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1a. SKP-16 yrs. expertise in Socio Economic Development and Management


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1a. SKP-16 yrs. expertise in Socio Economic Development and Management

  1. 1. [Type the document title] [Type the document subtitle] [Type the author name] « Igniting Initiative, Community Taking Ownership» [Experience and Journey 2000 to 2016] | Bio Data [SHRAWAN KUMAR PATHAK] CURRICULUM VITAE 16 YEARS OF EXPERTISE IN SOCIO ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT & RURAL DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. SHRAWAN KUMAR PATHAK Address: UG-12, 1st Floor, Kaveri-4, Trivenipuram, Dumardaga, Booti, Ranchi, Jharkhand - 835217 Telephone: +91 94712 42664, 9334234959 | Email: NGO | CSR, R&R | PPP, HDI Mode programmes| Development Sector |Rural Business Process Reengineering and Change Management| Agriculture Industry | Management Level Position PROFESSIONAL CURRICULUM SUMMARY  Career Objective: To keep up with the cutting edge of technologies and of methodologies in the socio economic development sector. Looking to join a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and inspires me to enhance and therefore to innovate the work culture for the betterment of all parties concerned.  A dedicated professional; Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development(XISS, Ranchi) and MBA in Marketing(AIMA, Delhi) driven by integrity & strong ethical principles possessing 15 years of rich experience in Rural Development management, Watershed Management, Project Formulation and Team Management, Business Process Reengineering and Change Management, Training & Capacity Buildings, Resource Generations, MIS and Coordination, Forward linkage:-Marketing Function, Supply Chain Function, Customer Service Function, Rural produce marketing, promotion, strategic planning and branding. Rural Entrepreneur development, Social sector involving PPP-HDI programmes and various Ssustainable integrated rural development, Rehabilitation & Resettlement, community institutions development initiatives etc.  Efficient to develop strategic plans, Operations and management, Recruitment and selection, Agri/Rural Business Process Reengineering and Change Management, manage procedures & processes, social responsibility initiatives and people management- Rehabilitation & Resettlement, Land acquisition with community mobilization for command area of Open Cast Mines & Power Plant.  Expertise in programme planning, Training & Capacity Buildings, Resource Generations, Business Process Reengineering and Change Management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation with Team coordination.  Expertise in liaising with government departments and funding organizations ensuring Business Process Reengineering and Change Management.  Adept in overseeing operational functions to meet challenging needs & uphold high standards.  Expertise in mobilizing resource and to manage the skill development centre and institutions as Schools, Gurukul Centres, Micro enterprises, Skilful in effective community mobilization, rehabilitation and resettlement.  Result oriented individual with an ability to harness resources and team towards organizations objectives.  Proficient in using logical & methodical approach towards accomplishing corporate objectives & tasks Supportive Supervision of all on-going projects and partners. Business Process Reengineering and Change Management, Procuring of data, maintaining of MIS, data analysis. Generate periodic qualitative and quantitative reports. Maintaining Finances & inflow v/s out flow of respective projects. Establishing strong coordination with field team and partners.  An enthusiastic & thorough trainer with the skills of being able to convey information with clarity and patience. COMPETENCIES PPP and HDI programmes Management Marketing Management Sustainability & Quality CSR Management Strategic Planning & Integration Training & Development Diligent & Dependable Land Acquisition Project Coordination/Implementation Business Process Reengineering, Liaison & Commercial Project-Consulting Resource Mobilization Research & Innovation Social Audit Capacity Building Career Path Project-Consulting & Convergence Monitoring and Evaluation Training & Development Strategic Planning & Integration Project Coordination & Implementation
  3. 3. Mahila Jagriti Samiti-JTELP (IFAD-JTDS Assisted) & WDF-NABARD 1st Nov. 2015 to till date. Project management and Coordination-Manager (PC) Skills Used: Project-Consulting & Convergence Monitoring and Evaluation Training & Development Strategic Planning & Integration Project Coordination & Implementation  Monitoring and coordinating the entire project and team size of 50 people for empowering the communities by means of local decision making and planning in order to ensure that activities are responsive to the tribal’s perceptions of needs and priorities.  Making communities more responsible for the management of their development in order to generate a greater sense of ownership of development interventions by involving them in the preparation of “Gram Sabha Resource Management and Livelihood Planning” for Integrated Natural Resource Management and Income generating Activities.  