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Evaluation 1


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Published in: News & Politics
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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop orchallenge forms andconventions or real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. Masthead/ LogoMy newspaper masthead has used the conventions of real newspapers by insertinga masculine font style (Arial Black) this makes the masthead big and bold inorder to stand out from the newspaper front cover. Also, by presenting themasthead in a masculine fashion it would represent the newspaper itself asbeing conservative and with the black font colour, it portrays seriousness andintroduces the mode of address by hinting it’s for the A/B/C1 Class readers.Lastly, using Arial Black for my masthead as it is used throughout other localnewspapers such as the Harrow Observer because it help’s the audience tointerpret that this is a source to consume factual information.However, my masthead has challenged the conventions of real newspapers bytaking the word ‘The’ and rotating 90 degrees anti clockwise in order to benext to the ‘Scoop’ I have implemented this within my newspaper because itmakes the newspaper itself more unique and the audience can thereforeidentify with which newspaper they pick up because my newspaperdifferentiates from other newspapers for example there is no ‘The’ used isIslington Gazette and on ‘The Sun’, ‘The’ is not tilted. I have done thisbecause this may attract the audiences attention giving them an incentive topick the newspaper up.In addition, I have developed some conventions or real newspapers by inserting alogo next to the masthead, by analysing that some newspapers have a logonext to them, I have developed it by choosing the logo that represents Brentand inserted it next to the masthead in order to help it’s audience to identifywith the newspaper so for example if my newspaper was in a shop next othernewspaper and 2/3 of my newspaper was covered, just by the audienceseeing the logo they are able to identify and associate this logo with ‘TheWembley Scoop’ also using the logo helps anchor the masthead by providingmore strength of the masthead due to it’s strong logo and also it bringsproximity so by using the Brent logo it brings the Brent Community togetherand it helps by highlighting ‘Wembley’ in red so therefore the audience wholive in the area can identify with it.Lastly, I have used, developed and challenged conventions of real newspapers bymaking some letters capital and some lower case, unlike some localnewspapers whereby all the letters are capital (challenged), ‘coo’ were lowercase in order for ‘Wembley’ to fit in between the ‘S’ and ‘P’ making themasthead look more organised and meeting conventions of a real newspaperwhich I have used because it looks realistic therefore it will make thenewspaper look more appealing. Developing conventions I have decreasedthe font size of ‘Wembley’ in order for the red font colour to stand out fromthe all Black part of the masthead giving it that binary opposite of Dark &Bright.
  3. 3. Mise-En-Scene/ People/ CostumeThroughout my newspaper and website I have used mixture of images that consistof either people or objects. This is useful because it gives the newspaperrange so it gives the audience ‘choice’ and a chance to read about humansand other aspects of interest such as technology in my case, throughout mywebsite I have used pictures of humans and objects such as the picture ofthe Blackberry phone. I used conventions of a real local newspaper as theyto provide a wide variety of human and non-human pictures such as theIslington Gazette, it’s website consists of a story about a human which is thesplash however a cover story, we see the image is of a building, this makesthe newspaper neither to humanising nor dehumanising by providing acomposition of balanced human and non-human images.In addition, I have used conventions shown on local newspapers across mynewspaper and website, I have used a range of camera shots to address theaudience about the type of story and what they need to interpret. Forexample, on the inside page of my newspaper consist of a medium shot ofthe criminal clearly displaying her jail number and on the background theheight measurements that are seen in prisons, also it gives us an opportunityto observe her body language and appearance, her sharp muscular face andthe way she puts her chin up, shows the audience an aggressor in additionusing iconography for example the height measurement and jail card, theaudience can recognise that she is in jail. Also, there is a close up of thevictim before and after, a before and after photo is displayed because itmakes it easier for the audience to interpret how the victim was before thetragic incident and how the victim was after giving the audience a chance toassess the consequence of the criminal’s actions.Furthermore, I have used and developed the conventions of a real local newspaperby providing a range of tight and loose framing. For example the mediumshot of the image which belongs to my splash consist of little roomsymbolising to the audience that she has no where to escape and no roomto move. Similarly to the way the image is used in the splash story of theIslington Gazette, because it’s a close up therefore it may symbolise to theaudience that he has no room to escape and he has to answer to the £90Mcharge, also it gives the audience an opportunity to assess the individualsemotions to help build a bigger picture within the audience’s head.
