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Published in: Technology
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Manual en

  1. 1. ClipReader online manual ClipReader Project.
  2. 2. bookshelf Switch preview and document details. Tap to select document ,and tap again to display page view. Switch bookshelf view and configuration view.
  3. 3. Register books Connect your Mac/PC via USB, you can register document using open iTunes. Drag'n drop document file to [apps]->[file sharing] on your iTunes. *Some other PDF reader apps can send PDF files to ClipReader. See details for PDF reader instructions.
  4. 4. Delete book Swipe finder on book to be delete, then press [delete] button.
  5. 5. Basic operations Tap to show right page. Tap to show left page. Flick left/right to change page.
  6. 6. Enlarging page Tap&Hold release At point to be enlarged, tap and hold. To scroll page, remain touch and swipe.
  7. 7. Page view Configure book Back to bookshelf Bookmark Page text Show clips Show clip tool Page number Show thumbnails Bookmarks & Clips crop
  8. 8. Page text This view shows PDF text. (PDF file must have text)
  9. 9. Text manipulation (1) Dictionary ( iOS5 Only ) In text view, you can clip text snippet, lookup dictionary, send to evernote. Lookup dictionary Copu to clipboard Select all
  10. 10. Text manipulation (2) Send to evernote Save as text clilp
  11. 11. bookmark Bookmark current page. Bookmark current page
  12. 12. Clip tool By using clip tool, you can clip page image, send clip to evernote. Show clip tool To resize area to clip, grab white square, then drag it. To move area to clip, grab grey area then drag it.
  13. 13. Document settings Page direction Tap to show settings. Modifies page number when displayed PDF page differs from original page number.
  14. 14. Crop This feature can enlarge page by cropping margins. Two-column mode is also available.
  15. 15. Arranging crop area Grab white square to resize crop area.
  16. 16. Two-column mode This feature split page virtually, app displays column by column.
  17. 17. Thumbnails Tap page number to show thumbnails view. Tap thumbnail to jump page.
  18. 18. Bookmarks Tap to show bookmarks and clips.
  19. 19. Clips Tap to jump the page has clip just tapped. Delete or send to evernote. Show details of clip, edit memo. Switch bookmarks and clips.