The roadmap for the income generating activities is built on the indigenous wisdom, knowledge, capabilities and traditional values of the tribal communities.  Empowering the Tribal Grassroots’ associations and user groups including women and other marginal groups.  Promoting activities, which generate sustainable increases in production and productivity of land and water resources  Generating sources of income outside agriculture, particularly for landless. MTS Country Farm & TFC Strategic Planning and Business Unit Head-freelance service Skills Used: Strategic Planning & Integration, Marketing Management, Liaison & Commercial, Research & Innovation, Resource Mobilization etc. MTSCF-is platform of Agri entrepreneurs, producers and R&D organisation has been established to manage power, Transfer Technology and Strengthening Diversity in farming world. Keep Contributing in strategic planning, research for seed production and Seed Village concept programme, channelizes the sources of skilled man power, technical experts under the roof of MTSCF group where ensuring the varietal trail, measuring the success of the segment of seed lines in state like Jharkhand and Bihar, then promoting the variety for better earning of farming community with less effect on soil fertility, working on the model of organic concept with Vedic concept to enhance the soil fertility and quality of vegetables which is full of micronutrients which is required for human body. I am working on the MTS concept. M-Managing Power, T- Transferring Technology, S- Strengthening Diversity, where Sourcing and Promoting High Quality resistant and High yielding Vegetable, Field crops seeds, Sourcing the agricultural tools and Implements for small and marginal farmers, availing a true friend platform for seed producers and buyers to minimise the risk, maximise the productivity and profits.  Key Interventions: Farm management and marketing system in Seed production, hybridisation etc  Business Process Reengineering  Organic and Vedic Concept of farming- to enhance the nutritional value of crops and to retain the soil fertility  Trade Facilitation, Organising meetings, workshops, networking with Producers and R&D unit.  Production service alliance with Nirma seeds company and Amruth seeds pvt. co. ltd in Ranebennur, Haveri district and Bangalore unit.  Market potential business analysis, state wise requirement, gaps and supplements in commercial seed. Bhartiya Lok Kalyan Sansthan-An NGO (JHARKHAND) 01 Oct 2014 – 31 Oct. 2015 Principle Consultant, Director-Programme & Operation Management Monitoring & Supervising the entire projects & team activities related to Integrated Rural development. Projects conceptualizing getting approved from funding agencies (Govt. & Non Govt. Agencies), Exploring the new area for training-capacity building, business process reengineering, Formulating project proposals, fund and resource mobilization, proper documentation & implementation and supporting the project team to bridge the gaps for making sustainable development model in projects as well as in programme mode, where looking after CSR activities for concerned departments & corporate, as key role of Liaisoning under Pillar of PPP-HDI, Resource mobilization, Rural management,
  4. 4. Rehabilitation & resettlement. Projects Handled CFT-convergence JSLPS & MGNREGS, JTDP-JTDS projects, TI+ MTH oriented projects and women’s empowerment funded through NABARD etc. Rural Entrepreneurship Development: Satisfactorily worked with women’s SHG & Farmers Club developed rural entrepreneurs in the farm & no farm based activities. Projects handled in collaboration with NABARD, NSDC and corporate institutions. I as team player mobilized community for the rural mart development & Liaisoning with govt. & funding agencies for successfully establishment of the units. Crisis management & strengthen the activity related to Land development programmes under the govt. training-capacity building, business process reengineering & managed projects like- Grade 1&2 roads, Ponds, Check dams, Play ground, watershed structures etc. under different projects. KGVK Agro Ltd. & Sister Concern of Usha Martin Ltd. 5 August 2013 – Sep 2014 Change Maker (Sr. Manager)-Liaisoning & Commercial  As a change maker contributed and successfully managed different activities related to Business Process Reengineering and Change Management, Commercial & Marketing, PRO, Liaisoning, for KGVK Agro Ltd, Getting the approval and accreditation for agricultural tools, dairy plants and other farm based units and products from Govt. & other technical institutions and networking with different organisation and agencies for forward linkages and brand management.  Performed and managed the required effectives deliverables in the functioning area of Farm mechanisation and marketing, Dairy Development, Agri Extension, Aromatic Oils & Seed Production, my working outreach was in 8 States - Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, M.P. & North East) & International (Bangladesh, Nepal).  