Gel up, ‘Screen up! 'Screen up fo yo life!


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Gel up, ‘Screen up! 'Screen up fo yo life!

  1. 1. Click HERE to play theme song Gel up, ‘Screen up! ‘Screen up fo yo life! A conceptual design by Aditi Mallick and Shubha Bhat Sunscreen Challenge To influence 5+ people to apply sunscreen daily Time Limit: 7 days
  2. 2. Gel up, ‘Screen up! • Persuasive Purpose o To create cycle behaviors by influencing 5+ people to apply sunscreen daily • Industrial Design
  3. 3. User Description • 1st year medical students • Those who attend class in M112 9am- 12pm • All go on lunch breaks 12-1pm (some outdoors, some indoors) • All interested in health promotion
  4. 4. Gel up, Screen up! Storyboard Class 9am, write reminder on 12pm, place sanitizing gel + sunscreen pump at door chalkboard next to PowerPoint 5pm, receive 3-question survey Responses enter into google (name, date, did you wear sunscreen?) spreadsheet to track progress
  5. 5. Prototype of Gel up, ‘Screen up! Google spreadsheet inputs into live trend on Facebook Group
  6. 6. Features/Functionality • Med students are reminded to put on sunscreen before exiting class • @ 5pm students receive email to click “yes” or “no” about whether or not they applied sunscreen • Answer enters into google spreadsheet • Spreadsheet creates live trend analysis on facebook group. • Students can view, comment and track progress
  7. 7. Theoretical Justifications • Med students are already in habit of o “Gel up” as much as possible to prevent spread of infection. • Presence of hand sanitizer pump triggers gel application • Therefore presence of sunscreen pump can be placed next to gel pump at exit • Email is cheaper than text • Simple yes/no form • Spreadsheet easy to track
  8. 8. Results of User Testing • User 1: “I like having the hand sanitizer next to the sunscreen because I am used to gelling up and I like having my hands clean before I touch my face. However, I usually just pump the gel and let it dry as I walk away. Now I have to wait for it to dry before pumping the sunscreen so it takes a little longer.” o Solution: Because of the delay, have two stations so that people don‟t have to wait. • User 2: “Writing a reminder on the board, placing the sunscreen by the door and watching others put it on helps me remember. However, sometimes I don‟t feel like I need it since I‟m inside all day.” o Solution: In the the whiteboard announcement remind people to put on sunscreen if they are
  9. 9. Results of User Testing (cont’d) • User 3: “The form is pretty simple and quick, but there are times that I just don‟t get to check all my email at the end of the day and miss it.” o Solution: Inform group ahead of time of subject and time that email will be sent, ask them to set an alarm for that time so that they remember to look for the email. • User 4: It would be nice to get some reward for putting on sunscreen daily! o Solution: Once student fills out form, have automated “Good Job!” message if applied sunscreen or health consequence message if did not. • User 5: If I have to put my name down, I am inclined to lie and say that I put on sunscreen o Solution: Have monitoring system, public results so people less likely to lie
  10. 10. Shortcomings of Design • Med students don‟t have class on Wed, Sat, Sun • Not everyone comes every single day • Sunscreen and hand sanitizer gel might not be best combo • Live trend analysis from Google spreadsheet to Facebook group might be difficult/not currently possible
  11. 11. Expansion - What else is possible? • Competition between med students for longest/most consistent sunscreen streak • Friends of students can view progress on facebook and comment, encourage, give tips • Have a Gmail Health Habits task bar (like the current task bar) that can be checked off each day but regenerated every day as well. The checks automatically get tuned into a tracker that can be shared with others via Facebook, etc • Reach other grad students and undergrads • Form teams with friends and family
  12. 12. Next Steps in Design Process • Buy sunscreen pump and hand sanitizer gel • Get permission to place it in M112 • Write the reminder on the board at the beginning of each class • Create the email survey and google spreadsheet • Create facebook group and link it to google spreadsheet
  13. 13. Summary • “Gel up, „screen up!” aims to influence 5+ 1st yr med students to apply sunscreen daily. • Utilizes in class written reminders • Associates habit with gelling up (which is now an ingrained habit in med students) • Strategically places gel by door and works the peer pressure • Uses technology to track progress and give feedback