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Cenb igf2018 shreedeep rayamajhi


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Contribution for the Connecting the next billion for IGF 2018

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Cenb igf2018 shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. CENB – Phase IV IGF 2018 Give examples of how local or regional policies have helped connect and enable users, giving them access to information and communications technology and providing universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries. Internet has become an eminent part of everyone’s life. From developed nation to the developing to least developed nation internet affects over all ecosystem in creating global network of communication and information where every event and practice has a trickle-down effect. While talking about the global discussion and practices the digital divide certainly creates a vacuum in context of the overall internet ecosystem and governance. Lack of core values and issue of infrastructure hits the developing and least developed nation the most. Still today when we talk about access, affordability and policies the discrimination in the least developed countries is immense. Basically, the discrimination comes from the lack of diversity and representation of such communities at policy level both at national and international level. Talking about the issues of Disinformation to restriction to cyber security the global event and practice creates a pattern of action that has repercussion of chain of events that has both monetary as well as socio-psychological effects. Most of such topics which are evolving or being discussed in the developed nation are daily part of the least developed and developing nation. Recently the Nepal Government has initiated the Privacy bill which is in the process of its final stage. The privacy bill has been a good example of the GDPR which has been directly affected the overall system of creating better values in the system. Similarly, the Nepal government had introduced Telecommunication Service Charge (TSC) which created a situation of rise in the price of internet in Nepal and later with the discontentment from the public and various stakeholders the TSC has been withheld for the time being. Another progress is the various federal states have started identifying the importance of internet and communication introducing internet free zones. The Government is also in its final stage of bringing out the Information technology bill as well. The policy at the international level and regional level certainly affects the policy at the bottoms end. The concept of Smart city is evolving where a lot of the political leaders and bureaucrats are taking interest. The internet penetration rate of Nepal can be estimated to be 20 to 25 % only Internet development report of Asia Pacific 2016 -Least Developed countries and their
  2. 2. CENB – Phase IV IGF 2018 challenges: 2016-least-developed-countries-ld-cs-and-their-challenges-by-shreedeep-rayamajhi Share a story from any region about how connecting people to the Internet has increased access to information regarding affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. Nepal is a land lock country and 80% of its population is in rural and geographically compromised locations. There are number of examples of how internet is being used not only for access of information but as a tool for 1. Tele medicine has proven to be an effective tool for far rural places where there is limited resources and technology. Due to lack of infrastructure and number of technical manpower Tele medicine have given an effective solution for patience. telemedicine/telemedicine-services-in-nepal 2. In most of the government website audio Notice board are set up in for citizen who cannot directly access the website or have an issue of connection. They can press the +1618014493198 and access the information from the website. 3. Smartphone app helps Nepali farmers farmers.html 4. SmartPalika Give concrete examples showing how access to the Internet has promoted decent work and economic growth, especially in least developed and developing countries, and small island states. Access to internet has especially benefitted the lower economies where there are issues of infrastructure and geography. Technology and internet help in many ways of during 1. Farmers for predicating climate and access to market
  3. 3. CENB – Phase IV IGF 2018 2. Various business is booming with the help of social media and internet. Facebook page |viber |Instagram has been an effective tool of promoting goods and selling service with various door sales policy Share concrete examples and stories in which the use of ICTs has promoted development in industry, innovation and infrastructure. Explain how specific policies or legislation might have helped promote this at a local level. In lower economies due to lack of awareness and capacity building a lot of the times policy makers fails to address issues of concern. The lack of representation and diversity adds up to the problem of policy being a big challenge which is limited within the prejudices of having consultation with limited people. The so-called consultations are limited and done within the specific stakeholder that has been prescribed. Research and data are one of the huge challenges where these indicators are considered the least. Lack of data and research results in policy that are either complicated or too vague to interpret which results in chaos. ___________________ Shreedeep Rayamajhi ICT4D Consultant Founder Rayznews|Learn Internet Governance