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Ocr g324 question4

  1. 2. The Different Technologies Which I Used...
  2. 3. Throughout this project the used of social networking was inevitable, as it was a very important part of this project especially when interacting with others, generating feedback and help aid my planning and my final projects
  3. 5. Facebook was used to allow me to connect with the rest of our group and it made it easy to arrange certain things as a group for our products and made sure that all of use we part of the production. Here we can see that Facebook was used to plan our script for our products.
  4. 7. It also allowed us to connect with other students within our group to help and collaborate with each other and get feedback of them as well. Twitter allowed us to contact our tutor to confirm the work that we have done and get feedback This played a large part for when I was creating my final products You can actually use Twitter to get recent updates on your favourite soaps which is why I added a Twitter feed on my Billboard poster (Q2)
  5. 9. Uploading Microsoft Word Documents and PowerPoint's made it easier for me to embed them into my blog Here is a quick overview of how I did this first I selected a document which I wanted embedded into my blog
  6. 10. If I wanted to embed this document I would press the embed button Then I would press they Copy button to copy the code for embedding the document This shows that the code has been copied and is ready to be pasted into the EDIT HTML section of the New Post page on Blogger
  7. 12. Uploading my video also made it easy for me and others to access my product so that I was able to get relevant feedback so that I could change my product accordingly Uploading it onto Youtube made it easier for to embed it into my blog
  8. 13. I also used Youtube a research tool to research existing soap trailers This helped my deconstructed existing products like Emmerdale and pick out the conventions which I could use in my trailer.
  9. 15. Using Blogger made it easier for me to keep all of my work for my products and the actual products themselves in one place which is easy to access and to view as well. Blogger was also useful for generating audience feedback as people following my blog could post comments on my work and I could do changes to my work based on these comments
  10. 16. A few examples of how I used Blogger to present my work From the Dashboard I went on New Post Insert Picture into blog Insert videos into blog Here you could select your videos which you have uploaded into you YouTube account that you want to embed into your blog
  11. 17. To embed documents from Slideshare I clicked on EDIT HTML Then you paste the embedding code which you had copied into EDIT HTML and it look like this
  12. 18. This is what the document looks in my blog once embedded
  13. 19. I used a lot of different programmes to edit different products
  14. 20. I edited my footage and created my trailer by using iMovie and created my title cards by using Keynote
  15. 21. On the desktop I selected the iMovie icon from the tool bar at the bottom This is what comes up when I first open up iMovie
  16. 22. To input the footed that our group recorded I right click within the Event Library and select Import Movies I then select the footage that I want This is what it looks like when the footage has been imported