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Poster main


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Poster main

  1. 1. Annotation of 2 posters
  2. 2. Clearly stating thenewspaper companyso it makes it easyfor the audience tointerpret and it givesthe newspapercompany more valuebecause it isaddressing itselfwith a famous figureFamous figure to attract attention of potentialreaders also to build excitement. In addition,bringing emphasis to the quote because it’scoming from an elite individual whichemphasizes the superiority of the associatednewspaper.Catchy slogans/strap-lines are used as thenewspaper company to show association andmake it look presentable as well givingthemselves a chance to attract the readersattention.Big bold statement, white fontcolour used to stand out fromthe black background so itcatches attention of thereaders going past and easy forthe audience to interpret.Quote is added so it makes theposter seem more realistic andgives it that more human touchand with the picture of thefamous figure it makes thequote more meaningful.Size of the posterlarge so all theaudience can see.CLOSE UP OF THEMODEL SO READERSCAN SEE WHO THEMODEL IS AS THISWILL INTERESTFOOTBALL PLAYERS ASHE IS A FAMOUSFOOTBALL FIGURE
  3. 3. The name of the newspapercompany for the audience tosee and with the help of thefamous figure it givessuperiority to the newspapercompany itself. Also thecompany logo never changesso it makes it easier for theaudience to interpret as wellas keeping a unique image inorder for the audience toremember and todifferentiate themselves fromother competitions. Themasthead making itidentifiable with theaudience.A famous figure toattract the attentionof the audiences andpromote thenewspaper company,this famous figurewould interest peoplethat are into music sothey will beencouraged to pick upa copy of thenewspaper. The bodylanguage of this figuregives it a calm senseso therefore thislanguage would beimplemented withinthe company, makingthe newspaper comeacross as a relaxedone, this wouldusually challenge theconventions of a localnewspaper.No texts only images to attract audiencesattention to the famous figure withouthaving the read anything. Maybe due tothe elite status of the model used, textsare not needed to implement what it istrying to promote, it will be identifiablewith the audience and also it stressesmore importance on the image itself.