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The Journey of ZCD - Call for Support


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The Journey of ZCD - Call for Support

  1. 1. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Mahatma Gandhi
  2. 2. 18th December 3,500kms 7th April Kanyakumari to Rajghat, DelhiWE SET OUT with a dream to build an Honest Nation built on the Honesty ofits citizens. To understand & lead honest lives ourselves & inspire fellow Indiansto do the same. To institute a day called ZERO CORRUPTION DAY. Carrying forward the spirit of Mahatma Gandhiji and the ideals he stood for.A day where we pledge to not indulge in any corrupt practice , not limited to bribery alone, & does not even alwaysinvolve money. It includes an endless list of practices like ragging & cheating in colleges, Dowry, Piracy,Passive citizenship, racial and religious discrimination, irresponsible driving etc.
  3. 3. WE TRAVELLED across cities, towns & villages, traversing throughstates of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra,Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh. MET FELLOW INDIANS; Farmers,slum dwellers, College students, village heads, tribals, laborers, working professionals, elders, Government servants, urban & rural; men & women. Experienced INDIA!
  4. 4. WALKED WITH OVER 10,000 FELLOW INDIANS Walk on! Bangalore Walk on! Pune Walk on! Kozhikode Walk on! Mumbai Walk on! Hyderabad
  5. 5. W HAT WE ’ VE LEARNTOur learning about India & Indians flowed from the innumerable conversationswe had with fellow citizens around their perception of Honesty, Corruption inIndia & their role as citizens. Personal Vs Social – Our actions that build our personal lives also buildour society. Thus reiterating our message that ‘Building an Honest self is amore meaningful and sustainable way to build an Honest Nation.’ Need for increased Understanding – Views on Corruption are largelylimited to bribery thus creating a need for increased awareness & action. Existence of Duality –There are strongly held beliefsagainst change & yet there isa willingness to strive for it ifthere is committed leadership& direction thus creating aneed to shift these beliefs forempowered action.
  7. 7. STRATEGIC/INTELLECTUAL SUPPORTERS FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS Our efforts could have easily gone down as an interesting effort in an ocean of experiments if not for the support demonstrated by Fellow Indians in owning this dream. AND WE EARNESTLY CALL FOR MORE SUCH SUPPORT TO HELP SET OUR ‘INTENTION TO ACTION’….
  8. 8. INVEST IN A BETTER NATION… EVERY INVESTMENT PROMISES OF GAINS. AND SOSo far, the movement has sustained on the DOES THIS…contributions of Fellow Indians who believed& owned its Vision as much as we did.Going further we need to raise funds to the tuneof INR 500,000 to break even. BY CHEQUE In favour of BHUMI  We intend to measure this social gain against critera like – FOR ONLINE TRANSFER/CASH DEPOSITS • One corruption free MANDAL (of atleast 10 villages) Account Number: 024501004126 • Parliamentarians of unimpeachable integrity delivered through an Account Holder: BHUMI Honest Voting campaign and such like. Bank Details: ICICI Bank (Mehdipatnam Branch, Hyderabad)  We also wish to acknowledge our supporters on all our Social Media IFSC Code: ICIC0000245 Platforms & Websites which has an estimated outreach of over 10,000 * BHUMI is a partner organization in the initiative of Zero Corruption Day & Honest Steps. * Contributions made to Bhumi are exempted under section 80G (5) (VI) of the Income tax Act.1961
  10. 10. WE SHARED OUR JOURNEY WITH MANY… THROUGH PRESS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA1. ht tp:// -paper/tp- F A C EBOOK –www. f nat ional/article2769821.ece T W I TTER - ht t p:// ht tp:// -paper/tp- Y O U TUBE nat ional/tp-tamilnadu/article2802891.ece 1. ht tp:// ht tp:// - 2. ht t p:// indians -take-honest-steps-against- 3. ht t p:// cor ruption_1635220 4. ht t p:// ht tp:// -indians-take-a- M &feature=plcp&context=C3bb1493UDOEgsToP walk - across-nation/218583-60-119.html DskIM1q1xt7TQ_3xsOn4b8qJa5. ht tp:// 5. ht t p:// - proud-indians-walk-to-stop-corruption &f eature=plcp&context=C3ba8647UDOEgsToPDs6. ht tps:// kL8quXlPw0Y7rXrAhKwbo4v 951529269.79905.284466808253917&type=1 6. ht t p:// ht tp:// -show/slide-show- &f eature= 1- proud-indians-to-walk-5000-km-to-fight- cor ruption/20111214.htm
  11. 11. CO FOUND ZERO CORRUPTION DAY• Walk with us from ITO – Yamuna – Rajghat on 7th April from 9:30am onwards.• Participate in our programs on8th of April in Delhi to institute ZCD. AND WE INTEND• Celebrate ZCD in your cities in colleges/organizations by hosting events & TO CONTINUE taking the oath of Honesty SHARING UNTILSPREAD AWARENESS – BE A PART OF THE ZCD TEAM OUR• Mobilize citizens from colleges/schools/organizations etc, to participate in ZCD celebrations on 8th April & help organize the celebrations. DESTINATION IS• Garner support from media in giving coverage to us in print, TV & radio REACHED…• Seek necessary permissions for the programs on 7th & 8th AprilWALK THE JOURNEY AHEAD WITH US SO JOIN US.!!• Be a part of the volunteers team that will be formed to build on the gains of the walk & implement our future strategies.• Sustain the cause financially by investing/mobilizing funds.
  12. 12. TO ENLIST FOR ANY SUPPORT IN DELHI LEG i) Vinit Taneja +91-9810160004 ii) Vikram Badhwar +91-9971933700 TO ENLIST FOR ANY ONGOING SUPPORT i) Abdul Mujeeb Khan +91-9849211083 khan.mujeeb@gmail.comii) Jawad Ali (For Media) +91-9949350352