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Challenges for national and regional igf 2015 by shreedeep rayamajhi


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This is a supporting document for the national and regional IGF initiatives (NRIs) for IGF 2015. It will address the main challenges that the NRIs are facing

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Challenges for national and regional igf 2015 by shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. Challenges for National and Regional IGF 2015 1. Specific module about the operational details of conducting IGF in terms of process need to be developed 2. Most of the fellowship for IGF are processed by organization where the fellows lack to address the issues and commitment, their progress and development have to be network and monitored 3. IGF secretariat should initiate an open platform for registration and should record the initial data of regional and national IGF 4. Funding at times can be a problem so major guideline can be initiated 5. Most of the participant of the IGF are from prominent stakeholders who are interested so there should be at-least one section focusing and promoting nation and regional IGF in a stalls or any way possible 6. Specific coordinators should be assigned as per region 7. There is a good network of organizations like ISOC and ICANN so better communication can initiated for creating better coordination among the chapters in boosting up the national IGF 8. IGF is all about speaking and owning your rights so there should be strategies developed in terms of motivating people through infographic and multimedia 9. The major problem about IGF is, it overlooks the regional voices (personal experiences) a certain level of hesitation develops in people 10. Lack of proper knowledge and capacity building programs about IG process needs to be adopted 11. Values of cooperation and networking needs to be developed and integrated among regional and national IGF where number of fellowship needs to be financed My Experience MSG of APrIGF Founding member of Internet Society Nepal chapter (2007) Internet society Ambassador 2014 and 2015 Attended IGF 2013 as part of ISOC fellowship Diplo Capacity Building Program 2009 Introduction