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  1. 1. Welcome to Herbalife opportunity meeting…
  2. 2. Why HERBALIFE?Because we are committed to empoweringyou to live a healthier, financially better life… 1. Industry-leading compensation plan 73% goes back to the distributors 2. Healthy, science-based consumable products • Only available through Independent Herbalife Distributors • Approved in 78 countries
  3. 3. Why HERBALIFE? 3. World-class company with visionary leadership • 29 years and expanding to more countries • 1.9 million distributors and growing 4. Step-by-step training programmes • Support systems • Business tools
  4. 4. Results create Income Great products lead togreat income opportunities
  5. 5. How you get paid You Consumers Profit:25 % to 50 %
  6. 6. How you get paid You Consumers Duplication Profit:25 % to 50 %
  7. 7. How you get paid You Consumers Team of Partners Duplication Profit: Commissions & Ro Royalties & Bonus25 % to 50 % Additional 5 % to 23 % on whole Team Revenue
  8. 8. How you get paid You Consumers Team of Duplication Partners Profit: Royalties & Bonus:25 % to 50 % Additional 5 % to 23% 73 % on whole Team Revenue
  9. 9. Marketing Plan 1. Retail Profit: 25% - 50% Supervisor Supervisor Sales:25% 8% - R1000 2. Wholesale: 8% - 25% 50% Profit: R500 3. Sales Premium: 5%(3 levels) 42 Success Builder Qualified % Producer Sales: R1000 50% Infinitely Profit:-R420 7% 17% Wide 35% 50% 5% Distributor 3 Levels 0% Sales: R1000 Deep 25% Profit: R250 50% 25% 25%
  10. 10. ResultsIncomes are not average – individual results will vary.
  11. 11. How to Become a Distributor Introductory Business Pack Start with a Worldwide Consultant-Licence
  12. 12. Steps to success Presidents Team $ 30,000 - 300,000 pm Millionaire Team - $ 10 – 25,000 pm Global Expansion Team - $ 5 – 10,000 pm World Team - $ 2,500 – 5,000 pm Supervisor - $ 1,000 – 2,500 pmDistributor - $ 400 – 500 pm
  13. 13. Proven success stories with over 1.9 million Herbalife delivers resultsIndependent Distributors in 78 countries …We share ours with you…
  14. 14. We went from bankruptcy to being set for life Caroline & Craig T
  15. 15. USHA CHOPRA I was introduced to Herbalife when it set foot in India. I liked the products and signed up for it, The result of using the products inspired me to continue and also recommend to people around me. I could see a huge business potential with Herbalife. Three month in with Herbalife and my first dream of visiting USA came true. I also attended the 20th anniversary function of Herbalife. Three years into business I bought first luxury apartment and last year,my dream of owning a villa came true.Today I enjoy an amazing lifestyle with my family and we creating a legacy for my daughter. Every day I thank god and Mark Huge for creating this wonder full opportunity. I am so proud and passionate to be a part of Mark Huge mission of spreading good health and offering the best business opportunity in the world, to people around me.
  16. 16. HEMANG PANDIT We Migrated to New Zealand from India for better prospects. We had big plans for our new life in New Zealand. Me and my wife Rakhi had secure jobs with a major banking corporation, but a bit of extra income were required to make our dream of financial security come true. "We were both working full-time and I was involved with in many other businesses. We needed an extra Rs2000 -Rs4000 a week to get us on our feet in our new country. I went along to a presentation and joined up straight away. Our first months income was Rs9,220 and just five months later, we had replaced both our full-time incomes. Now we have an amazing lifestyle, we travel across the world. We have cars, houses and all the luxury which we dreamed off. We work from home internationally spending a lot of time with our son and earn a US$ Five Figure income per month. We love this Work From Home business as we can help people and earn blessing every day." Says Hemang.
  17. 17. BHARATI SALGAONKAR I was employee of Syndicate Bank for 16 years. I was completely tired of theschedule and workload an this made me quit my job. My brother influenced andencouraged my husband to use the Herbalife products. I was apprehensive about itat firs, as i was unsure of the the nutrition supplements provided by Herbalife.However on consuming the products, my husband lost 10kgs in 2 months. The supebhealth result convinced me to use the products. I lost 12 inches and 7kgs in 45 days.As I spread the health benefits of Herbalife , I found great monetary support inreturn. I was able to attend several national and international events as well. Mytotal income from this business has so far been around 35 lakhs. I was able toupgrade my second hand car for myself.this is an ideal opportunity for many womenwho desire to work form home. One can be be financially independent to spendmore time with family. Herbalife has taught me the values of life I did not knowbefore
  19. 19. Rewards InternationalEducation and vacations…..
  20. 20. “Its all here at Herbalife-exciting, science basedproducts, experienced worldwideleadership, extensive training and anunbelievable marketing plan thatrewards your efforts.”
  21. 21. To be born poor is not your fault…but to die poor definitely is…!!!! …. Bill Gates
  22. 22. Welcome to