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Why we work Late Hours


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If estimates are accurate, how come there is always a crunch and long hours are required to complete work.

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Why we work Late Hours

  1. Why do we end up working long hours? The Hockey Stick
  2. Theoretical Work Estimate <ul><li>Assume an Expert has identified that a typical developer would complete work in 160 hrs. </li></ul><ul><li>Assume that each developer puts in 8 hrs of productive work in a day </li></ul><ul><li>The theoretical work progression would be something like the attached </li></ul>Are we not supposed to get weekends off?
  3. Theoretical Work Estimate <ul><li>What about the obligatory national holiday? </li></ul><ul><li>And what about the family emergency that needs me to take off? </li></ul>That is why we have some contingency time baked in WEEKEND WEEKEND WEEKEND
  4. Final Work Estimate WEEKEND WEEKEND WEEKEND WEEKEND And we tell the customer we will take 32 days instead of the 20 we estimated
  5. Lets Look at it again… Theoretical Final We ain’t no Robots
  6. Planned Work Progress Trendline Without Contingency With Contingency
  7. New Technology – Learning Time Planned Trend line Transition Time Learning Curve
  8. To Catch Up… Planned Trend line Learning Curve
  9. Not a stretch yet, Possible with Eight Hour Days Planned Trend line Learning Curve Trend line accounting for learning time
  10. But, we Just Got out of another Fire Fight… Planned Trendline Why not go slow for some time
  11. We Just Got out of another Fire Fight… Planned Trendline We can go slow for some time After all we are no strangers to 10 hour days We should still be able to catch up
  12. Ugh… Oh!!! Planned Trendline Life Happens !!!
  13. How do we catch up? Planned Trendline 12 hr days including weekends
  14. Planned Vs. Actual Work Progress The Hockey Stick
  15. Thank You