  4. 4. Mise-En-Scene/ People/ CostumeI have used conventions of a real local newspaper by adding a dominant picturewhich the wife in jail, this image anchors the headline as well as the copy andbecause it’s the largest picture taking the most space of the newspaper it willcertainly grab the audience’s attention and would be more likely that they willread on. Also focusing on the headline image it uses binary effects becauseit’s a composition of bright and dark colours being used which gives it anotherreason to make the headline story stand out other than possessing the largeand bold headline. We can see of an example in Islington Gazette as theimage that is associated with the splash takes up most of the room incomparison with other images therefore remains the dominant picture so itgrabs the readers attention. However, against Islington Gazette I havechallenged it’s conventions because I used a medium shot with props andiconography such as the jail card and the height measurement background tosymbolise a prison, however the image in Islington gazette is a close up of aman in a suit, this makes it slightly unambiguous because we do not knowwhy he is in a suit. However within my inside page I have used close upcamera shots to expose the victims condition to the audiences, a before andafter image, this makes the audience feel involved and due to it being anegative story, it’s actually good for the audience.Also, focusing on my inside page; I have developed and challenged conventions ofa local newspaper by providing a triadic composition whereby it stressesabout the dynamics and interplaying with 3 main elements, the 3 mainelements are the 3 different types of pictures that possess 3 different dynamicand meanings to it. This makes it more eye catching for the audience as itgives them an opportunity to consume more visual information rather thantextual information making it more easier for the audience to interpret andcreating more excitement and the story will consequently be more appealing.In contrast to the example of another newspaper, Islington Gazette’s splashdoes not consist of a triadic composition therefore would make it lessappealing to the audience never the less it could give more room for texts.Coming back to my inside page, there is no spaces in between the 3 imagestherefore suggesting to the audience that those 3 images should be seen as 1so therefore interplaying with the 3 pictures provided giving the copy around itand the headline more emphasis and anchor.
  5. 5. Font & StyleWhen it comes to font and style I have used theconventions of a real local newspaper because themasthead and the main headline is usually thebiggest in size and style (Arial Black) to attract theattention of the audience, as the newspaper wantsthe audience to first establish which newspaper itis and then to read the main headline.Furthermore, the copy is a much smaller size andusually different font style (Times Roman)because the audience want as much informationin the front cover as possible about the mainheadline story so therefore to meet the satisfactionof the audience the newspaper must make thecopy a much smaller size in order to get the mostout of the headline story, also it makes thenewspaper look more presentable in terms of arange of font style and size used throughout thefront cover making the newspaper look attractive.Lastly, the cover stories within the plugbox are setout in a much smaller font size but still using thesame style to address fluidity throughout thenewspaper. The small cover stories with smallerfonts illustrate the lack of news values in contrastto the splash and portrays it’s lack of importanceto the newspaper, this gives the audience a hint toread the cover stories after reading the mainheadline story.
  6. 6. Written ContentI have used and developed conventions of a local newspaper bypresenting tabloid language throughout my newspaperproduction and website. E.G: ‘Wife Given Life After MurderingHusband’ because it’s short and witty headline it attracts thereaders attention and gives the demographic a reason to readon. Also the copy provides clear, accurate and factualinformation which helps the audience interpret the story that isgiven to them. For example, ‘Mr. Rahman was found dead..3:21am.. Friday 23 January.. Found barbed wires withbloodstains as well as a gun’. By proving clear, time accurateand factual information it helps the audience to build up aclear picture in their heads giving them a sense of involvementand excitement. Examples of tabloid language found onIslington Gazette, ’£90M parking find challenge’ due to theshort and catchy headlines, it builds up enigma and urges theaudience to ask questions which makes them feel moreinvolved within the story.However, analysing the website, I have challenged the conventionsof local newspaper websites because as we can see on thewebsite of Islington Gazette, there’s a splash story providingthe main headline story and a little bit about the storyunderneath the headline to give the audience a taste of whatthe story is going to be like, however I have just added theheadline to the splash story making the story on the websiteitself unambiguous in terms of HOW did she kill her husband,and why? For all that information the audience must click onthe story so they can be navigated to a separate pageproviding full details of the main headline story, this slightunambiguity builds up excitement and enigma for theaudience because they are not given any details other thanthe headline of the main story on the homepage of mywebsite.