Govt accreditation and certificate for manual operating tools as Paddy weeder, Seed treatment drum, Marker, Seed drum, Dibbler, Seed drill etc from Govt. testing institute as 1. FMTTI, Sonitpur Asam, 2. FMTTI RAU-Pusa, Bihar, 3. OAIC-Bhubaneshwar and 4. OFMDC-Bhubaneshwar, 5. FMTTI-Govt. of Jharkhand.  Formulated project proposals for nutritional supplement through Nutrition Kitchen garden, got appreciation under the collaboration of KGVK and AVRDS-World vegetable centre, got appreciation and recommendation from Director ATMA-SAMETI, Govt. of Jharkhand and properly documented and managed the data, under TVM-Total Village Management project concept, developed and implemented the TVM model ensuring the participation of community and run several brain storming session, managed workshops, training and capacity building sessions etc.  Worked on SROI model to measure social return on Investment, and on TVM model a participatory brain storming working model with parameters of PPP-HDI& MDG, Resource mobilisation, rural management, Rehabilitation & resettlement into the command area of KGVK-Usha Martin Ltd. in Saraikela-Kharsawan, Palamau, Ranchi and Ramgarh districts spread in 350 villages of Jharkhand. KGVK-Krishi Gram Vikash Kendra an NGO 16 June 2006 – 04 Aug. 2013 Sr. Manager - Resource Mobilisation  As a Manager Resource Mobilisation and Change management got different assignment and successfully managed different projects and programmes during June 2006 to July 2013 as :  Got approved (IWMP) Major watershed development project at India level in coordination of Dept. of Rural development and Land resources Worth Rs. 24 crores project amount.  Formulated project proposals and managed the manpower crisis in department of rural development, Govt. of Jharkhand as key player and performed as a crisis manager in coordination of Dept. of Forest, Soil Conservation, Rural development and NGO’s-KGVK, RK Mission, GVT-NGO and Kalamandir, during PPR formulation and fund allocation to Jharkhand under guideline of IWMP and Dept. of Land resources-Govt. of India.  NHM project with coordination of Dept. agriculture and Sugarcane Development.  Establishment of Nursing School and all legal clearance in coordination of Nursing board and department of Health and Labour.  ICEF - India Canada Environment Facility as resource and crisis change management.  ABF-Axis Bank Foundation supported livelihood generation and rural sustainability project.  Establishment TVM Gurukul training centre and revenue process reengineering.  Land Acquisition and Community Management to run massive programme of Rehabilitation and Resettlement for displaced community in the command area of Usha Martin Power plant and assisted in Palamau open cast mines - Kathautia with KGVK Social Intervention.  Dairy plant establishment in coordination of NDDB and Dept. of Industry.
  5. 5.  Apart from all direct and indirect involvement under the project-Crisis Management, Corporate Communication, Liaisoning and Day to Day as well weekly-Monthly MIS generation and submission to the Management.  Successfully managed programmes as Rehabilitation & Resettlement, Land acquisition with community mobilisation in the command area of Open Cast Mines Palamau, Iron Ore Mines- Saranda, West Singhbhoom & Power Plant-Tati-Silwai of Ranchi District under CSR activity of USHA Martin LTD. under banner of KGVK.  Rural Entrepreneurship Development and Business Process Reengineering and Change Management: Satisfactorily worked with women’s SHG & Farmers Club developed rural entrepreneurs in the farm & no farm based activities. Projects handled in collaboration with NABARD, NSDC and corporate institutions. Carpet weaving project with Jaipur Rugs foundation add some values in the life of SHGs of Ranchi. Rural Mart & a market chain established as forward linkage for the produce of Farmers club. Citizens Foundation - NGO, Jharkhand 1 April 2002- 15 June 2006 Project Coordinator  Successfully Implemented and Managed the projects as Hatchery and Carp Breeding projects for sustainable livelihood for SCs community through Fisheries development with JSTCDC in Ranchi, Godda districts,  Scavenger’s rehabilitation projects with the help of dept. of welfare Govt. of Jharkhand.  Managed small grant funds for VLI strengthening and developed 70 Women’s SHG in Kanke, Ratu block of Ranchi district and Patratu block of Ramgarh District and run local resource managed livelihood generation activity, run Natural Resource Management campaign and Agri allied activity in line of NHM principles.  Implementing & monitoring projects; formulating project proposals; Liaisoning with government & funding agencies; supervising and documentation.  52 Women’s SHG’s have been developed and trained under the Rural Livelihood Mission in Patratu- Ramgarh and Kanke, Ratu of Ranchi  Market and forward linkage support is been provided the vegetable growers groups of Ormanjhi and Kanke block of Farming community.  Successfully managed the campaign against the Aids awareness in coordination with NACO, JSAC and Red Cross.  