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Ocr g324 question3


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Ocr g324 question3

  1. 2. After viewing existing products I decided that my target audience would be 16-24 year olds. Within class time we had a screening of all our trailers and I got some audience feedback from students in my class that are within the age range of the target audience Full audience feedback is on my blog But here is some examples “ It feels like a trailer for Emmerdale” “ The ITV title card matched the brand of the institution” “ It needs to run more linear” “ The edits need to be more tighter” “ I love the song used”
  2. 3. After the audience feedback I learnt that:- As there was more conflict between the two main characters (Paul and Kayleigh) compared to the other trailers in my group it created a more darker tone and that the relationship between them was quite clearly shown. The themes within the trailer were suitable for the age range chosen I thought that the title cards didn’t really help tell the narrative as much as I wanted it to The song chosen doesn’t over power much of the dialogue it works throughout The minor key that the song is in matches the downbeat nature of the soap creating meaning within the images. The parallel narratives worked well together.
  3. 4. The lyrics which I picked out from the chosen song actually matched with the themes and the trailer benefited from this The themes follow the main conventions of a soap opera The genre is obvious and created through the combination of Mise en scene, lighting, dialogue and sound. The northern feel is generated through the setting and the accents The representation of class all effect the soap to make it more realistic and easier for an audience to appreciate and follow
  4. 5. As the scenes have a darker tint to them which sets out the tone of the soap. The mise en scene works well, the dark lighting that clearly shows Paul as a villain, but it’s too dark, it would have been better if it was filmed with a some un-natural light from a lamp. For the mise en scene maybe we should have scattered baby toys/teddies and baby essentials in the scenes of Paul and Kayleigh to show evidence of a baby Through the use of setting, a large house in a country setting, the audience is able to tell the class of the characters. The audience is able to relate to the characters due to their age and the storylines.