Storyboard For Preliminary Task


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Storyboard For Preliminary Task

  1. 1. Frankie: It’s just wedding nerves, last minute panic; you’ll be fine when you get to the church Carla: I won’t be at the church Frankie; I meant what I said I can’t marry himFrankie: But Why?Carla: Because… I just don’t lovehim
  2. 2. Frankie: I don’t understand this, not once you have said you were having any doubtsCarla: I was trying to ignore them. Ijust… I wanted with all my heart tomake this work, I really did, but Ican’t Frankie: I can’t believe you have waited till now, everything is organized, the invites, the reception is booked, his parents are on their way right now, are you trying to humiliate himCarla: of course I’m not, I hatedoing this to him, and I know hedoesn’t deserve it
  3. 3. Frankie: you’re damn right hedoesn’t deserve it, he has doneeverything for you, Carla, the nightyou crashed that car he was willingto go to prison for youCarla: I know, I also know I wouldn’thave done the sameFrankie: you knew that night didn’tyou, getting drunk and driving offlike that. All this time, you’ve known.Carla: I’m sorry