10 blood donation camp arranged successfully in coordination of the team and govt. department. Major Projects, Convergence, Inclusion & Resource Mobilisation 2015 to till Date: IFAD-JTDS joint project (India Governed by Ministry of Finance) Managing JTELP-Jharkhand Tribal Employment and Livelihood Project in Simdega district of Jharkhand for 5500 HH in 21 Villages. Under the project strategy empowering the communities by means of local decision making and planning in order to ensure that activities are responsive to the tribal’s perceptions of needs and priorities. *Making communities more responsible for the management of their development in order to generate a greater sense of ownership of development interventions by involving them in the preparation of “Gram Sabha Resource Management and Livelihood Planning” for Integrated Natural Resource Management and Income generating Activities. *The roadmap for the income generating activities is built on the indigenous wisdom, knowledge, capabilities and traditional values of the tribal communities. WDF-NABARD: Watershed Development Fund in Chandil Block of Saraikela- Kharsawan, Covering 9 Villages and having the geographical area of L.S. 1500 Ha excluding Protected forest, Home stead, Rivers and Hills, developed the feasibility study report and successfully managed the Ridge to valley approach and drainage line treatment for the recharging of WHS and other irrigation sources, which helping in productivity enhancement and controlling soil and moisture erosion with a objective to enhance life as well natural resource to nurture the future generation and present life style of habitats/villagers. Project cost is of Rs. 1.25 crore.
  6. 6. 2009-14 IWMP-Integrated Watershed Management Programme- Obj: Integrated rural development & mainly restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources, such as soil, vegetative cover and water through different activities as Soil & Moisture conservation, Water conservation, Productivity enhancement, Livelihood activities and Training & capacity building activities. IWMP Ormanjhi 10 Micro watersheds under 34 Villages- 22 Villages of Ormanjhi, 8 Villages of Kanke, and 4 Villages of Angarah Blocks of Ranchi District, Project Cost: 720.12 Lakh IWMP Patratu 8 Micro watersheds under 20 Villages of Patratu Block of Ramgarh Project Cost: 538.56 (Rs. In lakh) IWMP Namkom 5 Micro watershed under 19 Villages of Namkomk Block of Ranchi District, Project Cost: 471.99 (Rs. In lakh) 2008-11 To enhance livelihood of BPL families in particular and others in general in 6 Villages of Namkom Block of Ranchi District (ADA-Austrian Development Agency funded project) 2008-12 Intervention in Decentralized Water Resource for Development in Ranchi District, Jharkhand, 16 Villages of Namkomk, Bundu & Kanke Blocks of Ranchi District, Supported By SRTT-Sir Ratan Tata Trust. 2006-10 ICEF -India Canada Environment Facility - Sustainable rural livelihood generation through integration of NRM and Livelihood generation and to sustain eco system. in 21 villages of Patratu Block of Ramgarh . 2010-14 Watershed Development, Horticulture, Integrated waste land development, SRI vegetables development programme-Gen Campaign in Patratu Block of Ramgarh 2010-12 Drip Irrigation-Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement with optimum utilization of Natural Resources, Supported by NABARD, Ranchi 2008-12 Empowerment of community for access of land, water & Govt. services (NEW) Livelihood promotion through watershed management programme in 10 villages of Burmu Block, Ranchi (OLD), Supported By OXFAM 2010-12 TIFAC DAIRY PROJECT- Breed and Health Improvement of mulching cows and other animals. 2007-11 IFAD-JTDS Lorgara – Rajnagar project for land and human resource development through NRM and Institutions building. 2011-13 Income enhancement through livelihood activities, Supported by Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) 351 villages of KGVK Command area-Ranchi, Ramgarh, Saraikela-Kharsawan, Patratu and Palamu. 2007-12 Rural Health improvement and target intervention for Mother and child care, in 30 villages of Noamundi block & 4 villages of Manoharpur, under W. Singhbhum district, Supported by Population Foundation of India (PFI). 2010-13 TPW Energy collaboration for to fulfill the energy requirement through solar and natural energy resources in 5 villages of Bundu area - Heth Kanchi, Kanchi, Badakolma, Madhukama & Gutuhatu, TPW Supported 2004-06 Fisheries development and securing the source of livelihood of Sc’s community of Kanke and Ratu block of Ranchi district and Mahagama and Patthargama block of Godda District, Supported by JSTCDC, Dept. of Welfare, GoJ and GoI. 2005-06 National Horticulture Mission- Horticulture development and setting up model nursery for regular supplement of quality sapling and to increase productivity in 2 blocks Ormanjhi and Namkom in Ranchi and in Govindpur of Saraikela-Kharsawan District. 2014-15 CFT-Cluster Facilitation Team-Convergence of MGNREGA and Other Livelihood, NRM projects in 16 panchayats of Bano Block of Simdega District, supported by JSLPS. 2013-14 Dairy processing Unit for 1 Lac litre capacity in Rukka, Ormanjhi with Dept. of Industry and NDDB, KGVK Agri tools and technology accreditation from FMTTI for KGVK Agro Ltd.
