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Radhey Maa Knowledge

  1. 1. www.radhemaa.com/
  2. 2. Shri Radhe Guru Maa - Gyan Amrit . www.radhemaa.com/
  3. 3. Keep your calm There are small matters and there are big issues. He who discriminates between the two is a wise person. He who doesnot, suffers. How will you face the big challenges, if you lose your temper over insignificant stuff? Being imperfect is part of beinghuman. At one time or the other, all the people around us will do or say things that are not to our liking.If we lose our temper and pick up quarrels, the small irritations willgradually snowball into big resentments and darken our lives. DeviMaa once pointed out to me that we should never lose sight of the truth that God lives within every person. When we disrespect a person, we disrespect God. www.radhemaa.com/
  4. 4. True BhaktiBhakti inspired by love for God is superior to bhakti done for the fulfillment of worldly desires. It is not that ones prayers for the comforts of the world are not heard. They are. However, it is a wise devotee who at some stage evolves enough to serve God out of pure love or bhakti. Such a pure love for God or Guru asks for nothing in return. It is Devi Maas vachan: Give and take is trade, not bhakti.Give and take is business. Give and take even when it is fair is a thing of the world. True bhakti is all give with no expectations of take.If we think, we are not evolved enough to love God selflessly, we should pray to Devi Maa so our bhakti becomes selfless.
  5. 5. Karma and graceYou always get what you deserve. Even avatars are subject to the laws of karma. So, do not for a moment think that because you have a guru or have developed bhakti for God, your karmas will stop bearing fruit. Good or bad, all that you have done, thought and believed will bear fruit. However, the gurus presence can be the compass that guides your life through the storm of maya. Maya does her work, guru does his duty.You should also do what is required of you - be firm in your faith. Act right, have faith and surrender to the great power that governs the universe. Remember, whatever god sends on your plate be it sweet, sour or bitter, it is all prasad because it comes from God who is ever just. You are merely getting what you have earned. Bhakti can however give you the strength to bear what life hands to you. A bhakta does not lose his head when the times are good and does not break when life hands him a tough one.
  6. 6. Be a DevoteeMamtamai Shri Radhe Maa urges devotees to purify their mind, speech and action through bhakti. She advocates service to God through chanting of Gods names. She teaches that the universe is a fair place where the law of karma holds sway. We get what we deserve. Even the grace of a guru or God does not absolve the burden of ones karmas.The guru can however give one the strength to bear the fruits of ones karmas. He can also guide one towards karma that can bear fruits that can overshadow the pain that comes from past karmas.
  7. 7. Bhava and bhog It is meaningless to offer bhoga to the devata without bhava. If you believe that it is not merely a ritual that you are following and that you are in the presence of divinity, you will not follow rituals mechanically. If the bhava is present you are sure to feel the tremendous surge of energy emanating from the deity.There is also the big question: What do you give to God, who owns it all except for the flower of your bhakti?
  8. 8. Hari Bol!There is reason why saints constantly advise devotees to chant the Lord’s names. We do not know when adversity will strike and we will be compelled to draw on our spiritual strength. Devotees who constantly remember the Lord also find the strength to face life’s challenges. A worldly person remembers the Lord at the eleventh hour when all other options have been exhausted. This is a good moment because for many people this is the point when they turn to God. However, it is even better to constantly chant God’s names. Why wait for the eleventh hour. Shri Radhey Maa says, “Chant the names of Shri Hari before you begin any work.”
  9. 9. Give respect, get respectWe crave for recognition and acknowledgment from our superiors as well as peers. Who, after all, does not like appreciation? However, while we love praise when it is directed towards us, we forget to praise our subordinates or those younger to us. We forget that it is those who give respect who get respect in turn. Respect, in other words, is a two-way lane. It is those who exude kindness and love for all who are in turn widely respected. Shri Radhe Guru Maa says, “If your heart radiates love and respect for others, your life will acquire the sweetness of sugar candy.”
  10. 10. Who owns what?We cling to wealth we have accumulated and believe it is ours. Is it? Most of us are so busy accumulating this money that we do not pause long enough to even consider why we are doing it? We dont share. We put very little of the accumulated money in the service of God or in the service of fellow human beings. Why? Because we feel if it is with us we can use it as and when we need it. We forget that whatever we have – even our bodies made up of five elements – is borrowed from Mother Earth. When the spirit leaves the body, the earth claims back its share. We leave all of it behind. The money we have accumulated with so much pain becomes reason for bitterness between those we leave behind.No wonder Sri Maa says: Man is not the master of his wealth, he is merely a trustee.
  11. 11. Single-pointed focusAll names, forms and leelas of God are divine. We dorealise however that we do not resonate with all formsequally. Some of us for instance naturally feel drawn tothe child Krishna, others to Lord Shiva and yet others to Devi. It is important for a sadhak or bhakta to choose one manifestation of divinity and devote all of ones energies in that direction. Devotion to the form ofones ishta makes one firm in ones devotion and helps one achieve the strength to face lifes challenges. Radhey Maa says that all men and women of Godshould be honored and one should pay ones respect to every manifestation of divinity but is it advisable to direct ones devotional energies at one ‘door’.
  12. 12. Contact Shri Radhe Maa Bhavan,Sodawala Lane, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400 092 +91 982 096 9020 admin@radhemaa.com www.radhemaa.com www.radhemaa.com/