Burger king - IMC Campaign - Stop the boring pre roll ads


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Burger king - IMC Campaign - Stop the boring pre roll ads

  1. 1. Stop the Boring pre roll ads
  2. 2. Burger King • Burger King Corporation is founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton in 1954, beginning the BK® legacy of flame-broiled beef and commitment to quality ingredients and friendly service • The ‘Whooper’ is the most important item in their menu list • In 2010, burger king co-orporation was acquired by 3G Capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm, making it a privately-held company • Everyday more than 11 million guests visit Burger king restaurants over the world
  3. 3. Analysis • Youtube is the go-to video streaming place on the internet. • People enjoy watching videos on youtube but they hate the pre roll ads that come before it • Burger King marketing department took this as a challenge and made around 64 pre roll ads tailored according to the videos the audiences would be watching • Which would feature two actors taking about the amazing offers going on at Burger King
  4. 4. Objective Behind the Campaign • To make the boring ads before watching any video interesting • The main Target were youngsters from the age of 18-35, who are more likely to visit youtube on a regular basis • The pre ads gets the most number of view by default but the audiences hate to watch it according to the survey by the burger king • They grabbed this opportunity to advertise their product and this advertisement was considered to be one of the best
  5. 5. Results • The results were phenomenal • The targeted audiences enjoyed the pre roll ads showed by the burger king • They not only had a lot of views on the channel but theirs sales also hit a high record
  6. 6. Stop the boring Pre roll ads • Credits: – Burger King Marketing: James Woodbridge – Creative Director: Levi Slavin – Creative Team: Simon Vicars, Brett Colliver – Group Account Director: Victoria Graves – Senior Account Manager: Anna Holloway – Director: Helena Brooks – Producer: Fraser Brown – Agency Producer: Katie Knight – Production Company: Flying Fish – Media Agency: Y&R, NZ
  7. 7. Conclusion • The idea was a challenge • This was one the most innovative ideas where the people would come to know about the offers at Burger King more innovatively • The personalization was one of the key tools which made the ad famous • However more videos would add to more variety to the existing • More tools in the area of advertising can be explored