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urujiWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. exists to transcend the abstract of this quote from its quotations to the reality. A company founded in 2003 as an educational entrepreneurial venture that has been working hard on innovative e-learning delivery frameworks, quality learning contents, and leading-edge technology products and solutions ever since. At GurujiWorld, we understand that it takes a fresh perspective to bring a change, which is why our team comprises of a young talent force.

E-learning is a gateway to the future of education. GurujiWorld has empowered the digital learning to guide the students through that gateway. As a step towards modern Indian education, students from over 7000+ schools in Maharashtra are benefiting from the content we designed. Our content has been awarded with e-Maharashtra 2013 Award for the “Best Multi-Media content for K-12” (Public choice) on May 10, 2013. Our true achievement is to reach 7 million+ students in Maharashtra who are a testament to our efforts to educate the next generation of India.

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Company brochure

  1. 1. RLD , P‘: ;« . .~ ~‘ tar». . , a ‘C: ‘Q "E. : 'wl~, ".: ,". ‘.3;, ‘! ;.: “"1"‘. ‘ : {L . 'e“-""5" COMPANY PROFILE www. gurujiworld. com
  2. 2. 9 Company Profile Gurujtwortd technologies Pvt. ltd. is an ISO 900! :2008 Certified Company founded in 2003 as an educational entrepreneurial venture. its team comprises at young talent force working on innovative learning delivery frameworks, quality leaming contents. and | eading—edge technology products and sotutlons. Guruiiworld wasrecently honored with the o~Maharashtro 2013 Award tor the “Best Muttt-Media content for K-12‘ (Public choice) on to’ May 20l3. Gurujiwortd has developed quality e-learning contents catering to School Curriculum - Shikshan Saarthi. Computer Education — Seekho lCT. English Language Learning - Seekho Angrezi. Vocational Skills - Roigar Dost. and plans to develop Adult Literacy and Teacher Training contents. we have a wide range at indigenous products and solutions. These products are: GEMS - An ontine and offline School Management Software. which is fully managed Cloud solution on Saas. G—l<LAS$ - An Online curriculum delivery framework integrated with Moodle. G-Box - an innovative gadget to create AV Classrooms. MeraLakshya - An online mock examination portal powered by GOES engine. and Genius Framework ~ A combination of all the Gurujiwortd layers of solutions deployed together in collaboration. Gurujiworld Technologies Q Achievements ‘W7 ”. ". —, __ . _y 1 V"r‘4l| ‘ , ‘.. ‘ Winner of "Best Multi-Media Content Provider for K—l 2 Education" Gurujiwortd Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was honored with the eMaharashtra 2013 Award tor the Best Multi-Media content for K-12 (Pubflc choice). Highlights of the Project I K12-Interactive Classroom is e-Contents are implemented in more than 7000 schools for the lC1@SchooI phase II 8.. Ill I Our innovative Online ICT School MIS solution is powering the ICT project reporting and monitoring of SLA for 5000 schools I 7 mltllon+ students are currently being taught through the e-Learning multimedia content generated by the SME from Gurujiworld . Student « Centric Approach (Constructivism) adapted for engogng students in teaming the topic
  3. 3. 6 Product Catalogue GEMS" What does an educational institute get from GEMS: Salient Features of GEMS MeraLakshya° “NI GEMS is an internet based school management application developed alter a thorough research and developed under the guidance ot experts and SM! 5 To make it the best tit we have done regular pilot runs in Indian educational scenarios (6 GEMS‘ An online School Portal Modular approach allows it to be customized to fit the specific requirements Being an indigenous product. its User Interface is localizoble Multi-role user has single login credential in the system Supports prime browsers IE. Mozilla. and Chrome Periodic release cycle 8. updates for one customer upgrades all clients Ready lor integration - Payment Getaway, SMS Gateway Biometrics. RFID. etc. Analyze Student Performance through various exam patterns Guruiiworld has pioneered In developing an online examination management solution which can be used by schools teachers students and coaching institutes across the country One at the USPs at online examination solution is to maintain session details during power failure and allows the examiner to start exam for the same session €. /a‘Iishy| ' A Guruiiworld Initiative Salient Features of MeraLakshya: Power failure resume feature Create and manage objective examinations for multiple courses Manage and create Question Bank Weightage marks canbeodded for each section ‘ ‘ A‘ Q Q ! ‘ ’_ Q *_'_’: ~*‘— Examinee can navigate within exam also can __‘_ _ mark or unmork questions for review 7” ’ - - : Multilingual support Easy to integrate mathematical questions / formulae
