Uses and Gratification of Newspapers


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Uses and Gratification of Newspapers

  1. 1. Blumler & Katz (1974) Two researchers attempted to discover what it is about different media outlets which make them successful and popular. They came up with 5points which they believed any media product needs to give an audience. Education/Information: Keep up to date with what’s happening in the world. Learn about things we do not know and to keep informed. A high percentage in tabloids are about sport, showbiz and celebrities. Entertainment: Stories in papers can be funny, and often about things that interest us i.e: horoscopes, cartoons, crosswords and puzzles which are for entertainment. Social Interaction: We talk to people about what’s happened in papers, showing them stories ‘HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?’ If we know what’s happening in the world we can join in conversation & discussion. Escape: While reading about other people & events we’re taken out of our day to day concerns for a while so they provide an escape like TV. Identification: When we read about other people and what’s happening. We often put ourselves in their place and imagine what it’s like to have the same thing happen to us. This makes us more involved and interested in a story.
  2. 2. Social Interaction: we will talk about this story to Entertainment: others and show them Events that are taking place.Information as to what is happening within thearea and keep up to date. Information about the elections and Escape: We’re reading campaigners. about people and events so we’re taken out of ourday to day lives for a while Social: We’ll talk about the elections occurring. Social: It’s our Social Interaction: borough so there Causes us to talk about the would be some story especially if we have an interest in musicdiscussion periods.
  3. 3. Information: About Identification: what happened within Putting ourselves our area. at risk like those in the stories.Information: up to date with Entertainme what’s nt: Those happening. interested in politics.Identifcation: We as a Social borough put interaction: Aourselves into story to talk about with our their shoes fellow peers to let them know too. Information: letting Information: we are up us know what the to date with the latest stories happening borough our doing. around the area
  4. 4. Identification: Escape: We put reading ourselves in about people his shoes and & events, relate. takes us away from day to day lives.Information: we are informed what is Information: happening. We are informed about other stories within the area. Social interaction: we would Entertainment: Social Network talk about this story to let to get the people involved and others now what’s happened entertained.