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Product Line and Depth of Pepsico


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Product Line and Depth of Pepsico

  1. 1. Product Line of Width and Depth • Abhishek Kar • Amar Bysani • Shreya Prabhu
  2. 2. • Today PepsiCo is one of the Global Foods and Beverages Leader • It comprises of the worlds most diverse and beloved brands
  3. 3. Product Line Drinks Juices Tropica na Mango Mixed Fruit Pineap ple Cold Drinks Pepsi Diet Pepsi Pepsi Max Mounta in Dew Diet Mounta in Dew 7 Up Mirinda Brisk Sierra Mist Lemon Lime Cranbe rry Other Beverages Aquafin a Lipton Iced Tea Gatora de Product Width Product depth
  4. 4. Product Line Food Snack Foods Lays Baked lays The Oven Frito Doritos Doritos Nacho and Cheese Tostitos Cheetos Stacy’s Pita Chips Grain Waves Walkers Stars Kurkure Breakfast Cereal Quaker Oats Nuts Duyvis Product Width Product depth
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