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Impossible is Nothing?


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Is Impossible a nothing? What crap is it?

  • @krshnas yes, sleep is a state, sleeping is an action moving towards that state. The action could lead to that state, but the state need not preserve the action. Like saying, 'It is raining'. What is raining? Rain? The pronoun in this case doesn't convey anything useful, only for completing the sentence i.e. the totality of the event. The same way sleeping and sleep conveys the totality of the event.

    Thank you.

    Shriram S
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  • Its great stuff. Impossible Vs Improbable.
    I wanted to share one common place example and connecting it to philosophy. Many scriptures say renounce desire to achieve higher values. For instance let us consider 'Sleeping or Sleep'
    People say, that 'I want to sleep', but as far as they want it, it is not possible to achieve. The very reason that they want means they are still awake, the moment they start sleeping, they no longer 'want' to sleep, because they have renounced the desire and as the goal is achieved. So wanting and getting cannot coexist.
    Transforming (dropping the wanting) makes it possible. Hence Can I say it is impossible to sleep as long as the desire to sleep exists. But it may be improbable to sleep without starting the desire to sleep.
    PROBABILITY of catching sleep starts with desire, then accomplishing is POSSIBLE only after dropping the desire.

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