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News values main

  1. 1.  The pair analysed international news stories to discover what factors allthese news stories had in common and what factors placed them at thetop of the news agenda worldwide. They came up with the followinglist of news values: - Immediacy: Has it happened recently? Is it new? Familiarity: Does it mean something to us where we live? Can we relate to it? Amplitude: Is it a big event? Does it involve many people? Frequency: Is it something that has happened fairly quickly? Unambiguity: Is it clear? Are the results/effects obvious? Predictability: Do we expect it to happen? Is it predictable? Surprise: is it a rare or unexpected event? Continuity: Is it a running story? Has it already been defined as news? Elite Nations: Does it concern well-known people? Personalisation: Is it personal or human interest story? Negativity: Is it bad news? Exclusivity: Are we the only newspaper to have this story? Visual Impact: Is there really a strong Image? Balance: Is it being used to counterbalance other stories?
  2. 2. Personalisation: Actions ofthe individual because thestory effects people like usand gives us that ‘wow’sense of feeling.Elite People: Powerfulperson treated as beingimportant and significant toour culture and a person thatwill interest the audienceNegativity: bad news ofpoliceman main storybecause it’s shockinghowever due to the badnews it is good news forthe audience because itmakes the story moreinteresting and gives thedemographic an incentiveto read onUnambiguity: showslimited meaning of cows,this could be appealing tothe audience because it isso different and unusualand builds up excitementfor them to read on.Meaningful: In thiscase the splash givenus a warning and itcreates a sense ofdanger within thecultureUnexpected: The splash isunexpected story which makesthe audience surprised andbuilds up a sense of enigma,audience will wonder why didthe cop do that? How? Thisbuilds up excitement andintroduces audienceparticipation mentally.Composition: A balance ofpositive and negativestories giving theaudience a range of storiesto read about also givesthe audience ‘choice’Takes up a lot of room within the newspapers and showsthe superiority of this splash and urging the audience tobe alerted about this story.Does not have a lot ofnews value takes a littlespace so it emphasisesit’s inferioritySignificant news valuein terms of spaceconsumed, emphaseson the superiority ofthis story in thisnewspaper
  3. 3. Immediacy:happenedrecently so theaudience aregiven up to datenews providingthe facts to themgiving them areason tocontinously pickthe newspaperupFamiliarity: it ishappening where welive (UK) and we canrelate to it inwelcoming theduchess of CambridgeAmplitude: it’s a bigevent thousands haveturned up so it involvesa lot of people withinthe our country so itaddresses proximityElite people: In thiscase it is royalty as theroyal family play a bigpart within our cultureand influences arecultureVisual: Strongimage oftogetherness alsohas a hugesignificancewithin our cultureimplementingtogethernessOther news: lesssignificant smallerwebsite space, holdsmaller news valuesin contrasted to thesplashVisual: Strongimage (contrast)child & adultbreaks barrier alsojuxtapositionContinuity: wewitness same storywithin a different areawithin the websiteshowing its continuityand also it’ssuperiotiy regardingthe importance of thestoryUnambiguity: We are nottold why he has been givenpraise making the coverstory unambigous so itcreates more excitementfor the reader and alsoattracts the readersattention