signs of human body languages since this game primarily is a game of intense psychological warfare. Overall, our company can be characterized as a high quality manufacturer of the 3-D Chess game business. Our purpose is to provide high quality chess models that will eventually replace the conventional game board of classical chess. We intend to produce and distribute the 3-D Chess game model world-wide on the international market with viral tools that are at our disposal. The 3-D Chess games connects to various structural chess game models however, the concepts of play are basically the same. Advance Logistic Thinkers of chess will truly appreciate the true value and nature of our company and the incentives for better business management which our company has to offer to each respective clients. We treat each client on an individual basis with an open mind and a sincere heart especially knowing that each client come to us with a need which needs to be fulfilled. We intend to be the first company in the History of the Gaming World to manufacture and distribute the first and best a high quality 3-D chess game model nationwide and internationally which our clients need and deserve. We intend to fulfill the needs of Chess Players whom may be Beginners or Advance Players by providing the Game Model and the manual ( the book is sold independently from the model due to the logistics problems of production, manufacturing, storage and distribution ) . We want to provide our clients with the gaming attention and advice which they demand and need. For many years people have become bored with the classical games of conventional chess which has resulted in the creation of an explosion of uninteresting low quality viral computer games that do not match the quality of play that comes with the territory domain of chess. They lacked the intellectual stimulation which the games of 3-Dimensional Chess provides. The games of 3-D Chess may be self taught through the unique 3-D chess books which I have published or through 3-D Chess Lessons catering services which may be provided.
  2. 2. The "state of the art"/condition of the industry today is such that there is a need to make chess games more sophisticated especially in this age of computerization and automation. There is nowhere on this planet and in the history of Gaming that the space-age games of 3-D chess is being used , thus making the 3-D chess games unique and the very first of its kind. Eventually I intend to build a 3-D Chess application that may used on hand held devices world-wide as the game become ubiquitous. We have just completed the design , development , testing and introduction of 3-D Model and Manual ( Book ) and offer Lessons to individuals, groups and Corporations. The legal form of 3-D Chess Inc. is Limited Partnership , located on 5730 Dogwood Street, San Bernardino, Ca. 92404. The choice of form is limited since this is a start-up company and we would like to keep our risks to a minimum. By 2015 our operation will be producing $1 million asset worth of 3-D Chess games models, and will operate at a profitable margin. Revenue projected for fiscal year 2015 without internal funding is expected to be $100,000. Annual growth is projected to be 10% per year through 2018. Now, 3-D Chess Inc. is at a point where it needs funding to begin operating. We have no competitors since we are the only Advanced 3-D Chess Industry under the sun in existence. Objectives: Revenue projected for fiscal year 2014 without external funding is expected to be $100,000. Annual growth is projected to be 10% per year through 2018. We feel that within 5 years 3-D Chess Inc. will be in a suitable position for further expansion and or profitable acquisition. Our objective, at this time, is to propel the company into a prominent market position.
  3. 3. Capital Requirements According to the opportunities and requirements for 3-D Chess, Inc. described in this business plan, and based on what we feel are sound business assumptions, our initial capital requirements are for $ 50 k by September, 2013. To accomplish this goal we have developed a comprehensive plan to intensify and accelerate our marketing and sales activities, product development, services expansion, engineering, distribution and customer service. To implement our plans we require an initial investment totaling $50k for the following purposes: 1. Ramp up production and inventory to meet customer demands. 2. Maximize sales with an extensive campaign to promote our products / services. 3. Add retail outlets, regional marketing / sales offices, print a direct-mail catalog. 4. Reinforce Customer Support services to handle the increased demands created by the influx of new orders and broader coverage of existing accounts. 5. Augment company staff to support and sustain prolonged growth under the new marketing plan. 6. Increase Research and Development to create additional follow-on products as well as to further fine-tune our competitive advantages. We anticipate additional investment requirements of $10k and $10k in 6 months and 10k to allow us to increase production capacities to meet market demand. Management Team Our management team consists of men and women whose backgrounds consist of 10 years of marketing with Board Game Manufacturing, Inc., and 7 years of corporate development with Board Game Manufacturing. Our management team also includes men and women with 7 years of engineering and design with Board Game Manufacturing, Inc., a chief financial officer with 8 years of accounting, administrative, merger and acquisition, banking experience with Board Game Manufacturing, Inc.
  4. 4. In-House Management Siafa B. Neal, President Anna B. Neal, Vice President of Marketing Michael Spahitz, Vice President of Sales Nancy Lord, Vice President of Finance Richard Miller, Vice President of R&D Kawi V. Neal, Vice President of Operations Thelma C. Neal, Controller Outside Management Support project basis John Thomas, Accountant / CPA Susan Bane, Corporate Attorney Mary Whitman, Business Consultant Additionally, our outside management provide tremendous support for management decisions and creativity. Product Strategy Current Product 3-Dimension Chess Inc. currently offers 3-D chess games products: 1. The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model 2. The Star Fish Model 3. The Latitudinal Star Gate Model 4. Autonomous Neutral Terrain ( A.N.T. ) Model 5. The Acquarious Series 6. C./C.C./ KOM 7. C./C.C/KOM Extension-2 8. Sea Hawk The Star Fish Model, our principal product, consists of the Board Game and Manual. Overall our existing product line is at the introductory stage. Our product technology consists of Board game assembly.