  4. 4. 3 Product Catalogue Shikshan Saarthi - K-1 2 Multimedia Interactive e-Learning Contents GurujiWorld's Shikshan Saarthi - Multimedia Interactive Classroom is one at our flagship product. It includes primary. secondary. high school and pre university education in India. K-I2 education system in India is slowly getting recognition and gaining importance. The government also has been taking keen interest in promoting K-I2 education and collaborating with the private players like us. In an eiiort to promote K-12 education. we have been constantly striving to design the best K-I2 products possible. Features of Shikshan Saarthi - K-1 2 Multimedia interactive e-Learning Contents I Designed for Localization I Learning objectives are cleorty stated for each topic I Maximum use of animations and illustrations to explain concepts in easy manner I Based on DOILYOURSELF philosophy I Voice Over and Transcript in required language I lnline Quiz to test attentiveness I Mock Quiz is presented to assess the leamer I Unique Learning Management System (LMS) features allows to track the teacher's and Ieamer‘s overall participation during the training I Game Based Learning provided I Runs on Android based devices I Complete Audio-Visual support throughout I SCORM 1.2 Compliant and TINCAN I Maharashtra State Board (Marathi. English and Semi English). CBSE. ICSE. Karnataka Board. Rajasthan Board and Tamil Nadu Board GUrUjiWOl1d Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , Pune wins ? Exrdlmtt Aiuarit Best Multimedia Content . ... ... ... ~.. ..l. ... . . v-nu. ..-wag-. eMaharashtra Award 2013 y d: b-T'—'oom ; Z_. .. ‘ _A*%_, l
  5. 5. @ G-Social (3 Social Program is an innovative Technology based education delivery model under Corporate Social Responsibility of companies wanting to G-Social contribute in the lield of education and create a measurable impact on the lives of economically backward c hildren The G-Social Program is contributing towards addressing the below problems and empowering the masses at the bottom of the pyramid: Addressing shortage of quality teachers Motivating parents to send their children to school Contributing in reduction of child dropout ratio by enhancing participation and engagement Empowering students with ICT tools and Motivate slow learners using achievement based learning Improvement in quality of education Encouraging teachers and students interaction. by pedagogical shift to learner~centric environment from leachercenlric environment Empowering teachers by increasing confidence and renewed motivation using e-learning environment Help reduce the digital divide between rural and urban areas Building e-ready rural eco~system to use existing and forthcoming e—governance services and platforms towards building Digital India Gurujlwortd works with the Company‘: CSR Team / Partners / Consultants / N60: to: Conceptualizing CSR strategy for educational initiatives Conducting a stakeholder survey, needs assessment and recommending initiatives that leverage the joint expertise (Company 8» Guruiworidl and meet the stakeholders expectations for educational needs Submitting the CSR initiative implementation plan with various possible models lor technology based educational projects to the CSR committee of the company implementing the technology based educational project once approved by CSR committee Regularly submitting project outcomes & impact assessment and reporting to CSR Committee CSR Impact by G-Social Program We propose to partner for the growth of the nation with your prestigious organization for irriplementation of educational programs under CSR. Gsocial Program's success is determined to bring success In the field at education 8. them to create measurable impact on the lives of rural children and contribute as a social enterprise.