  7. 7. CONTRIBUTIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Established the effective chains of market in as change maker Liaisoning and commercial in 8 states (Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh & North East states) of India, for Agri Implements, Seeds, Dairy products & Aromatic oils, agri extension. Explored new market in Bangladesh & in Nepal.  CSR management and Liaisoning with PRI & Community for socioeconomic development of the command area in Tati-Silwai Usha Martin Plant and Managed Rehabilitation and Resettlement activities in command area in Palamu open cast coal mines area with active participation with community and KGVK Society.  Mobilises Resources in developing and establishing a Mahatma Buddha ACABC unit in Gaya district of Bihar and linkages 500 farmers with it and by back arranged is being ensured in coordination of farming community, BASIX and Pradan unit of Gaya with Agri Entrepreneur.  Developed a wide network of NGO’s and Institutions involved in promotion of farm mechanisation and agriculture productivity at PAN India level.  Under awareness campaign 67 Farmers been trained under Farming business and Horticulture in coordination of Dept. of Soil conservation-Demotand in Patratu block of Ramgarh district, 7 series check dams formulated with community intervention under fund of soil conservation department in Terpa and Palu Panchayat of Patratu, Ramgarh etc.  Played a vital role in approval of four IWMP projects amounting to INR 30 Crores as well as 28 projects for SLNA-JSWM, Dept of Rural Development and Government of Jharkhand amounting to INR 169 Crores for 11th plan (2009 - 2010).  Played a key role in approval of Training and Capacity Building programmes for KGVK-TVM Gurukul, Rukka from different government departments like Department of Education, Tribal Welfare, Industry, NABARD, etc) and other funding partners of INR 8 crores.  Got the accreditation of KGVK Agri Implements such as Krishi Usha Paddy weeder, SWI weeder, Seed drill, etc. from national testing institute Bihar, Orisa & North east-Asam-FMTTI and got enlisted in Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Asam, Chattisgarh and got the business of 12 crores  Developed a technically sound Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Integrated Watershed Management Programme in coordination of PRI, VLI, JSAC, Dept. of Forest under the guideline of IWMP-2008 and got appreciation from Government of Jharkhand established an example as model for rest PIA.  Resettled the issue of TVM Gurukul ANM nursing and training school of KGVK like affiliation/registration/issue of certification to pass out students with proper coordination of Nursing council, MED India Board (Examination board) & Department of Family & Health Welfare, Government of Jharkhand.  Successfully managed the operation of training, recruitment and development for a qualified agency setup and maximises business opportunities with MNYL during 2012 and 2013.  Institutional Development and setting up of KGVK and IL&FS low cost high quality schools in Ranchi, Palamu district-local resources and schools collaboration and module set up.  Successfully got approval and EM1 fund clearance for setting up of 1 lac litre capacity Dairy plant in Rukka with coordination of Dept. of Industry and NDDB.  Fisheries Development project in Kanke & Ratu block of Ranchi District as a project coordinator, funded by Jharkhand Schedule Cast Cooperative Development Corporation, Government of Jharkhand and run scavengers campaign.  Successfully conducted the programme related to Human Trafficking & Women’s Empowerment with the coordination of PFI, Jharkhand.  Run Patratu Clean and Green projects in coordination of PTPS, educational institutions and PRI.  Successfully run a campaign for energy conservation and sanitation in Patratu Thermal Power station command area and nearby villages. OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE & SOCIAL INCLUSION Thoda Aur Vikash Kendra (TAViK)-An NGO, Ranchi, Jharkhand Dec. 2006 to till date. Secretary - Voluntary Service  Ignited the initiative related to Talent Hunt, Promotion of local talent, Promotion of chemical free Agriculture practice, Quality seed and technology supplementation, Clean and Green project initiation and Accountable for energy conservation. Mobilising resources and promoting health awareness through yaga practices, sensitizes the local community and ensured the involvement of all round people- educational institutions, village community in the environment and health hygiene awareness and practices, organised several events, workshops, seminars and mobilised the community. Got involved in several programmes as; Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, Agri entrepreneurship development and horticulture practices, Formation of WSHG, FCs, Patratu Clean and Green programme, run campaign on water and energy conservation, clean environment and green environment 28 KM pipeline between PTSP and Ramgarh Cant with CCL command area.
