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Evaluation of the usability and accessibility of for older adults, and suggested design improvements

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  1. 1. Citibank Website Evaluation ChickenSoup
  2. 2. Introduction •  Purpose: Evaluating usability of for older adults •  User Group: Adults over the age of 65 •  Need: designers often fail to make websites that make accommodations for the needs of older adults •  Social Context: lag in technology adoption between younger and older adults
  3. 3. Older Adults and Online Banking •  Online banking is a relatively common activity: 61% of adult internet users do online banking •  Services: check account information, deposit slips, pay bills •  Older adult audience is highly diverse in terms of ability, aptitude, and attitude
  4. 4. Citibank • •  Founded in 1812 •  Third largest bank
  5. 5. Accessibility Evaluation: •  Used Functional Accessibility Evaluator 1.1, •  Provided a measure of accessibility based on the website’s markup within the categories below: •  Navigation and Orientation •  Text Equivalents •  Scripting •  Styling •  HTML Standards Methodology
  6. 6. Survey: To identify the parameters that would influence our study: •  the frequency of use of internet among older adults •  the frequency of use of online banking websites •  common issues or misgivings they have about online banking •  problems they usually face while using banking websites.
  7. 7. Focus Group: •  15 minute focus group session facilitated by a moderator •  Assess participants' experiences,misgivings and biases while using online banking websites •  Assess reactions to the home page and contact us page. •  Emphasize on their opinions about the visual layout, colors, text size/ density and information organization of the pages
  8. 8. Accessibility Evaluation Findings Overall analysis of standards: •  59.07% passed •  25.56% warned •  4.44% failed •  10.93% not applicable Failures: •  1 subheading element is improperly nested. •  7 subheading elements are empty. •  3 out of 4 form controls do not meet the criteria. •  1 data table (out of 1 total) does not meet the criteria •  All 5 th elements do not meet the criteria. •  All 88 td elements do not meet the criteria.
  9. 9. Survey Findings: •  Questionnaires from five participants •  All of the participants have experience using computers and Internet
  10. 10. Survey Findings: •  Three of them have experience using online banking system •  Three of them have complete trust of online bank •  Two participants prefer face-to-face banking
  11. 11. Survey Findings: •  Monitoring Banking Activity is most frequently used
  12. 12. FOCUS GROUP FINDINGS split view in the group about online banking Issues or concerns: •  Trust factor - information is not transparent •  Prefer personal relationship with bank tellers •  Prefer handling physical money •  Excuse to step out of the house
  13. 13. Possible motivation: •  Movement towards digital currency Suggested Improvements: •  immediate feedback when a transaction is processed •  site more personalized to their needs •  have direct contact information in the help page.
  14. 14. Potential Re-design