Meetup : Building an OpenSource API Server with Node.js


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StrongLoop's presentation slides that were shared during the API development with Node.js meetup organized by Hacker Dojo.

Video is available at :
About 25 mins or so.

Talk is about the evolution and building a mature 2nd Generation API server using Node.js and OpenSource platforms and providing a Full - Stack JavaScript solution for mobile Web and Hybrid multi - channel / multi - platform projects.

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Meetup : Building an OpenSource API Server with Node.js

  1. 1. Building an Open Source API Server (mobile back ends) in Node.js Shubhra Kar Feb 2014
  2. 2. Evolution of application development and service models Speed of Development Cost, Control, Data mBaaS AppServer PaaS IaaS AppServer DC API Server
  3. 3. 1st Generation mBaaS - Parse, StackMob, Kinvey, Apigee(UG), etc mBaaS mobile/web clients JSON API social & analytics API tier (Java, Ruby, PHP, C#) MongoDB, mySQL API XML SQL SOAP Etc. Enterprise
  4. 4. LoopBack: Industry’s 1st Open source (Node.js) private API Server Enterprise – On Premises
  5. 5. It’s fast and steady ! : 0-60 in a mature sprint curated modules, support, access to Core team private registry, audit, whitelisting, certification
  6. 6. Marquee Features Mobile SDKs Auto API Engine Pre-Built Mobile Services Enterprise Connectors ORM – no SQL API Security & Mgmt.
  7. 7. Sample backend services creation in loopback
  8. 8. How it works – Create or select multiple data sources
  9. 9. How it works – Data discovery & relationship modeling
  10. 10. How it works – JSON API generation
  11. 11. How it works – API security configuration
  12. 12. Automatic Data modeling and REST API publishing
  13. 13. Mobile SDKs (iOS SDK sample) for remotable integration
  14. 14. Realizing a full-stack JavaScript solution Project UX Design Develop Create UI & styling Arch. & binding Access Native Integrate Existing Data and Services Create Scaffolding Create Scaffolding User Connect to Data-sources (Oracle, SOAP, Mongo) Define base CSS Define Models Device Model the Data Define components Define Controllers File Generate REST API Use JS widgets Define Views GeoLocation Configure API Security Define Filters Notification Setup Services Define Directives BLE Mobile App Mgmt. Configure Routes Compile and Build mBaaS Test / Emulation Mobile App Test / Emulation Debug Profile client-side Generate Deployable App Monitor frontend performance Optimize (Usage Analytics, Crash Reporting ) Profile server-side Deploy to local/PaaS Monitor backends performance Optimize (Log Analytics & scale)
  15. 15. What’s next ? Visit the StrongLoop website to learn more about Node and mobile Open Source API tier (Loopback) Operations (StrongOps) Install StrongLoop in a few simple steps to get started