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In this PPT, there is a list of Free Apps used to edit photos with pictures. I have downloaded all these apps and thus know that they are safe and free! Pls give me at least 50 likes, i put in a lot of hard work!

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Photo Editor Apps

  1. 1. Photo Editor Apps They all are FREE apps!!!
  2. 2. Photofunia  Would you like to see your picture on the cover of a magazine or on advertising billboards? How amazing will it be to see your portrait on the wall or in famous places? Want to try out an astronaut suit or a Santa suit? You can do things like this here!  Write some text on the sand or write graffiti text on the wall. Carve your name on the ground or create your very own road sign using fantastic text effects.  Add your face into all images and filters you can see!
  3. 3. Categories in which you can add your picture! You can create texts here!
  4. 4. Location of PHOTOFUNIA on
  5. 5. Lab  Lab has one of the most vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 570 effects!  Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters are here for you to enjoy.  Make your image look creative in seconds by adding your face to a different set of photo montages!
  6. 6. Types of Face Montages ! Collages you can make!
  7. 7. Location of PHO.TO LAB on
  8. 8. PicsPlay  PicsPlay contains 200 filters and all editing features which allow you to express the best moments of your life.  Photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment.  PicsPlay is easier and more convenient ;touch and touch! With few taps your photo will be amazingly changed. You can be a professional photographer!
  9. 9. Things You Can Do At Pics Play!
  10. 10. Location of PICSPLAY on
  11. 11. Meme Rage Photo Editor  Troll your friends with this fun app!  Swap rage faces, add text and silly filter effects on your photo! Share your life experience by putting the funny meme faces in your photos!  Meme Photo Editor is now better and improved. It contains a lot (over 250) meme faces which you can resize, flip and change orientation!  All options are simple and intuitive!
  12. 12. Location of MEME RAGE PHOTO EDITOR on
  13. 13. Pic Collage  PicCollage is a party with your photos! PicCollage allows you to create amazing collages using your photos, stickers, text and frames!  Once you're done, share it to Pic Collage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also also email it! Perfect for keeping memories!  What do you get when you combine your favorite photos, awesome stickers, fun fonts, self portrait and the ability to share to your favorite social network?! You get PicCollage!
  14. 14. Location of PIC COLLAGE on
  15. 15. Instaframe  InstaFrame helps you combine your photos creatively with frames, text and stickers!  InstaFrame helps you to create in an easy way the best collages for special occasions. Holidays, Birthdays, Christmas, you can now have your best photos in one amazing collage!  Put two or more pictures side by side to make one picture!
  16. 16. Location of INSTRFRAME on
  17. 17. PicsArt  PicsArt is a free photo editor, drawing tool, art network, photo grid, collage maker and more. It’s a place for your artistic and editing needs.  It provides tons of options for photo manipulations and a wide array of effects, masks, text tools, clipart graphics, frames, etc.
  18. 18. Create your own pictures! Options to start Collage!
  19. 19. Location of PICSART on
  20. 20. TextCutie  Choose a suitable template for your text  You also can load a picture from your gallery  Position the text in the way you want  Change the text size, font, color, rotate. Show your creativeness!  Add stickers, shapes and emojis to your picture.
  21. 21. Location of TEXTCUTIE on
  22. 22. -Shubhra