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South Charlotte Sports Report
Volume 11, Issue 11 October 27, 2016 - FREEwww.southcharl...
Page 	 Volume 11, Issue 11
Individual Registration $75
4 Divisions (9-18 Years Old)
Maximum 20 Players Per Team
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Shreya Mantha South Charlotte Sports Report October-27-2016 (2)


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Shreya Mantha South Charlotte Sports Report October-27-2016 (2)

  1. 1. South Charlotte Sports Report “HOMETOWN TEAMS ... HOMETOWN KIDS” Volume 11, Issue 11 October 27, 2016 - @SCSportsReport Only 15 years old, Shreya Mantha of Providence Day School is already making her community a better place along with being a solid asset for the Chargers Volley- ball Team. The tenth grade daughter of Anu Mantha and Sailesh Mantha started playing volleyball in 5th grade. “A friend of mine introduced me to the game and I joined Carolina Juniors Volleyball for training. Prior to that, I used to be a club swimmer for eight years and loved to swim. However, I felt that swimming is more of an individual sport. I was always a quiet child and swim- ming only made me stay to myself. I liked volleyball as a team sport and the interaction that took place between teammates both on and off the court. I realized that vol- leyball made me very vocal on the court and I enjoyed every aspect of the game.” Shreya has been recognized along the way for her ap- proach to the game and her desire to be a positive influ- ence on others. Shreya received the For The Win Award at Big South Volleyball Tournament in 2016 and was recognized by the chairman of USA Volleyball, Lori Okimura.. Take a look at what Ms. Okimura had to say about Shreya when presenting the award. “In making the rounds, I’m often asked ‘What is USA Volleyball?… What makes USA Volleyball different?’ Questions like these always make me think about the juniors I meet along the way as well as our national team athletes. I met a young woman named Shreya Mantha at the Big South Qualifier in Atlanta. Shreya is a freshman in high school, honors student, devoted daughter and she happens to be the CEO of her own non-profit foundation, the Foundation for Girls. She is an advocate and life coach for young girls victimized by human trafficking, a global problem affecting young girls and women. She’s fighting discrimination, she’s raising money and awareness for her cause, and she’s taking action. She’s also studying for finals, learning to drive and going to volleyball practice three times a week. Shreya is USA Volleyball.” What an outstanding honor for Shreya. The Defen- sive Specialist/Libero takes great pride in her play on the court. She is always working to improve her team and help them keep the ball off the ground. Shreya has also excelled inside the classroom. She was recognized as the Freshman of the Year at Provi- dence Day. “I am proud to have won the freshmen of the year award out of a class of 132 students. Each year, Provi- dence Day selects one student, who is in the top 15% of the Class and who best exhibits the following qualities: a passion for learning, a sense of social responsibility, and a commitment to personal integrity.” See SHREYA MANTHA, Page 4 SHREYA MANTHA IS MAKING A DIFFERNCE ON AND OFF THE VOLLEYBALL COURT
  2. 2. Page Volume 11, Issue 11 Individual Registration $75 4 Divisions (9-18 Years Old) Maximum 20 Players Per Team Tryouts for Spring 2017:9u and 10u Travel Baseball Dates: November 5th 9u: 3-5pm on Field #1 10u: 3-5pm on Harris Teeter Field #13  Open to players 10u/9u and younger  No charge to tryout  All practices will be at Arthur Goodman Park Arthur Goodman Park is the home of MARA and is located at 1200 Trade Street in Matthews, NC. For more information, contact Dave Lavender 904-838-9529 The MARA Colts Football Team, coached by Erik Saxon Front Row: (L-R) Gus Schmoll, Karim Nasrallah, Ben Fazio, Will Pratt, Jake Hanvey, Luke Banner, Bryce Surrat Middle Row: (L-R) Kaleb Budd, Ben Baker, Devin Coleman, Logan McIlveen, Ben Ruzicka, Tristan Barefoot, Andrew Oger Back Row: (L-R) Offensive Coordinator James Oger, Head Coach Erik Saxon, Lucas Romero, Sederik Saxon, Andrew Hensley, Connor McClure, Zachary Martindale, Asst. Coach Winston Hensley, Asst. Coach Chuck Budd, Defensive Coordinator Dan Hanvey The MARA Colts Football Team, coached by Aaron Sheets Front Row: (L-R) Caleb McBride, Hudson Morrill, Brady Conway, Matthew Robinson, Charlie Langlinais, Colton Bogan, Hudson Shoup, Logan Sheets, Pedro Guzman, Ethan Nieto, Sullivan Foster Middle Row: (L-R) Benton Taylor, Dominick Rosenberry, Alexander Crenshaw, Nicholas Hames, Jonah Bright, Andrew Doody, Haydn Toth, Benarrdo Zito, Caden Carpenter, Ben Steier, Micah Robinson Back Row: (L-R) Scott Hames, Brian Bright, Aaron Sheets, Derek Shoup As mentioned above, Shreya also has her own non Profit, Foundation for Girls. Let’s let Shreya tell us more. “I am the founder of a non-profit called Foundation for Girls. While I started the non-profit organization in December 2014, I had been working on the areas I wanted to focus on for a couple of years before that. The initial planning started in April 2012. My organization focuses on “ nurturing the leader in every girl”. I want- ed to help the underprivileged and underserved girls in our greater Charlotte area. I work with the homeless girls, survivors of human trafficking, survivors of foster care neglect, drug abuse and addiction survivors and misdirected youth. Most of our work has been focussed on delivering bread to the crisis centers and rescue homes, tutoring and mentoring, self-esteem workshops, finding passion workshops, and financial well-being workshops. I am getting to understand my audience through these programs. The final goal is to launch a social enterprise that can train these girls, hire them and help them become strong, independent and self-reliant. As a start-up non-profit, I am very low on funds and have been largely supported by my parents. However, I do have great mentors and volunteers who contribute with their time and resources. I am fortunate to have the guidance of a good board of directors and am in the process of raising funds to support my work.” Shreya has also started the PDS GirlUp club to help empower and support girls in six global locations. In addition she launched the PDS Incubator - Leadership and Entrepreneurship series. The Series identifies, invites, and hosts local leaders who can come and share their journey as a leader and entrepreneur both in the lo- cal and global landscape. Where does she find all the time? Leaders somehow do and Shreya is certainly proving to be one of the rising leaders in our community. The South Charlotte Sports Report salutes this amazing young lady and we wish Shreya the very best as she moves ahead in her volleyball and other careers. We will keep an eye on this rising star! SHREYA MANTHA Continued from front page