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Igf 2018 call for issues by shreedeep rayamajhi


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This is a call for issues of high interest to stakeholders across the world. The IGF MAG In order to structure the proposals more easily have asked for a few categories that can attribute to IGF 2018 theme.

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Igf 2018 call for issues by shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. IGF 2018 Call For Issues In 2 -3 sentences suggest an issue that you would like to see progressed at the annual IGF Meeting? Digital inclusion is a bigger challenge where especially in Asia due to its population and limited resources, the representation as well awareness level is very low. From GDPR to other cyber security issues, people are still struggling with the overall concept of basics Digital Rights. In some countries the online and offline human rights in context of governance and action is way contrasting and complicated. Similarly, the buzzing concept of GDPR not only creates a bigger dilemma but at times showcases the gap of how the developed nation is coping up with latest technology and policies and the developing and least developed countries are suffering the harsh aspect of inequality and standardization. Any further comments? Internet in Asia has just been passed on for the sake where there needs to be work done in context of awareness, capacity building and core values. Digital Inclusion and accessibility is not only the right but it has become a need where we have to focus more towards diversity and bottom’s up approach in catering the lower economies. More grassroots level initiative needs to be given priority in terms of inclusion and where gender equality and right people at the right place needs to be focused. Moving more towards a multilateral process IGF has to evolve within the overall concept of diversity. Representation matters and lower economies matters. _______________________ Shreedeep Rayamajhi Editor -Rayznews Founder- Learn Internet Governance Name : Shreedeep Rayamajhi Organization : Rayznews | Learn IG Stakeholder Group : Civil Society Country : Nepal Topic : Digital Inclusion and Accessibility Link : call-for-issues