ECT in Captive Power Plants of process industries


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ECT in Captive Power Plants of process industries

  1. 1. 111 Presentation on ECT for Captive Power Plants at Large Process Industries (Case Study) TurboTech Precision Engineering (P) Ltd Nelamangala, Bangalore, INDIA
  2. 2. 2222 At Captive Power Plant of Ballarpur Industries (BILT)  TurboTech Supplied and Commissioned 425 KW Turbine by the Year 2009 to Customer Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), a Large Captive Power Plant of 60 MW Capacity  This Customer's Large Scale Paper Manufacturing Plant is Located at Bhigwan, Maharashtra  The Customer Manufacturers Paper from Wood Pulp  This is one of the Largest Private Paper Manufacturing Organization in India
  3. 3. 3333 Mini Steam Turbine – As Offered for BILT, Maharasthra Power Plant Type: Thermal Power Plant (Coal Based) Power Plant Capacity: 60 MW Application: Steam Turbine in Parallel to PRV/PRDS upstream of deaerator Type of Turbine: Back Pressure Voltage: 440 V Frequency: 50 Hz Design Inlet Pressure: 6.5 Bar (g) Design Inlet Temp: 220 Deg C Design Inlet Flow: 20 TPH Design Exit Pressure: 2.5 Bar (g) Turbine Power Output: 425 KW
  4. 4. 4 Schematic – As Offered for BILT Limited Deaerator Main Turbine ~~ Captive Power 60 MW LP Steam Header PRV LP Extraction SH Steam @ 6.5 kg/cm2 (g) 20 TPH, 220 C SH Steam @ 2.5 kg/cm2 (g) 20 TPH, 172 C BEFORE Turbine Installation Deaerator Main Turbine ~~ Captive Power 60 MW LP Steam Header PRV LP Extraction SH Steam @ 6.5 kg/cm2 (g) 20 TPH, 220 C SH Steam @ 2.5 kg/cm2 (g) 20 TPH ~~ECT 425 kW Incidental Power! AFTER Turbine Installation
  5. 5. Photograph of Turbine – As Installed at BILT
  6. 6. Performance Certificate Received from Customer BILT
  7. 7. Energy and Cost Savings through Turbine Installation at BILT Limited Energy Savings: Electricity Units Generated per Hour: 425 No of Days Plant Operating Per Year: 330 Electricity Units Generated Per Year: Approx 34 Lakh Units Total Electrical Energy Savings from Year 2009 (Year of Commissioning) till Date Approx 136 Lakh Units Cost Savings: Electricity Cost per Unit: INR 4.00 Total Cost Savings Per Year: INR 136 Lacs/Year Total Cost Savings from Year 2009 Till Date: 544 Lakh Rupees (5.44 Crore Rupees!!!)
  8. 8. Mini Steam Turbines Support Fight Global Warming Apart from Supporting Energy and Cost Savings, TurboTech's Mini Steam Turbines Support in Fighting Global Warming, as ELECTRIC POWER generated through the turbines in these type of applications are GREEN in nature with ELIMINATION of Burning of Fossil Fuel for the Same Power Generated The Subject Turbine at BILT Limited has prevented about 18000 Tons of CO2 (Carbon Di Oxide – Green House Gas that causes Global Warming) release to the Atmosphere over these 4 Years of Operation, a significant contribution to a Green and Safe Environment from such a Mini Product