  6. 6. 6 Product Catalogue ‘i’. __. - Seekho ICT, Rojgar Dost and Seekho Angrezi Gurujiworld e-teaming multimedia contents are developed keeping in mind the fast pace of changing technology and the emerging need for Computer Literacy skills. Spoken English, and vocational skills. Therefore, even if you need to know about computers and related technologies. Gurujiworld e—learning multimedia contents fit the need of every person. Our courses not only teach you about Basics of Computer but also it gives a broad range of products to enhance your Computer Skins. vocational Skills and Soft skills. These products are: I Seekho ICT (Enhance your Computer Skis) I lojgar Dost (Enhance your Vocational Skills) I Internet and Safe use of lntemet I Basics ol Accounting 8. Tally I Windows 7/8 I Entrepreneurship I Office 2007/2010 I Banking and Finance I Office Assistant I Sales 8. Marketing I Seekho Angrezi (Enhance your spoken Englsti skills) . geouficion I Basic Stage I Filter and Welcfing I Intermediate Stage I Retail I Advanced Stage . Mobile gepofing I Teacher Training I Laptop Maintenance I BPO I Cyber Law . ._. —«/ I . -jea G-KLASS G-KLASS is a knowledge domain driven. well designed. and re-engineered LMS available anytime anywhere. which extends the student's learning horizon. It allows any user to access Meralakshyo examination framework and Shikshan Saarthi and other multimedia contents from classroom 8- home through any device connected to infemet. Leamer has an opportunity to create his own course map, including self—assessment. Overall G-KLASS is a learner centric 360° teaming and assessing tool. / * —r-—e X__'{’ Audio Visual Classroom The advent of electronics and multimedia in education has changed the methods of teaching and teaming over last decade. It is possible to ensure access to the quality teaching by providing Shikshan Saarthi and other Multimedia Interactive eLearning contents as per the curriculum. This can result into enabling the students to learn the topics very easily. The teac her can also use such resource to do a full justice to the syllabus and also utilize time to manage other needtul work by using the visual and interactive electronic medium. This Vhethodology in education is highly cost- effective.
  7. 7. G Initiatives I Gurujiworld conlinuousty collecting the feedback for the application during the training. I Gurujiworld Team regularly volunteers and participates to provide Computer Education is ICT Training during the “Tech Saturday" hosted by Yashwanfrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (Yashada). Pune. I GurujiWorld's continuous endeavor is to improve on the quality and adaptability of its e—learning contents for which they involved chfld psychologist to understand the teaming curve of various type of children and the need to improve the pedagogy used in e~leaming contents so that children can team. understand the concept well and retain the knowledge for the subject I Gurujiworld has conducted a number of sessions to Train the Trainers for the Master Trainers of various ICT Project Partners . Initiatives taken to train teachers and trainers across regions on computer education and CAL K- I 2 applications. I Gurujiworld is engaged with public and private schools directly or through its implementation partners to provide a 360 degree educational platform I Successful implementation of Gsocial Program at schools in association with few of the CSR Sponsorcompanies I Gurujiwortd has done Survey in more than 90 rural schools to understand their challenges in providing quality education and to implement G-Social Program Clients & Partners . —--—/ — ~, . «.. .-vs. . ‘ . (; ;¢i,59., ,E; - . l~_/ £~L‘£A| _- j‘ K"? EOUCWHON Everonn Education Lnned D Y PATII. GIOIJP M . "*‘ . ... ._. ..". .2.. ... .. ‘j{$: ;,]°: ;:: ‘°n°' D J rt C ‘4 A-I s. ... . IIMAI DlS(L()U NTS W" s. u-i. Nas. ' TI‘ I1 ' lulu. .. iii. iii_it -
  8. 8. Contact Information 2 GIIRIIIIW ‘RLD Address: Head Office: Gurujiwortd Technologies Pvt. Ltd“ "Gurujiworld House" Prathamesh Park. Boner. Pune ~ 411045 Phone Number : +9I—20-67263003 Fax : +91-20-67263010 Branch Office: Gurujiworld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. . Fortune — #202. 3" Floor. Next to Yoshada. Boner Road. Aundh. Pune - 411007 Email: info5c? gurujiwor| Website: www. gurujiwortd. com