  8. 8. RECOGNITIONS & APPRECIATIONS  Recognised as “Dharti Putra” in Integrated Rural Development through Block Development Officer- Patratu, 2004.  Got appreciation as Crisis Iron man from Dept. head IWMP- Spl. Secretary Rural Development Mr. D.K. Shriwastawa in managing the entire MIS operation in the crisis of manpower and foreclosure report submission to DOLR and new preliminary projects reports formulation, clubbing and approval from DoLR, having 35 sleepless day night work in coordination of Dept. of Soil conservation, Dept. of forest and JSAC.  Got. Appreciation as crisis manager and performer of the year 2010-11 from Chairman-Usha Martin and President-KGVK Mr. Basant Kumar Jhawar in managing the NRM initiative and getting maximum watershed projects in one F.Y.  Got elected for fellowship of the Jamshetji Tata National Virtual Academy in 2009 for the invaluable service to the cause of spreading a knowledge revolution in Rural India. TRAININGS, CERTIFICATION & Other EXPERTISE  Received National Master Trainer training on “Planning and Implementation of Watershed Development Projects” arranged by NIRD, Hyderabad, 2011 from SIRD-JKD.  Received Training programme of “sustaining Group Mode of Financing” through Bankers Institute of Rural Development in December 2013.  Attended Train the Trainers programme for “Watershed Management & Poverty Elevation” sponsored by Dept of Rural Development, Government of Jharkhand, 2011.  Training of Trainers to Combat Human Trafficking in October, 2012.  Training of Milk Production from the department of Dairy, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Govt. of Jharkhand in 2010.  Received training on “Leadership Development” sponsored & arranged by CINI, 2010.  Received 1 week training on “Leadership Development” sponsored by NABARD & arranged by Small Scale Industries Association, Ranchi, Jharkhand, 2009.  Received 4 weeks training on “Aquaculture/Fisheries” sponsored by JSCCDS, Government of Jharkhand, 2006.  Received 2 weeks training on “Watershed Management” sponsored by Department of Land Resources, Jharkhand and organized by State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Jharkhand, 2004.  Received 3 weeks training on “Rural Technology & Poverty Elevation” organized by National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, 2004. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION  PGDRD-Postgraduate Diploma In Rural Development, 2001 XISS, RANCHI  Master in Business Administration (MBA) IN MARKETING, 2012, AIMA, Delhi  Graduation(Arts)- 1998 (VBU-H.Bag)  Intermediate (Sc.)-1995 (BIEC)  Matriculation-1992 (BSEB) COMPUTER SKILLS  Well versed with MS Office applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, e services, Internet etc. LANGUAGE KNOWN  ENGLISH, HINDI, NAGPURI, KHORTHA, MAGAHI, MAITHILY, ANGIKA, BANGALI, BHOJPURI ETC. PERSONAL DETAILS  Date of Birth: 12th February1976.  Permanent Address: S/O Sri Din Mani Pathak, Behind Teacher Training Centre, Shahpur, Aurangabad, Bihar - 824101 Location, Compensation-Salary  Current Location : Ranchi and Simdega, Dual Charge in Jharkhand  CTC Drawn: 7.5 Lac Per Annum with (5+2) % Incentive of the Project cost  Expected CTC : 12.0 Lac Per Annum  Notice Period : 30 Days (Will be managed after 15 days) I hereby declare and authenticate the above cited information in my CV is correct. Shrawan Kumar Pathak