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Icann newcomer toolkit


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This is a newcomer toolkit for people who want to join ICANN and contribute to the community

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Icann newcomer toolkit

  1. 1. ICANN Newcomer Toolkit Prepared by Shreedeep Rayamajhi Rayznews |Learn Internet Governance
  2. 2. ICANN Multistakeholder Mind Map: Source: Bruna Santos
  3. 3. New to ICANN: JOIN | Join the interseted group & suscribe the email list of your interseted groups and start communicating LISTERN & LEARN | Keep a watch, listern and learn SEARCH | Capacity building and free webinars ENGAGEMENT | Start engaging and collaborating with your issues
  4. 4. How to Engage? INDIVIDUAL Joining your interested group and contribute in various policy making process OUTREACH Helping in outreach and creating better opportunity with in the network VISIBILITY Being visibile not only means communicating but facilitating in the Capacity building & information dessimination process
  5. 5. Fellowship: Open Fellowship Alumni Fellowship Community Travel Program CROP
  6. 6. ICANN Meeting Preparation: Preparation Always be Prepared Schedule your meetings Speak with better Research and issues Attend the Daily coach meeting Always be Humble and polite Know where and what to do? Network Try to Connect with your regional leaders and staffs Meet New people Always have your card and Infomration details Coach can be a great source of Netwroking Use your Social Media to mark the key point of the session Know where and what to do? Make a Summary of the what you did and who you meet every day
  7. 7. Engagement A fellow is a part of the ICANN community, it is now your Resposnibility to resepresnt ICANN in your community Engage in policy making process Think of better Community collborating and outreach techniques Reach out to the staff and regional leaders Communication Sharing and helping the community get more people Getting voice of the your commnuity for the Policy Developing Process Think of better Community collborating and outreach technique