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New York may be an urban paradise, but that doesn’t mean it is without spacious gardens of beer to kick back in Bavarian style. Put your feet up at one of these beer gardens to celebrate the onset of summer. Beer gardens are some of the best outdoor bars. What’s better than cold beer on a hot day? Visit

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New york beer gardens

  1. 1. New York Beer GardensAn Educational Presentation from OnBoard Tours
  2. 2. New York Stadiums© OnBoard 2010 2NewYork Beer GardensNewYork may be an urban paradise, but that doesn’t mean it is without spacious gardens of beer to kickback in Bavarian style. Put your feet up at one of these beer gardens to celebrate the onset of summer.Beer gardens are some of the best outdoor bars.What’s better than cold beer on a hot day?•Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden•The Standard Biergarten•Studio Square
  3. 3. The Standard Biergarten• The Biergarten atThe Standard Hotel not relatively newbut its allure still sparkles as if it was.Their all German andAustrian lineup of beers,AyingerWeisse and KöstritzerDark Bier are crowd favorites. Enjoy that while savoringtheir currywurst and other very German eats.• In true beer garden style the Standard Beer Biergartenonly offers three types of brew – dark, light and wheat.But it’s a gift to be simple.This outdoor space partiallycovered by the High Line seats 200 and provides a PingPong table for its well dressed crowd.As is typical of aMeatpacking District establishment attached to a high endhotel.The prices aren’t cheap $8 for a 20 ounce beer or ahot pretzel or a bratwurst but the energy is good and thepeople are pretty.• Address:The Standard, 848Washington Street NewYork,NY 10014 Phone (212) 645-4646© OnBoard 2010 3
  4. 4. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden© OnBoard 2010 4• This Astoria staple has been serving up beer andgood times to New Yorker’s for 100 years.  Spacious, lively, and cheap; draft pitchers willkeep you occupied for a while.  Great beerselection and authentic Czech menu are at yourdisposal, as is music and a regular poker night.• When it comes to traditional beer gardens,there’s really no competition for BohemianHall. Opened in 1910, this massive hall andgarden is the oldest in the city. Choose fromover two dozen beers for $5 for a half pint and$15 for a pitcher at one of the three bars anddine on the $13 classic beef goulash withdumplings.• Address: 2919 24th Ave. Astoria, NY 11102Phone (718) 274-4925 Site:
  5. 5. Studio Square is in Long Island City and this30,000 sq feet of outdoor space can be the perfectsummer spot if you want to inch away from the cityfor a bit. Minimally designed with a concrete andwood interior and spacious bench seating outdoors,high vine covered walls isolate this three year oldbeer garden from its warehouse surroundings.Known for its array of German and Americanbrewed elixir, their bubbling half pitchers, liters andpitchers cost $7, $13 and $18, respectively. Asidefrom the beer, the venue hosts live performancesalmost every weekend.Domestics and imports on tap are served up from ahigh tech, subterranean delivery system, whilesausages and burgers are available at the GardenGrill window.Address: 35-33 36th Street, between 35th & 36thSt Long Island City, NY 11106Phone: (718) 383.1001 Site: studiosquarenyc.comStudio Square
  6. 6. A Word from our Sponsor© OnBoard 2012 6OnBoard Tours
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