  5. 5. Research and Development In response to demonstrated needs of our market, the new 3-D Chess Board Games and Lessons services are being developed to include the Models, the Manual, and the Catering Lesson services. These new products and services are especially useful to chess players who may be Beginners , Intermediaries, Semi-Professionals and Professionals who can now easily play the games with ease. Launches are planned for November 2013 and February, 2014. In addition to our existing products and services we have developed and plan to introduce the Longitudinal Star Gate Model 14 and is especially useful to chess players who can now easily play the 3-D Games. Other services include the publication and distributions of the 3-D Chess Books. Production and Delivery The key factors in our production or service delivery include the 3-D Chess games. Our current product is produced at 1620 Tamara Court, Pahrump, Nevada 89048 and by the publishing company whose e-address is : Because of the lack of space, our future facility will need to expand or move . Our biggest advantage is the distribution of the publication material. Market Analysis Market Definition The retail market is growing rapidly. The market for these products amounted to $1 million in 2015–representing a 10% growth over $5 million in 2018. According to the industry report , the overall market for the Gaming industry worldwide and nationwide is projected to be $10 billion by the end of 2020. The area of biggest growth in the Gaming market is in the area of "cyber space". Currently, the market distribution is shared by few participants, with Toys R Us considered as the market leader. In the next 2 to 3 years it is estimated that there will be more than 1 million of 3-D Chess games distributed by 3-D Chess Inc.. The market potential for 3-D Chess Boards in these quantities – with a current retail price of $300.00 per unit – is approximately $5 million. This translates to 3-D Chess Inc.'s market share of 10% of the overall market by 2018.
  6. 6. Customer Profile 3-D Chess Inc.'s target market includes chess Players and Gamers who may be Beginners or Professionals. The typical customer of our products is someone who is in the Video Gaming field, and who currently uses chess games for fun and entertainment. Our customers will likely be gamers. Chess is an international game that is played world wide. Our products and services are unique and a one-of-a-kind. Advertising is the best way to educate our clients about our products. For example by Radio, by the newspapers, the internet through the social medias that are available. A partial list of customers includes: Readers who are interested in the Gaming World of chess world-wide. Competition There are no competitors to this new market. Compared to competitive products or the closest product available today our products and services are unique. The ability to manufacture and publish is a capability unique to 3-D Chess Inc.'s products and services. Our strategy for meeting and or dominating the competition is lower prices, bigger and better games and our unique selling proposition. Risk The top business risks that 3-D Chess Inc. faces as it begins to enter and or expand in the Gaming market are: Slow production, manufacturing, distribution storage , labeling, assembly and Patent and Trade-mark fees. An environmental risk that may cause some concern is choke hazard to unattended children.
  7. 7. Marketing Plan Responses from customers indicate that our product and service will enjoy an excellent reputation and we fully intend to continue this trend. Inquiries from prospective customers suggest that there will be considerable demand for it. Relationships with leading OEMs (Original Equipment Mfgs.), retailers, Fortune 500/1,000 companies, major accounts, manufacturers and distributors substantiate the fitness of 3-D Chess Inc. for considerable growth and accomplishment in our industry and area. 3-D Chess Inc.'s marketing strategy is to aggressively enhance, promote and support the fact that our products is the first and only Advance 3-D Matrix Vector Chess gaming product available on the market today. Sales Strategy Because of 3-D Chess's special market characteristics as mentioned in your Market Analysis section, our sales strategy includes : appeal to walk-in retail customers, reaching executive by direct mail, demonstrating our products at public facilities. Distribution Channels 3-D Chess Inc.'s marketing strategy incorporates plans to sell our 3-D Chess Games Model through several channels: (1 ). Via the internet through the social medias (2) Via the radio (3) via the newspapers (4 ) through the publication of books The determining factors in choosing these channels are the availability of monetary resources. Our mix of distribution channels will give us the advantages of : production, manufacturing and distribution over our competition. A partial list of 3-D Chess Inc.'s major current distributors and or retailers includes: 1. Outskirts Press Inc. 2. Board Game Manufacturing
  8. 8. Advertising and Promotion Our advertising and promotion strategy is to position 3-D Chess Inc. as the leading manufacturer , service provider and distributor in the market. We will utilize the following media and methods to drive our message home to our customers: 1. classified ads 2. color catalog 3. publication of books and manuals 4. Radio 5. the internet through social medias and networking For the next 2 years, advertising and promotion will require $25k which is the figure about 10% to 20 % of sales for the 25 k the first year, depending on the industry marketing index. On an ongoing basis we will budget our advertising investment as 10% of total sales. Public Relations During 2014, 3-D Chess Inc. will focus on the following publicity strategies: the publication of the 3-D Chess books, advertising by the newspapers and by radio. We will track, wherever possible, the incremental revenue generated from our advertising, promotion and publicity efforts. We anticipate at least $75k of sales will be generated directly from our promotions, and possibly an additional $50k of indirect increase in sales through our various channels. Financial Plan The increase in profits generated by 3-D Chess Inc. will allow us to have the funds to repay the loan in 2 years. Conclusion 3-D Chess Inc. enjoys an established track-record of excellent support / service for our customers. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances and growth in the Gaming marketplace with more unique and effective products and or services. We treat our customers with open arms ,an open mind and a sincere heart. We feel that our clients are always right and have gaming and entertainment needs that needs to be met.