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Corporate Communication ( Organizational Structure, Communications)


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A group presentation for the subject corporate communication. Giving idea about Cognizant's internal hierarchy and communication.

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Corporate Communication ( Organizational Structure, Communications)

  1. 1. CORPORATE COMMUNICATION SM 27 Mohammed Jaseem SM 18 Harigovind SM 43 Shubhanshu SM 15 Fathimath Bushra
  2. 2. COGNIZANTTECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS ■ CognizantTechnology Solutions is an MNC which has its headquarters in New Jersey ,United States. ■ Was founded in 1994 ■ Provides IT service projects to the Clients across the world, mostly United States. ■ Started IPO in 1998 ■ Have offices across the globe. ■ Employee base of more than 2 lakhs.
  3. 3. TheVerticals(Industries)
  4. 4. Job Description ■ Designation : Programmer Analyst (Software Developer) ■ Team Size : 80-100 employees ■ Client Company :  ■ Web application Development using the language JAVA ■ The application was to get the customers’ an insurance quote for the automobiles they own. ■ Two web applications were developed for the same client – One for the insurance agents to login and generate a quote [Agent Front End] – Second one for the customers to get a quote and then decide if that person wants to take a policy from Mapfre or not. IfYes, then only that person needs to contact an insurance agent to take a corresponding policy. [BusinessTo Customers]
  5. 5. TheWeb Application
  6. 6. The Hierarchy CEO COO/President Vice-President AssociateVice-President(AVP) Senior Director Director Associate Director Senior Manager Manager Senior Associate(Developer/Team Leader) Associate(Software Developer) Programmer Analyst( Software Developer)
  7. 7. Channels of Communication ■ Emails ■ Voice Calls ■ Excel sheets ■ Instant Messaging ■ Screen Sharing ■ FaceTo Face ■ Video conferencing ■ Webinars ■ Classroom trainings ■ Hardcopy Essentials & Newsletters
  8. 8. DifferentTeams InThe Project ■ Web Designers/HTMLTeam ■ DevelopmentTeam ■ Database ManagementTeam ■ TestingTeam ■ Onsite Coordinators with the Client
  9. 9. New Jersey Massachusetts Chennai Cochin Coimbatore • Global Spread • Round the Clock • People from Multi ethnic/Cultural Background • State of the Art technology • Digital Presence(Audio/Video/Mail) • Very Streamlined/EfficientOperation • Minimal Message Loss/Misinterpretation(No Blame game) • Intellectual Property
  10. 10. Internal Communication CLIENT Director RETAIL PROJECTS Associate Director RETAIL PROJECTS Director BANKING & Finance Associate Director BANKING & FINANCE PROJECTS Director INSURANCE PROJECTS Associate Director INURANCE PRSOJECTS Senior Manager Development Team Manager Development Team PROJECT 1 Onsite Cordinator Development Team Team Lead Development Team PROJECT 1 Development Team 1 Team Lead PROJECT 1 (Different Location) Development Team 2 Manager Development Team PROJECT 2 Development Team PROJECT 2 Senior Manager Testing Team Manager Testing Team PROJECT 1 Onsite Cordinator Testing Team Team Lead Testing Team PROJECT 1 Testing Team 1 Manager Testing Team PROJECT 2 Testing Team PROJECT 2 Senior Manager Database Team Associate Director INSURANCE PROJECTS Director HR Associate Director HR Senior Manager HR Manager HR HR Executives
  11. 11. Organizational Differences ■ Cyclic hierarchy at the top level management ■ More Clients are in US than the competitors. ■ US based work Culture. ■ Trainings- Not as rigorous as Infosys ■ More Cultural Events ■ Have access to social media. ■ No Mandatory contracts or bonds compared toWipro/Infosys. ■ Less Attrition
  12. 12. Grapevine ■ Initially at the time of training,We were asked to fill a form regarding the location preferences. ■ Just weeks before the completion ofTRAINING programme, a rumour regarding RELOCATION started to spread. ■ Rumour was that RELOCATION will be purely based on the business requirements. ■ Rumour was spread across by the HR executives to avoid vague transfer requests from all the employees. ■ It is kind of a good thing to avoid confusions and promises. ■ BUT..The HR did give relocation according to the preferences, even though some had to wait for one or two months after the training programme to get a transfer.
  13. 13. QUESTIONS ???
  14. 14. ThankYou