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Toolkit for multistakeholder practise and msg formation by shreedeep rayamajhi


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Toolkit for multistakeholder practise and msg formation by

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Toolkit for multistakeholder practise and msg formation by shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. Toolkit for Mutistakeholder Practice and MSG Formation By Shreedeep Rayamajhi
  2. 2. Multistakeholder
  3. 3. Collaborative Leadership Collaborative Leadership is a social process aimed at accomplishing collective rather than individual goals and it requires collective and coordinated action.
  4. 4. Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG) Multistakeholder participation is a specific governance approach whereby relevant stakeholders participate in the collective process of identifying problems and challenges in the most democratic way Multistakeholder representatives MSG Governance
  5. 5. Values Openness Transperancy Accountability Diversity Inclusion Equality
  6. 6. MSG Formation Process 1. Open call for participation 2. Representation of different stakeholders 3. Collaborative and collective decision making 4. No Conflict of Interest in Operation and management 5. Minority and diversity attention
  7. 7. MSG Work Operation MSG Secretariat Position Leadership of MSG Chair | Vice chair
  8. 8. Other Operation 1.MSG is completely autonomous 2.MSG always makes decision collectively and collaboratively 3.MSG holds the ultimate power of endorsing and finalization 4.Program committee is entitled to MSG 5.Secretariat servers as a facilitator and can be used according to the mandate of MSG only 6.Leadership position helps to enact the mandate of the MSG only 7.Leadership has no decisive or regulatory power unless granted by MSG Host Operation and management Secretariat Program Committee Position Leadership Chair /Vice MSG Advisory Committee
  9. 9. Power Distribution Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG) Advisory Committee Position Chair /Vice MSG Secretariat