  7. 7. Layout NewspaperI have used conventions of a local newspaper by placing the masthead at the top sothe audience can clearly establish which newspaper they are picking up andalso allows the audience to build a picture of the newspaper through it’sunique masthead. As it’s at the top, it shows superiority in contrast to otheraspects within the newspaper such as the headline story or the copy. Next, Ihave used conventions of a local newspaper by placing a dominant imagewithin the newspaper to anchor the splash and gives the audience a clearidea of the story and as the image and the copy are side by side itjuxtaposition. Also using conventions of a local newspaper by providing coverstories to engage in a variety of readers interest, giving the audience a rangeof stories to read about, this makes the newspaper more appealing to it’sdemographic. Lastly, it uses a strict rule of ‘Masthead, Headline, The Copy’so the headline is always under the masthead and the copy is always underthe headline. This rule makes my newspaper look more realistic andorganised, so it can look appealing to the audience. In relation, the mastheadis always larger than the main headline and the main headline is alwayslarger than the copy, these conventions are crucial in order to make mynewspaper look more realisticI have developed conventions of local newspapers by attaching the dominant photoof the splash to the right hand side of the copy, in contrast Islington gazettehad inserted it’s associated image for the splash in the middle, I attached iton the right hand side because it gives the image a chance to increase insize and to anchor the copy and the headline and also it gives the copy someroom, in contrast to the Islington gazette whereby it’s harder for the image toanchor the text due to it’s small size. Lastly, developing the conventions Ihave placed the plug-box with all the support stories on the right hand side incontrast to Islington Gazette whereby it puts it support story around thesplash. I moved the plug-box towards one size so that the rest of the spacecan be occupied by the splash because it is the more superior story, howeverlooking at Islington gazette, we are not sure which is the superior storybecause the images used are practically the same size making more difficultfor the audience to interpret.I have challenged the layout conventions of local newspaper by placing a logo nextto the masthead to help anchor the masthead and make it standout, also itgives the audience a chance to associate the logo with the newspaper itself.Also in contrast to the Islington Gazette, I do not add the full story of thesplash on front cover, after a brief factual information I insert ‘Continued’ thisbuilds up excitement for the audience and gives them a chance to build someenigma, to ask questions about the splash. Lastly, looking at the font; I haveused capital and lower case letters for my main headline in contrast toislington gazette using all lower cases, I have used capital letters in order forthe headline to stand out and emphasise it’s seriousness and superiorityamong other cover stories throughout the front cover.
  8. 8. Layout WebsiteIn contrast to the newspaper, the website consist of a masthead banner acrossthe top of the page but to the corner, however I have challenged theconventions of Islington Gazette by making my masthead banner largerthan the masthead banner on Islington Gazette, this is done because Iwant the audience to be aware of the website they are visiting and helpestablish the image of the newspaper.Also, using conventions of local newspaper I have added navigation links withinthe website, this gives the audience an opportunity to navigatethroughout the website, giving them a choice of reading whichever storythat interests them.Using conventions of local newspapers I have added lots of pictures throughoutmy website, to give the audience visual information and because theimage helps anchor the story it is associated with, it helps the audienceto build a clearer picture of the story and makes the newspaper itselfextremely appealing. However I have challenged the conventions bymaking the pictures of the cover story the same size as the splash, thistakes superiority off the splash and spreads it amongst the cover storiesto which does not occur on the newspaper front cover. I feel as if I havemade a mistake there because I should have made the splash on thewebsite look more superior by decreasing the sizes of my cover stories,now my audience may be confused as to which story is the splash.I have used conventions of local newspaper by adding various sources ofadvertisement and other interactive activities such as facebook andtwitter like the Islington Gazette, this gives the audience a chance toparticipate and make the demographic feel more involved by the websitebeing more interactive.Lastly, I have challenged the conventions of local newspaper by not addingvideos because I feel visual information should come from images ratherthan videos, however consisting of a video is useful within a websitebecause it helps the audience to interpret a clearer image of what thestory is about so therefore it is more likely that the audience may bemore confused within my website because it does not consist of anyvideos to give them a clearer image of the stories provided within thenewspaper website.